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Free GRE Full Length CBT Test 6

Question 1

Designers, manufacturers, sellers and managers of technology should seek to comprehend the metaphysical foundations of technological change, since understanding yields intelligent choices and enables implementation. The same holds true for investing in technology intensive companies. Among other criteria, an investor must also look at how a company interprets its technological assets and adapts to changing belief systems around it. Today’s global marketplace presents a paradox. On the one hand, speedy, inexpensive communications channels like the Internet are shattering time-distance barriers and enabling disparate cultures to engage in a way that was perhaps never before possible. But the companies also need to distinguish between interplay and homogeneity. Corporations tend to assume that cultures are melding together thanks to globalization, but then they’re surprised to encounter resistance. The value of global sales continues to grow, and companies that develop technological products without considering the meaning of the technology to their global customers, based on the customers’ value systems, will lose out on an increasing number of opportunities.

Choose the correct answer

Which of the following is the paradox being referred to by the author?

  1. “companies also need to distinguish between interplay and homogeneity”
  2. “Corporations tend to assume that cultures are melding together thanks to globalization, but then they’re surprised to encounter resistance”
  3. “speedy, inexpensive communications channels like the Internet are shattering time- distance barriers”
  4. “enabling disparate cultures to engage in a way that was perhaps never before possible”
  5. “The value of global sales continues to grow”

Correct Answer: B.


A paradox is used to refer to a statement that contradicts itself despite being true when seen in totality. A careful study of all the given answer options brings out that B is the only option that meets the definition of a paradox. Moreover, this is the paradox that is being referred to by the author in the given passage. Therefore, B is the correct answer.

Question 2

With its Iraq venture going badly, success in fighting terrorism in Afghanistan became central to the Bush campaign for re-election. The decision to name Pakistan as a “major non-NATO ally” is designed to obtain the maximum support from Pakistan, which controls the tribal area along the border with Afghanistan. In committing Pakistani armed forces in this area, President Musharraf has taken a major risk as many militants have sought sanctuary with the Pathans whose code of honor requires that persons under one’s protection must be defended at all costs. The designation of Pakistan as a “major non-NATO ally” does bring some short-term benefits, such as access to some military equipment previously denied to Pakistan, though delivery of F-I 6 fighters is not assured. Pakistan as a “major non-NATO ally” is likely to have a short-term role in the US goals in the region, currently focused on operations against Al-Qaeda and Taliban elements who have taken shelter in the mountains along the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan’s tribal belt. These operations, repeatedly urged by the US, have not only resulted in heavy casualties but are also deeply resented by the tribes there, which have enjoyed internal autonomy since British times. They are likely to leave a legacy of hostility and mistrust that will damage relations between the federal government and the Pashtuns, who constitute the majority in NWFP and Baluchistan. Another price paid by Pakistan to earn US approval has been the investigation it has conducted against its leading nuclear scientists who are regarded as heroes by the people of Pakistan. It is possible that the US may change its stance again after the 2004 presidential election, as a result of adopting a more proactive policy against countries holding WMDs in the Islamic world.

Choose the correct answer

How will having the US as an ally prove to be detrimental for Pakistan?

  1. It is likely that Al-Qaeda and Taliban will now retaliate against Pakistan
  2. Pakistan will now be able to acquire equipment that was earlier refused
  3. The Pakistani leadership has earned the displeasure of its people
  4. The price paid by Pakistan to earn this status will go in vain after the US Presidential elections
  5. Pakistan will still not get the F-16 fighters that it so badly needs

Correct Answer: C and D.


The effects of the operations along the Pakistan Afghanistan border and the actions taken by the Pakistani Government against its leading nuclear scientists have made it clear that C is correct. The last sentence of the passage hints that the US may change its stance after the Presidential elections. This would be detrimental for Pakistan because it would have already earned the displeasure of its people in its quest to gain US approval. Therefore, D is also correct. A has not been directly implied anywhere in the passage and so it is incorrect. B refers to an advantage of being a US ally and so it is an incorrect answer to the question asked. E is factually correct but it is not a correct answer to the question asked. Therefore, C and D are the correct answers.

Question 3

If you are (1) ---------- by laughter, thinking stops. And if you know a few moments of no-mind, those glimpses will (2) -------------- you many more (3) ---------- that are going to come.

