GRE is conducted by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) and is one of the most widely accepted examinations for
getting into a graduate school or a business school. The old adage, “A stitch in time saves nine” is very true
for any examination as preparation holds the key to unlock a dream GRE score. And what better way to obtain that
score than by solving GRE practice tests which enable a candidate to review the areas he/she lacks in and work
on them subsequently.

What should you practice and Why should you practice?

A good GRE practice test is essential for candidates aiming to ace the test. This is because a good practice test
prepares the candidate for the upcoming exam so that nothing might surprise the candidate in the actual GRE exam.
GRE practice tests and full-length tests are therefore a good way to check how the candidate fares with the current
level of GRE prep. Thus it goes without saying that the GRE practice test and full-length GRE general tests must
qualify certain characteristics so that any candidate can make full use of such tests in improving their scores
in the main GRE examination.

A good diagnostic test such as the ones available on our website will enable the candidate to know about their weak
points and work on them harder. Ask any good scorer, and they will tell you that it is important to work on your
weaknesses and strengthswith different aspects so as to get that crucial score that you have always desired. There
are several modes of utilizing such diagnostic tests to aid your GRE preparation. One common way is to solve a
full test before starting the preparation and then based on that test score, the candidate can work on his/her
strengths and weaknesses respectively. This will pave the way for the entire preparation strategy.

On the actual test day, you or any candidate/test taker must be relaxed to get the opt imum performance in the test.
An anxious mind can never perform well. So just two-three days before the actual GRE test, the candidate can resolve
a full length mock test to guess the approximate marks he/she will be getting in the main GRE examination.

The importance of any test,let it bepractice, diagnostic or mock is therefore undeniable. However, these tests can
be practiced either as GRE computer-delivered test, solving it in online or the questions can be printed and the
tests thencan be practiced using a pen and paper, like the GRE paper-delivered one. But it is always advisable
to emulate the original surroundings of the main examination so that the candidate has enough familiarity with
how the test is conducted and how it appears to any individual candidate.

GRE Practice Tests

GRE consists of three sections, and our website has all the practice tests related to every section of the test.
The quantitative and verbal sections of the GRE examination has different kinds of questions has
5 free online practice tests for each question type so that the candidate is fairly accustomed with the ongoing
pattern of the examination.

Verbal Reasoning Section

The verbal reasoning section measures the ability of the candidate to understand the English language as well as
think logically and rationally while solving the questions.The verbal reasoning section has mainly three main question
types- Reading Comprehension, Text Completion,and Sentence Equivalence.

Reading Comprehension

In reading comprehension, candidates are required to read and study a given passage and ultimately understand the
meaning of each sentence as well as the entire passage and what it is trying to convey to the candidate. The candidates
have to summarize the entire passage and find out if there isany deeper meaning that the author of the passage
is trying to convey and get across. These passages may be related to science, history, everyday topics, arts and
humanities amongst a varied range of topics.

There are mainly three types of questions that are asked in reading comprehension, they are-

  • Select one answer from a group of questions (Multiple Choice Questions)
  • Select one or more answers that the candidate feel is/are correct. There is no partial marking, hence the candidate
    has to identify and attempt all the right answers if he/she wishes to score marks in these types of questions.
    (Multiple Choice Questions)
  • Select a sentence in the passage that gives the answer to the question just by clicking it. These types of questions
    are select in passage type questions wherein a sentence will get highlighted once the candidate clicks on it.

Our website has the best Reading Comprehension tests curated keeping in mind the pattern and the intricacies of
the real GRE examination.There are 75 practice problems for Reading Comprehension.

Reading Comprehension Select Many Practice Tests
Reading Comprehension Select In Passage Practice Tests
Text Completion Questions

These types of questions normally come with one to three blanks and are composed of one to five sentences on an
average. The candidate has to understand the tone of the sentences along with which option(s) best fit the blanks.
Again there is no credit for answers that are partially correct.

