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Free GRE Full Length CBT Test 19

Question: 1


Strange, there was no effort, no persuasion by the BJP to keep Atal Bihari Vajpayee in harness. Here was a person who gave the party a liberal face in the last 30 years and took the tally in the Lok Sabha to 182 from a mere five. Even the six-year rule of the party would not have been possible if he had not been the meeting point for the 24 parties in National Democratic Alliance. Yet, none in the BJP shed tears when he stepped down in favor of L.K.Advani. There was no protest from even those who had basked under the glory of Vajpayee for years. The so-called loyalists were conspicuous by their silence. Every leader offers to step down after a reverse because victory has many claimants, defeat none. Vajpayee’s reaction was no different. It was up to his followers whom he led during many battles to say that they would not allow him to forsake the leadership. But they seemed a party to the macabre drama. They could have torn a leaf out of the Congress book - how they fiercely opposed Sonia Gandhi’s decision not to become prime minister. It was a moving scene, the leader declining office and the followers not accepting her “no” for an answer. The BJP meeting, in contrast, was too businesslike. No member rose to say that they would not allow Vajpayee to step down. None threatened to stage a protest to keep him back.

Choose the correct answer

How has the author described the erstwhile Vajpayee loyalists’ reaction to his resignation?

  1. They behaved in an unexpected and vociferous manner
  2. They were not noticed because of their inactivity and indifference
  3. They were influenced by what had happened in the Congress
  4. They had become prominent because of their reticence
  5. They vehemently supported him in his decision

Correct Answer: D


The beginning of the passage discusses the attitude of Vajpayee’s loyalists of so many years when he offered to step down from his position. The author has used the statement, “The so-called loyalists were conspicuous by their silence”, to describe their reaction. This makes it clear that these loyalists had become prominent or were in the limelight because of their silence or inaction. In view of the above, a careful study of the given options brings out that D is the best description of the reaction from these so-called loyalists and hence, D is the correct answer.

Question: 2


Differences, big or small, can always be noticed even within the national group, however closely bound together it may be. The essential unity of that group only becomes apparent when it’s compared to another national group, even though often the differences between two adjoining groups fade out or intermingle near the frontiers, and modern developments are tending to produce a certain kind of uniformity everywhere. In ancient and medieval times, the idea of the modern nation was non-existent, and feudal, religious, racial, or cultural bonds had more importance. Yet I think that at almost any time in recorded history an Indian would have felt more or less at home in any part of India, and would have felt as a stranger and alien in any other country. He would certainly have felt less of a stranger in countries which had partly adopted his culture or religion. Those who professed a “religion of non-Indian origin” or, coming to India, settled down here and became distinctively Indian in the course of a few generations, such as Christian, Jews, Parsees, Moslems, Indian converts, they never ceased to be Indians on account of a change of their faith. They were looked upon in other countries as Indians and foreigners, even though there might have been a community of faith between them. Today, when the conception of nationalism has developed much more, Indians in foreign countries inevitably form a national group and hang together for various purposes, in spite of their internal differences. An Indian Christian is looked upon as an Indian wherever he may go. An Indian Moslem is considered as an Indian in Turkey or Arabia or Iran, or any other country where Islam is the dominant religion.

Choose the correct answers

According to the author, in a foreign country, an Indian

  1. has always felt alone, alienated and as a stranger
  2. is recognised by his religion, notwithstanding his nationality
  3. is indentified by his nationality despite sharing the same religion as that of the locals
  4. finds it easier to adopt their culture and settle down
  5. forms a community of people hailing from the same country

Correct Answer: C and E


The passage ends on the note that in the present times, Indians in foreign countries have formed national groups and they hang together. This means that Indians no longer feel like strangers in foreign countries. Moreover, the fact that Indians felt as strangers in foreign countries has been brought out in reference to the past and it is not true for all times. Therefore, A is incorrect and E is correct. It has been brought out that an Indian Christian or an Indian Moslem is looked upon as an Indian only wherever he may go. This implies that B is incorrect and C is correct. D is clearly incorrect as it has not been implied anywhere in the passage. Therefore, C and E are the correct answers.

Question: 3

Organizations devoted to (1) ------------- conflict and promoting international peace have appeared, including those that facilitate global medical and scientific (2) -------------, and enable people from even the poorest of nations to play a (3) ------------- role in the treatment of disease and development of science and industry.

