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Free GRE Full Length CBT Test 14

Question 1

Confronted by the rapid growth of the Hindu Right in recent years, the Congress appears to have realized the importance of building a broad coalition of secular parties to take on the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which heads the ruling multi-party National Democratic Alliance. The Shimla conclave of the party, following the course suggested by the Srinagar conclave, called for a united fight against the BJP. This serves as a major corrective to the 1998 Pachmarhi resolution of the party that associated coalition politics with instability, and consequently pushed the smaller, regional parties into the fold of the BJP. The "yes-to-coalition" line, on its articulation in Srinagar more than a month ago, had received a broadly positive response from all the potential allies. It is true that the Congress is the only party capable of challenging the BJP at the all-India level. At this juncture, its claim to be the natural leader of a "secular coalition" is understandable, even if there have been many problems over the years with the party's real commitment to secular values. What the Congress cannot afford to do is to continue its overbearing and patronizing attitude to potential allies and others willing to support it conditionally in order to keep the BJP out.

Choose the correct answer

Which of the following is the strongest contender for the reason behind the Congress's inclination for a secular coalition?

  1. The Shimla conclave
  2. The Srinagar conclave
  3. A positive response from its political allies
  4. The rapid growth of the Hindu Right
  5. It is the only party that can challenge the BJP

Correct Answer: D


The passage starts on the note that the Congress has understood the importance of a secular coalition in light of the rapid growth of Hindu Rights in recent years. This event has prompted the Congress to join its allies in forming a secular coalition which can confront the BJP. The Shimla and Srinagar conclaves of the party were the venues where these discussions were held. Keeping the above in mind while carrying out a careful study of the given options, it emerges that D is the strongest contender for the reason behind Congress's inclination for a secular coalition as this is the fact which prompted the Congress to head in this direction. Therefore, D is the correct answer.

Question 2

Up to the age of ten or eleven, a child's ego is separable from his thinking. He enjoys thinking. He enjoys playing with ideas. He is wrong so often that his security is not dependent on his being right. After the age of eleven, thinking becomes very much a part of the ego and self-image. A person is as good as his thinking. His status at school and his social standing depend on his thinking. The value system imposed in schools makes pupils put a high value on cleverness. It is difficult to say how much of this ego involved with thinking is the result of competitive school pressure and how much of it is due to adolescent insecurity. The result is the same. It becomes impossible to look objectively at thinking as a skill and it becomes impossible for a pupil to look at this thinking and say, "My thinking wasn't very good on that, was it?" Instead, he has to defend his thinking by insisting that he is right or refusing to think about a subject in which he is going to be at a "disadvantage". One of the main purposes of teaching thinking is to try to break this deadlock and get pupils to look objectively at their thinking. Unfortunately the more able or more clever the pupil, the more dependent does his ego become on his cleverness or thinking ability.

Choose the correct answers

Which of the following has been provided to refute the fact that a child's ego and his thinking are distinct?

  1. Life at the age of ten
  2. Life of a child when he enjoys playing with ideas
  3. Life after the age of eleven
  4. Life of a child who is not clever
  5. Life in school and a child's social standing

Correct Answer: C and E


The correct answers would be the ones that refer to facts provided as evidence that a child's ego and his thinking are not distinct and that they are involved. The passage starts on the note that a child's ego and his thinking are inseparable up to the age of ten or eleven and they start to blend together after a child crosses the age of eleven. This implies that A is incorrect whereas C is a correct answer option. B has been used to describe the life of a child before he has crossed the age of eleven and so B is also incorrect. D is factually incorrect as it has neither been brought out nor implied anywhere in the passage. E has clearly been brought out as an example of the stage where a child's ego and thinking get involved and so it is correct. Therefore C and E are the only correct answers.

Question 3

If you really want to help then commit yourselves to (1) ------------ how to feed your hungry, clothe your naked, (2) ------------ your abused, and shelter your poor. And just as importantly, make your own everyday life a shining (3) --------- of good humor.

Blank 1 Blank 2 Blank 3
  1. figure out
  2. manipulate
  3. assert
  1. derive
  2. protect
  3. decorate
  1. valley
  2. metal
  3. example

Correct Answer : Figure out, protect and example


The first blank in the passage has to be completed with the use of a word with which the two parts of the sentence can be connected. The option 'manipulate' is inadequate to be used with the list of activities mentioned in the later part of the sentence. The other option, 'assert' is again wrong as it is always used for arguments. The only suitable option is therefore, 'figure out'.