These 5 free GRE text completion questions will help you capitalize on your strengths and help you know your weaknesses
better so that you can focus on working on them and achieve your desired score which will help you get into your
dream college.There are 75 practice problems for Text Completion questions.

Sentence Equivalence

Sentence Equivalence requires the candidate to select two similar words that can fit into a blank in a sentence.There
is no partial marking or credit given here. So the candidate needs to be absolutely sure about the answers to score
in this part. Sentence Equivalence gets a bit tricky due to the fact that any candidate has to be thorough regarding
the words given and their synonyms. Our website’s five free practice tests help the candidate get familiar with
this type of questions so that he/she does not get surprised by questions like these in the final examination.
There are 75 practice problems for Sentence Equivalence questions.

Quantitative Reasoning Section

The syllabus for the quantitative section ranges from basic algebra to arithmetic to basic geometry. The quantitative
reasoning measures the computing power and problem-solving ability of the test takers along with their ability to
solve questions from various portions of the basic mathematics aptitude. It also deals with the ability of a candidate
to deal with numbers and data. There are mainly five types of questions that are broadly available in the quantitative
section. They are- Comparison questions, multiple choice questions, multiple choice questions with one answer or
more than one correctanswer, numeric entry questions and data interpretation sets. Let us look into them one by
Comparison questions

In comparison questions, two quantities are given which then needs to be compared amongst them, and the correct
comparison needs to be given as the answer. There are four options from which a candidate needs to choose the best
that describes the relationship between them correctly-

  1. Quantity A is greater.
  2. Quantity B is greater.
  3. The two quantities are equal.
  4. The relationship cannot be determined from the information given.

There are 75 practice problems for comparison questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

These are the basic run of the mill questions in which the candidate needs to choose one answer which also has to
be the correct one. The questions are based on geometry, algebra and arithmetic concepts which the candidate has
to attempt within the stipulated time. GRE guideprovidesfree GRE practice questions which make the candidate to
get familiar with the question types involved and alsoincreases their confidence level. After all, there is no
better practice than solving practice tests which replicate the actual test environment. There are 75 practice
problems for multiple choice questions.

Multiple Choice Questions (with one or more answers correct)

These multiple choice questions differ from the previous one as these questions will have one or multiple options
(if they fit the question) as answers. The question may or may not specify the number of correct answers. There
may be one or several correct answers in the choices given to the candidate. And the candidate has to judge the
number of correct answers that fit the question and mark the choices accordingly. There are 75 practice problems
for multiple choice questions with one or more than one answer correct.

Numeric Entry Questions

These questions require mouse as well as the keyboard to answer as the test takers have to input fractions or decimals
into the box given on the screen to enter the correct values. One must keep in mind that answers which are equivalent
and mean the same as 3.50 and 3.5 are both correct as far as entering the values is concerned. It is always advisable
to enter the exact answers and not to round off them unless specifically asked in the question. There are 75 practice
problems for numeric entry questions.

Analytical Writing Section

GRE Diagnostic Tests

Diagnostic tests are very important because they help in improving scores directly based on the amount of practice
the candidate does. Diagnostic tests allow test takers to review their answers which helps them to analyze the
mistakes they commit when solving a problem. This, in turn, helps to avoid or be more careful when solving such
problems in the online GRE original examination.Preparing for the GRE exam needs a solid, well-defined plan and
only diagnostic tests willhelp the test taker imbibe this plan along with the tests taken.

Time management is a crucial concept when it comes to success in the tests, and the diagnostic tests will help the
candidate solve more questions in less time thereby directly increasing their accuracy and speed. GRE diagnostic
tests thus complement the test preparation. A candidate should devise a study plan based on preparation, practice
and frequent diagnostic tests to obtain a good enough GRE score in the final examination. GRE Guide has 5 diagnostic
tests for candidates willing to test their preparation level seriously. However, the test takers will have to install
flash player for the tests to run on the website.

