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Free GRE Full Length CBT Test 20

Question: 1


But then this is what happens in such organizations which are monolithic. People are dropped after they have served the purpose. There is no sentimentality about them, no remorse, no regret. It is a clean, straightforward cut. Vajpayee fell in that category. Once the BJP’s mentor, the RSS, decided that his utility was over, the rest was automatic. Pieces fell into places. In any case, the RSS had for some time been thinking of Advani as Vajpayee’s replacement. The changeover confirms my worst fears that if the BJP had formed the government, Vajpayee would have been asked to resign in favor of Advani in due course of time. Hardliner Advani is a trusted man of the RSS. Vajpayee’s reputation has always been that of the right person in the wrong party. By changing him, the RSS has come into the open to project the BJP as a party with the Hindutva face. Nagpur, where the RSS has its headquarters, appears to have come to believe that the BJP should look every bit Hindu. When Advani said soon after elections that his party would plug the Hindutva line it was clear that the BJP would drop the pretension of being liberal. Vajpayee’s image of a liberal politician and a statesman did not fit into that policy. Whether such an approach pays the BJP dividends or not is yet to be seen. But the party has played false to thousands of Muslims who had begun moving nearer to it. The real problem with the BJP is that it has not yet understood India’s ethos.

Choose the correct answer

Which of the following is not an apt description of the BJP as painted by the author?

  1. The party is liberal, but secular
  2. It is a colossal party
  3. It has non-liberal and conservative policies
  4. It does not agree with the personal views of Vajpayee
  5. It is unabashed when it comes to dropping people who have served their purpose

Correct Answer: A


The beginning of the passage makes it clear that the BJP is a monolithic or a large party and it has no remorse while dropping people who have served their purpose. Therefore, B and E both are apt descriptions of the party and hence, are incorrect answer options to the question asked. When the views of a party are being described, the views of the majority of its members or its leader are taken into account. Vajpayee was the leader of the BJP and the contents of the passage indicate that he has handed over the mantle to Advani. Advani has been described as a “hardliner” and it has also been brought out that “the BJP should look every bit Hindu”. Moreover, the passage brings out that “the BJP would drop the pretension of being liberal. Vajpayee’s image of a liberal politician and a statesman did not fit into that policy”. Therefore, the party is not secular and it is not liberal either. In view of the above, it is evident that C and D are incorrect and A is the correct answer.

Question: 2


In today’s economic environment, you have got to reinvent the rules of competition. Some familiar companies with long records of success (WalMart, Sony) have already learnt to play by the new rules and are on their way to becoming market leaders. These companies, both old and new, are redefining business competition in one market after another; by relentlessly driving themselves to deliver extraordinary levels of distinctive values to carefully selected customer groups. These market leaders have made it impossible for other companies to compete on the old terms. We also look at how some of the world’s best known companies—such as Kodak, IBM—have failed to recognize and adapt to this new competitive reality. Their stumbling performances provide cautionary tales about survival, to which close attention must be paid. When we talk about running companies, we are actually addressing the management of business units. We ask that the leader understand that this simplifies our task to introduce, define and develop three concepts that every business unit will find essential. The first value proposition, which is the implicit promise the company makes to the customer to deliver the particular combination of value-price, quality, performance, selection, convenience and so on. The second concept, the value driven operating model, is that combination of operating processes, management systems, business structures, and culture that gives a company the capacity to deliver on its value preposition. It’s the system, machinery, and environment for delivering value. If the value proposition is the end, the value driven operating model is the means. The third concept, the value disciplines, refers to the 3 desirable ways in which the companies can combine operating models and value propositions to be the best in their markets.

Choose the correct answers

What, according to the author, is the reason for the success of Sony?

  1. It is relatively a new company and new companies have an advantage in today’s competitive market
  2. They have identified the customers and are addressing their specific needs by implementing new marketing strategies
  3. The company has discarded conventional policies for surviving in the market
  4. The company has developed new marketing strategies and is totally oblivious to the consumer requirements
  5. They have long records of past successes

Correct Answer: B and C


The passage starts on the note that reinventing the rules of competition has led to sending Sony on its way to becoming a market leader. The main reason for Sony’s success has been brought out to be its implementation of new rules for competition and serving carefully selected consumer groups. This implies that B and C are correct, but D is incorrect. It has not been implied anywhere that Sony is a new company; rather the fact that it has long records of success indicates that it is an old company. However, having long records of success has not been cited as the reason behind its success in becoming a market leader. Therefore, A and E are both incorrect. Hence, the correct answers are B and C.

Question: 3

In a few Zen monasteries, every (1) ----------- has to start his morning with laughter, and has to end his night with laughter. It will be (2) ----------, living in a family set-up, to suddenly laugh (3) ------------ in the morning. But do try it; it’s worth getting out of bed laughing.