The second blank has to be completed with a word that can prove to be a suitable verb for the noun 'abused'. The options, 'derive' and 'decorate' do not convey the meaning correctly so we reject them. The most suitable option given to us here is 'protect' as the meanings of both are perfectly in sync with each other.

The last blank in the passage should be completed with a word that can convey the complete sense of the usage of 'shining' and 'good humor' in the sentence. The options, 'valley' and 'metal' are inadequate to be used here as they do not complement these parts of the sentence properly. The option which satisfies the requirements of these is 'example' which is thus, the correct answer.

Question 4

The difference between the areas of two concentric circles is 500*pi. The sum of the radii of the circles is equal to 50 cm.

Column A Column B
Difference between the two radii Radius of the smaller circle
  1. Quantity A is greater
  2. Quantity B is greater
  3. The quantities are equal
  4. The relationship cannot be determined from the information given

Correct Answer: B


Let R and r be the two radii such that R>r
Area of a circle = pi*r^2, where r is the radius
and R+r=50 cm
(R^2-r^2) = (R+r)(R-r) = 500
R-r=500/50 = 10 cm
The difference between the radii is 10 cm.

R+r=50 and R-r=10
Subtracting one relation from the other, we get
Radius of the smaller circle = 20cm

Option B is correct.

Question 5

Solve for x; x + 1/x = 26/5 if x>3

Correct Answer: 5


x+1/x = (25+1)/5
= 5 + 1/5
Comparing the two sides, we get x = 5, 1/5
Since x>3, x = 5

Question 6

In how many ways can six differently coloured flags be hoisted on 8 buildings, with at most one flag on each building? Indicate the correct option.

  1. 20160
  2. 56
  3. 48
  4. 36
  5. 6

Correct Answer: A


Since we have only six flags and 8 buildings, we have to choose 6 buildings out of 8.
This can be done in P(8,6) ways.
P(8,6) = 8!/(8-6)!
= 8!/2!=8*7*6*5*4*3
= 20160
Option A is true.

Question 7

O is the mid-point and the point of intersection of two lines AB and CD. Which of the following is true? Indicate all correct options.

  1. AC = BD
  2. AO = OD
  3. AC is parallel to BD
  4. Triangle AOC is congruent to triangle BOD
  5. Triangle ACO is congruent to triangle BDO

Correct Answers: A, C, D and E


According to the given conditions, we have
AO = BO and CO = DO
Vertically opposite angles are equal and hence angle AOC is equal to angle BOD.
By SAS congruence condition, we have
Triangle AOC congruent to triangle BOD and
triangle ACO congruent to triangle BDO.

Following the congruence, we conclude that
AC=BD and AO is not equal to OD.
Hence, options A, D and E are true and B is false.

Following the congruence, we conclude that
angle CAO is equal to angle DBO.
Since they form a pair of alternate interior angles, we conclude that AC is parallel to BD.
Option C is true.

Question 8

As India’s tallest leader, he could have imposed the BJP’s will on allies. But he deified the federal consensus at the political level: Coalition Dharma. This is the moment to pay tribute to a giant, to his sagacity, courage, firm commitment to democracy and unquestioned nationalism. He alone had the guts to ride a tiger, to pledge progress to every section of the people. And he alone is credited with the heightened popular aspirations that perhaps made the tiger run away from him.

Which sentence suggests that Mr. Vajpayee was not able to achieve the aims he had set out for himself?

The correct answer is E. (And he alone … him)


The author has used ‘riding a tiger’ to emphasise upon the difficult task that Mr. Vajpayee had undertaken upon himself. The fifth sentence of the passage brings out that the tiger had run away from him. In other words, Mr. Vajpayee was no longer able to ride the tiger which suggests that he was not able to achieve the aims that he had set for himself. Therefore, E is the correct answer.

Question 9

Insolvency is a situation where the ---------- of a business firm are exceeded by its assets.

  1. Liabilities
  2. Possessions
  3. Resources
  4. Equities
  5. Contingencies

Correct Answer: A and E


A close examination of the sentence here tells us that the blank in this sentence has to be filed using the words that are opposite in their meaning to the word ‘assets’. The words, ‘Possessions’, ‘Resources’ and ‘Equities’ are similar to it in their meaning, so are the wrong answers. And the words, ‘Liabilities’ and ‘Contingencies’ are thus, the correct answers to the question.

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