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Your Ultimate Guide About GRE Prep Software

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a globally conducted highly competitive exam which is an entrance test for universities in countries like the US, UK, Canada etc. It is attempted by more than half a million students across the world and so, it needs immense dedication and commitment on your part for you to stand out of the mass successfully. Very recently, the GRE’s administrators announced a revision in the exam pattern. It is named the Revised GRE General Test. There are many sources of preparation available in the market for this exam. It must be you who has to carefully choose the path for your success. One may join a coaching institute, prepare online, obtain preparation worthy books and prepare by studying on one’s own. Usually, every student tries out all the ways he can for his preparation. One joining a coaching institute would also work online to make his preparation better. You will have to read and practice solving problems from books from different publishers to make yourself more perfect.

The internet offers numerous study materials more than anyone can possibly imagine. You will have scores of question bank sites, articles and model papers online which will help you increase your skills in all the sections. Preparation software of GRE is available online and it can help improve your overall preparation standards, thus helping you build up a solid score. They provide you with good strategic test taking tips and strong practice papers which are enough for you to achieve your dream. Let us have a clear insight into the details of this preparation mode and know more about some trustworthy software.

What is GRE Prep Software?

Preparation Software of GRE is a computer based learning material which provides you with a pool of questions, test papers for you to practice and tips to improve your test taking abilities. Going to a coaching institute may be hectic for some and might be unaffordable for others. So, if you are totally into self preparation, preparation software would do fine to boost your up preparation. Moreover, since majority of the applicants take the computer based test, these software help you understand and cope up with this kind of test environment. But then, you cannot rely upon any software without knowing its quality. You will have to spend considerable amount of time to research and narrow down your choice of selecting a particular software for preparation. All you have to know is its content strength. The quality of its test papers and the tips it provides must be carefully understood before you buy it. If it is a freeware, go ahead and practice on as many as you like. But normally, free software for preparation does not provide good quality both in its material and in its test papers except for the one by the Educational Testing Service (ETS).

There are also  software available in the market which focus only on a particular section, like quantitative or vocabulary sections. You will find that the vocabulary  software is easily available as compared to the others because of its vast syllabus. The quantitative section is all about Math concepts and every question you are asked would be from the basic concepts but is twisted to make you confused. The verbal ability section isn’t like that. You will have to improve your vocabulary and also learn tips to solve this section confidently.

This software helps you with everything you will need from an exam point of view but you must pay attention and concentrate deeply because there will be no physical tutor. You will have to assess yourself, take tests sincerely and strive to achieve your goal. The following are reviews of some famous preparation software for you to get a picture of the various software packages that are available.

The ETS Powerprep Software

ETS, who are the official GRE exam administrators, provide the aspirants with a freeware which is called Powerprep II software. This software allows the students to understand the original revised test pattern. It helps you take practice tests through which you can get a clear idea of how the real exam would be. You will get used to the new test pattern, question models and the test standard. Based on this, you can improve your test giving ability. This is by far the best software for getting genuine information regarding the test pattern. It will not be useful for the whole of your preparation. You will require study materials consisting of concepts and also practice tests. Powerprep software mainly aims at making the student understand the real test pattern by providing some model papers.

GRE Bible

The GRE Bible by Pellucid Learning systems is also a good software which provides lots of questions for practice and good practice tests for you to gain confidence in all the sections. You can even visit their official website to know more about their success rate from the testimonials there. Also, there are some free demo kits which can be downloaded from their site to get an idea of how that preparation software works. It is priced around US $30. It offers a great learning experience for you to build up your confidence levels and eventually reach your targeted score.

Nova's GRE Prep Course

Nova’s GRE prep course is a book which comes with  software in a CD. It offers some useful test taking tips and test papers for your practice apart from the study guide that is included. It is a 4-star rated book on which provides a good overall preparation experience for you. It is priced at US $22. This software might not help you score very high but will be good enough if you are aiming for an above average score.

Ultimate Vocabulary

The stress upon the verbal section is more across the internet as compared to the quantitative section because a book can contain only a limited number of vocabulary lists but the internet has everything. Usually, all the online dictionaries are updated regularly and so you will have a wider scope of increasing your verbal score if you prepare online. The website provides paid software for developing your vocabulary and gaining a strong command over it. They even have specially designed ones for GRE. This software not only helps improve your vocabulary but also improves your writing skills. It has some easy learning tips with many features making it a friendly user learning experience. Though it is priced a bit more than the earlier said software packages, it is a good value for your money and will surely help you a lot in the verbal section. Likewise there are many freeware available across the internet. You can find some at: and

You will find free software at the addresses provided above. You will have to download them and install them on your personal computer and use them. So, from all the above given information you can assess any other preparation software and select the one which will suit your needs and would be the most helpful throughout your preparation. Your main focus must be on taking a number of tests and rectifying all the mistakes you make each time. These software packages have auto test builders which generate a question paper randomly from a bank of questions. This way, you will have access to many number of question papers. You will get everything that is needed. The way for your success will be opened depending upon your planning and its religious execution.