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Free GRE Full Length CBT Test 12

Question 1

One of the earliest clues to this aspect of Alexander's character is an image - thought to be probably of Alexander-painted in fresco which depicts hunting scenes and it is natural to identify the central figure as a young Alexander engaged, with his father, in what we know to have been one of Alexander's favorite pastimes. Except that to call it a "pastime" may give a misleading impression, since hunting in Macedonia was actually an important culturally coded marker of social and political status. In Macedonia, you did not become fully a man until you had passed the key manhood test of hunting and killing, without a net, one of the ferocious wild boar that roamed the heights of upper Macedonia. Only then could you recline, as opposed to sit, when participating in the daily ritual of the symposium. This was the regular evening drinking party, at which and through which the Macedonian elite celebrated together and mutually confirmed their elevated social and political status. Another kind of hunting, the killing of an enemy in battle, entitled a Macedonian to wear a special kind of belt, as a visual reminder of his attainment. Alexander had passed both those tests triumphantly by the age of 16, when his father thought him already sufficiently mature to act as regent of Macedonia. In 336 Alexander became king not only of Macedonia, but also of most of mainland Greece. He inherited the mantle of his late father, as leader of a Hellenic expedition of holy revenge and liberation against the once mighty Persian Empire. During the 11 years of his almost non-stop campaigning in Asia, periods of rest and recreation were infrequent as he strove to achieve his ambitious aims, to the undoubted chagrin of his officers and troops; but one of his favorite means of relaxation was hunting.

Choose the correct answer

According to the author, Alexander was the king of Macedonia

  1. and his men had faith in him and they followed him with dedication
  2. but he invoked the displeasure of his troops when he hunted instead of resting
  3. but his army followed him with dissatisfaction and frustration
  4. and he had the undoubted loyalty of his officers and troops
  5. after he had proved his worth in the campaigning in Asia

Correct Answer: C


The life of Alexander as a king has been discussed in the latter part of the passage. All the answer options refer to his army and the troops under his command. His troops have been referred to only once in the passage and that has been done in the context of his non-stop campaigning in Asia and it has been emphasised that he led his army relentlessly in order to achieve his aim. His actions were met with "undoubted chagrin". Out of all the given options, B and C are the closest to being the correct answers. However, it has not been implied that his troops were dissatisfied because of his inclination towards hunting and so C is the correct answer.

Question 2

While day-to-day tasks need to be redesigned to provide opportunities for deepening the operational skills of employees, it is equally necessary to reshape the broader strategic and administrative processes of a company so as to broaden its people's analytical and conceptual skills, and to enhance their quality of thinking and judgment. Less tangible and concrete, these latter sets of skills and capabilities are perhaps more crucial both for protecting people's employability and for enabling them to take responsibility for the company's competitiveness. At the same time, widening employees' access to these skills requires radical changes in a company's core management processes-a far more daunting task than re-engineering day-to-day operations. In most companies, strategic thinking and qualitative judgment are seen as the preserves of top management, and it is only they who have the opportunity to develop and deploy these capabilities. To move up the relevant information that typically resides at the operating levels, companies create elaborate systems of planning, communication and control. Such a formal, systems driven management process is often viewed as the essence of professional management, with the elaborateness of the systems as the measure of the company's managerial sophistication.

Choose the correct answers

According to the author, the thinking and judgement capabilities of employees

  1. can be improved by redesigning the daily routine tasks
  2. are essential for preserving their employability
  3. are more conceptual and abstract as compared to their operational skills
  4. are independent of their parent company's competitiveness
  5. are determined by the employers administrative policies

Correct Answer: B, C and E


The author has referred to the thinking and judgement capabilities of employees of a company while stating that "Less tangible and concrete, these latter sets of skills and capabilities are perhaps more crucial both for protecting people's employability and for enabling them to take responsibility for the company's competitiveness". This implies that B and E are correct, but D is incorrect. These skills are being compared to the operational skills of the employees and they have been brought out as "less tangible". Therefore, C is also correct. A is incorrect as this statement has been made in reference to the operational skills. Therefore, B, C and E are the correct answers.

Question 3

From early morning they get out of bed complaining, (1) -----------, sad, depressed and miserable. Then one thing (2) ----------- to another and for nothing. And they get angry ... it is very bad because it will change your (3) ----------- for the whole day, it will set a pattern for the whole day.

Blank 1 Blank 2 Blank 3
  1. gloomy
  2. cheerful
  3. satisfied
  1. depletes
  2. leads
  3. creates
  1. appetite
  2. health
  3. temperament

Correct Answer : Gloomy, leads and temperament


The first blank in the passage needs to be completed with a word that can be in sync with the following series of words: sad, depressed and miserable. Among the options given, the most suitable one in this context is 'gloomy' as the other two convey the opposite meaning.

The second blank in the passage has to be filled with a word that can complete the chain of activities denoted. The options, 'depletes' and 'creates' are unsuitable for this place. The only appropriate answer therefore, is 'leads'; which satisfies the demands of the sentence with respect to grammar and meaning both.