Blank 1 Blank 2 Blank 3
  1. attacked
  2. possessed
  3. aroused
  1. promise
  2. remind
  3. fetch
  1. opportunities
  2. rewards
  3. profits

Correct Answer: Possessed, promise and rewards


The first blank in the passage has to be completed with a word that can relate the human body with laughter. The action should be of a nature to bring the thinking process to a temporary halt. The option ‘attacked’ is not highly suitable to the context of laughter, so we reject it. The other option, ‘aroused’ can be suitable but when we look at the other option ‘possessed’ we reject it as the latter completes the sentence in a better manner than the former.
The second blank in the passage requires a word that can tell about the impact that the remembrance of a few light moments in our life can put on us. The later part of the sentence, though not complete, reveals that the action is bound to bring a few benefits for the person. The most suitable option in the light of these criterions is ‘promise’; while the other two options are not conveying the desired meaning.
The last blank in the passage has to be completed with a word that can tell about the nature of benefits that lighter moments bring to human life. All the options ‘opportunities’, ‘rewards’ and ‘profits’ can be correct in this respect. However, ‘rewards’ is the word that is a comprehensive word to convey the meaning held by the other two options also. Thus, ‘rewards’ is the correct answer here.

Question 4

A square is constructed taking a side of a rectangle as a side of the square.

Column A Column B
Perimeter of the square Perimeter of the rectangle
  1. Quantity A is greater
  2. Quantity B is greater
  3. The quantities are equal
  4. The relationship cannot be determined from the information given

Correct Answer: D


We do not know whether the square is along the length or along the breath of the rectangle.
Hence, we cannot compare the perimeters.
Option D is correct.

Question 5

The points P(2.8, 4.2) and Q(4,y) lie on a straight line passing through the origin. What is the value of y?

Correct Answer: 6


Since P and Q lie on the same line, the slopes of PO and QO will be equal, where O is the origin.
Slope of PO = (4.2-0)/(2.8-0)
= 3/2
Slope of QO = (y-0)/(4-0)
= y/4
Equating the two we get, y = 6

Question 6

If the roots of the equation ax2+cx+b=0 be equal, then which of the following is the correct value of b? Indicate the correct option.

  1. a2/4c
  2. -a2/4c
  3. -a/2c
  4. a/2c
  5. c2/4a

Correct Answer: E


For the roots to be equal, the discriminant has to be zero.
Option E is correct.

Question 7

Which of the following is a quadratic equation? Indicate all correct options.

  1. (z+1)(z+2)(z+3)(z+4)=9
  2. x2+4x+5=0
  3. y(y+2)+y(y+3)+y(y+4)=y(y+5)
  4. z(2z+3)=0
  5. z(1/2)+5z=32

Correct Answer: B, C and D


(z+1)(z+2)(z+3)(z+4)=9 is a polynomial equation of degree 4.
x2+4x+5=0 is a quadratic equation
y(y+2)+y(y+3)+y(y+4)=y(y+5) is a quadratic equation
z(2z+3)=0 is a quadratic equation
z(1/2)+5z=32 is not a quadratic equation since it contains a term with an irrational power.
B, C and D are quadratic equations.

Question 8

The opening day of the summit saw various Working Groups consisting of serving and retired officers of the intelligence and security agencies discussing in a thoroughly professional manner behind closed doors the various aspects such as intelligence collection and sharing, the role of the police, human rights, the root causes etc. The discussions were rich in analysis and productive in results. The objective was how to promote international solidarity in the campaign against terrorism and the importance of democracy in this matter. On the second day, however, there was a dilution of the focus on the professional aspects and an unfortunate shift to the political. On the concluding day, the proceedings were largely dominated by political leaders from different countries, vying with each other in making one statement after another reiterating the determination of the international community to fight against terrorism together and to promote democracy.

Which sentence ratifies the contention that the summit was an exercise with varied perspectives?

The correct answer is D. (On the second … political)


If the summit is seen as an exercise, the different perspectives of this exercise as brought out in the passage are the professional and the political perspectives. It has been clearly brought out that the first day of the summit was entirely a professional exercise and the concluding day was largely political. The second day has been marked as the day when there was a shift from the professional aspects to the political aspects; so this was the day when the focus was from both the perspectives. Therefore, it is the second day of the summit when it could be ratified that the summit was an exercise with varied perspectives and therefore, D is the correct answer.

Question 9

Various plans for upliftment of masses are made and presented each year in the two houses but their hidden ------------- prevent them from being a success.

  1. Obscurities
  2. Lucidities
  3. Ambiguities
  4. Certainties
  5. Conclusiveness

Correct Answer: A and C


The sentence presented here discusses the flaws in the policies that prevent them from being successfully implemented. Therefore, the blank is required to be filled using the words that define the nature of these flaws. The first option, ‘Obscurities’ is perfectly suited to the total meaning of the sentence so is a correct answer. The second option, ‘Lucidities’ turns the meaning of the sentence upside down as it refers to ‘certainty’, an opposite for ‘obscurity’. The third option, ‘Ambiguities’ is also a correct answer and the last two options, ‘Certainties’ and ‘Conclusiveness’, being the antonyms of the desired meaning, are again wrong options.

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