Blank 1 Blank 2 Blank 3
  1. prompting
  2. harvesting
  3. resolving
  1. differences
  2. collaboration
  3. indulgence
  1. determining
  2. culminating
  3. economical

Correct Answer: Resolving, collaboration and determining


The first lank in the passage has to be completed with a word that can equate the two parts of the sentence. The two phrases ‘organizations devoted to --------- conflict’ and ‘promoting international peace’ are being referred to here. The most relevant option that can perform this task is ‘resolving’ which the correct answer is thus. The second blank here should be completed with a word that can represent the coming together of the global medical and scientific fields. The option ‘collaboration’ seems most efficient in this task while the rest are irrelevant for being considered herein. The last blank in the passage requires a word that can explain the role played by poor nations in the task of finding cures to diseases and in the fields of science and industry. The most appropriate answer option to be considered here would be ‘determining’ while the other two are inappropriate to be used in it.

Question: 4

In a 500 m race, the ratio of the speeds of A to B is 3:4. A has a start of 140 m.

Column A Column B
Time taken by A to finish the race Time taken by B to finish the race
  1. Quantity A is greater
  2. Quantity B is greater
  3. The quantities are equal
  4. The relationship cannot be determined from the information given

Correct Answer: B


Let the speeds of A and B be 3x m/s and 4x m/s respectively.
A has a start of 140 m. Hence, A has to cover (500-140) = 360 meters
Time taken by A to cover 360 meters = distance/speed = 360/3x
= 120/x
Time taken by B to cover 500 meters = 500/4x
= 125/x

Hence, B takes longer to finish the race.
Option B is correct.

Question: 5

A watch gains 10 minutes every hour. How many degrees does the seconds hand move in every minute?

Correct Answer: 420


The watch gains 10 minutes in every 60 minutes.
Second hand gains 10 seconds in every 60 seconds
It moves 60+10 = 70 seconds in every 60 seconds
Degrees moved in 60 seconds = 70*6 degrees
= 420 degrees

Question: 6

One apple has the same nutrients as 4 biscuits and 3 biscuits have the same nutritional value as 4 bananas. What is the ratio of the number of apples to the number of bananas having the same nutrients? Indicate the correct option.

  1. 3:16
  2. 16:3
  3. 4:3
  4. 3:4
  5. 12:1

Correct Answer: A


1 apple = 4 biscuits
3 biscuits = 4 bananas
1 apple = 4 biscuits = 4*4/3 bananas = 16/3 bananas
1 apple = 16/3 bananas
3 apples = 16 bananas
Required ratio = 3:16
Option A is true.

Question: 7

Which of the following is true? Indicate all correct options.

  1. P(n,n)=n!
  2. P(n,r)=n!/r!
  3. P(5,4)=P(6,3)
  4. P(4,3)=P(5,4)
  5. P(4,n)+P(5,n)=P(6,n)

Correct Answer: A and C


Option A is true.

Option B is false.

Option C is true.

Option D is false.

= 4!/(4-n)! + 5*4!/(5-n)(4-n)!
= 4!/(4-n)![1+5/(5-n)]
= 4!/(4-n)![(5-n+5)/(5-n)]
= 4!/(4-n)!*(10-n)/(5-n)
= 4!(10-n)!/(5-n)!
Option E is false.

Question 8

The cold war broke out soon after World War II. The communist revolution in China was successful in that same year. The Republican victory brought General Eisenhower to the White House and his Secretary of State, John Foster Dulles, began cobbling together a set of military alliances along the soft underbelly of the communist world in the Middle East and Asia. Dulles first headed for New Delhi, capital of the largest country in the region. However, Prime Minister Nehru was wary of his links to the socialist countries, and was also anxious to play an independent role as the leader of a third force in the world. Dulles then went to Pakistan where he found greater receptivity to the idea of a military pact with the US that would facilitate both security and development.

Which sentence indicates the trepidation that propelled Dulles into taking the actions he did?

The correct answer is B. (The communist revolution … year)


The actions taken by Dulles have been elucidated in the third, fourth and the last sentence of the passage. Therefore, C and D are clearly incorrect as they refer to the actions taken and not the trepidation or the concern that triggered these actions. The fifth sentence refers to Nehru’s concerns and therefore, E is also incorrect. On comparing A and B, it can be seen that B is the correct answer as the threat of communist expansion is a likely reason that propelled Dulles into carrying out the actions he did.

Question 9

Where a home should be the means to achieve higher goals in life, one is ----------- by the aim to achieve a home itself in the present day scenario.

  1. Delimited
  2. Liberated
  3. Unconstrained
  4. Circumscribed
  5. Restricted

Correct Answer: A, D and E


The sentence given here is based on contradiction. The first part of it is contradicted by the second that appears after the comma; thus, the words in the list have to be analyzed accordingly. The first option, ‘Delimited’ fulfills this requirement by opposing the meaning of the first part. The second and third options, namely; ‘Liberated’ and ‘Unconstrained’ are not suited to this criterion so are wrong options. The last two options, ‘Circumscribed’ and ‘Restricted’ are again the correct options as they best suit this description.

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