The last blank in the sentence needs to be completed after analyzing the details given in the whole passage. The passage discusses the importance of being happy to the start of the day itself so that the mood can be stretched through the entire day. The answer options 'appetite' and 'health' are rejected after considering this aspect. The option 'temperament' is the suitable answer hence.

Question 4

$20000 is lent out in two parts at 8% and 15% simple interest respectively. The net interest in a year is $2300.

Column A Column B
First part Second part
  1. Quantity A is greater
  2. Quantity B is greater
  3. The quantities are equal
  4. The relationship cannot be determined from the information given

Correct Answer: C


Let the amount lent at 8% be $x and the amount lent at 15% be $(20000-x)
Simple interest, SI=PRT/100, where P, R and T are principal, rate and time respectively.
According to the conditions, we have
First part = $10000 and Second part = $20000-$10000=$10000
Option C is correct.

Question 5

A cuboid is sliced into two parts of equal dimensions. The dimensions of the cuboid are 2m, 3m and 4m. What is the least possible surface area of the surfaces created where the cuboid is sliced?

Correct Answer: 28


For a cuboid to be sliced into two parts of equal dimensions, there are two possibilities.
Either the cuboid is sliced along a parallel to any one face or it is sliced along the diagonal of any face.
When the cuboid is sliced along a face.
Area = 2*3 = 6 sq.m.
Area = 3*4 = 12 sq.m.
Area = 4*2 = 8 sq.m.

The length of the diagonal of the side with dimensions 2m and 3m is given by
Sqrt(2^2+3^2) = sqrt(4+9)
= sqrt(13)
Area of the corresponding surface = sqrt(13)*4 sq.m.
The length of the diagonal of the side with dimensions 3m and 4m is given by
Sqrt(3^2+4^2) = sqrt(9+16)
= sqrt(25) = 5
Area of the corresponding surface = 5*2 = 10 sq.m.
The length of the diagonal of the side with dimensions 2m and 4m is given by
Sqrt(2^2+4^2) = sqrt(4+16)
= sqrt(20)
Area of the corresponding surface = sqrt(20)*3 sq.m.

The least possible surface area is 6 sq.m.

Question 6

Suzan tossed a coin. If a head appeared she would buy two new dresses and if a tail appeared she would buy one new dress. How many outcomes are possible? Indicate the correct option.

  1. 2
  2. 4
  3. 2^3
  4. 4^2
  5. 2*3

Correct Answer: A


When Suzan tossed the coin, either she would get a tail or a head.
If she got a head she would buy two new dresses and if she got a tail she would buy one new dress.
Her purchases depend on her tossing the coin. Only two outcomes are possible.
Option A is true.

Question 7

Which of the following equations have real roots? Indicate all the correct options.


  1. 2x^2+x-1=0
  2. 4x^2+3x+9=0
  3. 6x+x^2+5=0
  4. y^2+2y+1=0
  5. 9z+3z^2+3=0

Correct Answers: A, D and E


= 1+8=9
D>0 and hence the roots are real.

The roots are not real.

The roots are not real.

= 4-4=0
The roots are real.

= 81-36=45>0
The roots are real.

Question 8

Nor does a pure-minded man fall suddenly into crime by stress of any mere external force; the criminal thought had long been secretly fostered in the heart, and the hour of opportunity revealed its gathered power. Circumstance does not make the man; it reveals him to himself. No such conditions can exist as descending into vice and its attendant sufferings apart from vicious inclinations, or ascending into virtue and its pure happiness without the continued cultivation of virtuous aspirations. Man, therefore, is the lord and master of thought. He undoubtedly, is the maker of himself and the shaper of and author of environment and he has not been chiseled by the environment.

Which sentence does not reinforce the statement that the character of a man is inherent to his nature and is not the result of fate?

The correct answer is D. (Man, … of thought.)


The statement in question refers to the fact that man does not behave in a particular manner due to fate or circumstances; rather it is the basic nature or the character of the man that propels him to take certain action and move in a particular direction. The first, second and the fifth sentences clearly reinforce this statement and therefore, A, B and E are incorrect answer options. On comparing C and D, it can be seen that D is the correct answer it does not directly imply that man is not affected by circumstances at all and that he himself is responsible for creating his character and for carrying out his actions.

Question 9

The women in rural areas of the country face a ------------ situation.

  1. Exalted
  2. Deplorable
  3. Reprehensible
  4. Tolerable
  5. Commendable

Correct Answer: B and C


To identify the correct answer options in this sentence, the candidates are required to use their general knowledge and look for words that can explain the situation of the rural women in India. The first option, ‘Exalted’ is an incorrect option, as it conveys quite the opposite meaning that is required. The second and the third options, ‘Deplorable’ and ‘Reprehensible’ are perfectly suited to describe the required meaning, so are the correct answers. The last two options are again unsatisfying explanations of the situation of rural women in India.

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