GRE Mock Tests

Practice tests take into accountonlyone particular section of the GRE examination, whereas mock tests gives the
test takers the entirety of the examination just like the original GRE exam is conducted. This will incorporate,candidate’s
many crucial test-taking strategies.

For example, after a mock test, a candidate can revisit the questions that he/she answered and see how much time
they took to answer a particular question. With a little practice, the candidate can incorporate enough speed and
accuracy so thatwhen the next time a similar question pops up; he/she can solve that question at a much lesser
time compared to the previous one.

GRE Power Prep

It makes sense to utilize the tests of the maker of the GRE examination because it is no surprise that their tests
will be the closest and the most accurate to the original examination. The test experience that you as a test taker
feel during taking the powerprep practice tests are the closest to the actual GRE experience. The powerprepfeature
contains a variety of free tools and tests that help the candidate during his/her preparation.

The tools and tests can be accessed by any candidate registered with the ETS.

PowerprepTest Preview Tool

This free tool contains crucial information regarding the test features, help tools and question types that will
help any candidate gain the extra edge in identifying and solving questions faster during the original GRE test.

Powerprep Online

Two free full-length tests allow the user to get comfortable with the user interface of the actual exam so that
no time is lost in the real GRE test. By practicing with some real features found in the actual examination likeOnline
calculator, moving back and forth between questions and changing the decision of answer within any particular section,
the free tests of powerprep covers everything.

PowerprepPlus Online

This is a paid feature introduced by ETS that has several advantages over the free powerprep version. For starters,
this contains two never before seen official tests which are full lengths and timed just like the actual GRE examination.
The candidate can get their scores within minutes of finishing the test, just like in the original GRE examination.
In addition, the powerprep online also contains graded difficulty level for each question along with reader commentary
in the AWA (analytical writing ability) section which is extremely uncommon and unique. Also, it contains different
strategies and best practices to determine the correct answers in the Quantitative section.

Kaplan is another publisher and practice/diagnostic/mock test maker that many candidates trust for acing their GRE
examinations along with a host of other examinations. Kaplan tests are comprehensive, easy to review and user-friendly.

Kaplan Free Practice Test Options

McGraw Hill GRE tests

A respected publisher in the GRE circle, McGraw Hill has a long history of publishing GRE related tests and guides
for candidates to ace the examination. There are several free tests on their website for candidates to judge their
standard and difficulty level. Practicing tougher questions than the actual examination standards may lead to better

McGraw Hill Practice Tests

MH Practice Tests

Why GRE guide

GRE guide has one of the largestrepositories of free tests online. Also, all practice and mock tests are provided
with answers and step by step explanations for the test takers to review. This helps the test taker to understand
and analyze his approach towards a particular concept and also helps him to find his mistakes, thereby making him
realize his weakness in a particular area. By taking GRE guide’s one practice test you can gain knowledge of your
strength and weakness in that particular area and by taking a full test, you will come to know where you stand
in your overall preparation.There are over 45 practice tests and 20 full-length mock tests that will help you prepare
for your final GRE examination.

GRE guide provides numerous practice, mock, full length and diagnostic tests completely free of cost. The most vital
part is, all tests of GRE guide are mobile friendly, and you can comfortably take a test even in travel.

Practice tests can be taken by the candidate as many times as they want and the review feature will help them every
time toimprove their scores by making them analyze more and more on the mistakes they commit. This makes them to
avoid any similar mistake in the actual GRE test. GRE guide’s practice and mock tests are set with utmost care
to replicate actual GRE examination.User Interface,question pattern, and their difficulty level s are most similar
to the original GRE examination. So solving GRE guide’s practice and mock tests will help the test taker become
accustomed to the overall pattern, difficulty level of theactual GRE exam. This peerless feature of GRE guide might
seem insignificant and inconsequential, but they go in a long way to help the candidate toget a good GRE score.

GRE guide also gives an on-screen calculator as present in the actual GRE examination so that the candidates are
well accustomed to the subtleties and intricacies of the examination.