Blank 1 Blank 2 Blank 3
  1. creature
  2. monk
  3. human
  1. difficult
  2. convenient
  3. frivolous
  1. bright
  2. early
  3. later

Correct Answer: Monk, difficult and early


The first blank here requires to be filled with a word that can explain the kind of people who have to start their day in the Zen monasteries with laughter. The options ‘creature’ and ‘human’ cannot be taken as these refer to no particular group of human beings with respect to the monasteries. The only relevant option is therefore, ‘monk’. The next blank requires a word that can explain the experience of practicing the laughter therapy at home. The usage of ‘convenient’ would be not suitable and the use of ‘frivolous’ is not in sync with the tone of the passage which is promoting the practice. The relevant option is ‘difficult’ therefore. The last blank in the passage requires a word that can refer to the time in the morning which is chosen for the practice. The most obvious answer choice here would be ‘early’.

Question: 4

A two-digit number can be obtained by multiplying the sum of its digits by 10. The number can also be obtained by multiplying the digit in the tens place by 9 and adding 5 to it.

Column A Column B
The digit in the hundreds place The digit in the units place
  1. Quantity A is greater
  2. Quantity B is greater
  3. The quantities are equal
  4. The relationship cannot be determined from the information given

Correct Answer: C


Let the digit at the tens place be x and the digit at the units place be y.
The number will thus be (10x + y).
According to the given condition,
10x + y = 10(x + y)
10x – 10x + y -10y = 0
y = 0 ...(1)
Also, we have
10x + y = 9x+5
10x – 9x + y = 5
x + y = 5 ...(2)

y = 0
x + y = 5
Hence x = 5
The number is 50.

The digit in the units place is 0, the digit in the tens place is 5 and the digit in the hundreds place is 0.
Option C is correct.

Question: 5

The vertices of a triangle are A(2,a), B(2,6) and C(2+sqrt(3),5). Find the value of 'a' if the triangle is equilateral.
[sqrt(3) = square root of 3]

Correct Answer: 4


In an equilateral triangle, all sides are equal.
AB = sqrt[(2-2)2+(6-a)2] = sqrt[(6-a)2]=(6-a)
BC = sqrt[(2-2-sqrt(3))2+(6-5)2] = sqrt(3+1) = sqrt(4) = 2
6-a = 2
a = 6-2 = 4

Question: 6

Peter bought oranges at $5 per dozen. He sold half of his purchase at twice his investment and half of his purchase was rotten and could not be sold. How much was his profit percent? Indicate the correct option.

  1. 100%
  2. 50%
  3. 25%
  4. 10%
  5. 200%

Correct Answer: A


Let his purchase be of 10 dozen.
His investment = $5*10=$50
He sold 5 dozen at $50*2=$100
He could not sell 5 dozen.
Profit percent = (100-50)/50*100
= 100%
Option A is true.

Question: 7

Sam sold three-fourths of his purchase at 20% profit and the remaining at 10% loss. Which of the following statements is true? Indicate all such statements.

  1. He suffered a loss on the whole transaction
  2. He earned a profit on the whole transaction
  3. He gained $12.5 for every $100 invested
  4. He gained more than 10% of his investment
  5. He neither gained not suffered a loss in the transaction

Correct Answer: B, C and D


Let his purchase be worth $100.
Income from selling 3/4th of his purchase at 20% profit = Selling price = 3/4[(100+profit%)/100*Cost price]
= 3/4[(100+20)/100*$100]
= 3/4(120)=$90
Income on selling 1/4th of his purchase at 10% loss = Selling price = 1/4[(100-loss%)/100*Cost price]
= 1/4[(100-10)/100*$100]
= 1/4*90=$22.5
Total Selling price = $90+$22.5
= $112.5
Gain = 112.5=100=12.5
Hence, he gained on his transaction.
Option A is false and B is true.
Option C is true.
Option D is true and E is false.

Question 8

In a momentous decision, Turkey’s parliament voted decisively to aid the US military occupation of Iraq and Washington is delighted. Having run out of troops itself, the US is arm twisting and bribing all and sundry to send soldiers to Iraq since not surprisingly, few nations are eager to risk their men in strife-torn Iraq. Uncle Sam is using a very powerful inducement, money and trade. Turkey shows just how loudly cash talks with near bankrupt nations. Turkey is an important military power and the Turkish army of 402,000 men is NATO’s second largest after the United States. Though Turkey’s armed forces suffer from outdated arms and wobbly logistics, its soldiers, like those of Pakistan, are renowned for courage and tenacity.

Which sentence implies that not only Washington, even Turkey has benefitted by aiding the US?

The correct answer is C. (Turkey shows just … nations)


It has been brought out that US was in need of troops and the Turkish army is a large army with courageous soldiers. Therefore, the second, fifth and sixth sentences refer to how Washington has gained from this alliance and hence, A, D and E are all incorrect answer options. The third sentence simply refers to the tactics being employed by the US to lure countries for extending aid. The fourth sentence implies that Turkey has agreed to the offer of money and trade made by the US because it is nearly bankrupt. Therefore, the fourth sentence is an indication of the fact that Turkey has also benefitted by providing aid to the US and therefore, C is the correct answer.

Question 9

The information and communication technologies have made remarkable -------------- and vast improvements in the past decades.

  1. Breakthroughs
  2. Impediments
  3. Progression
  4. Recession
  5. Stagnation

Correct Answer: A and C


For this sentence, one requires to look for the words that compliment the use of the word, ‘Improvements’. Two of the options in the list, ‘Breakthroughs’ and ‘Progression’ stand up to this criterion completely, while the other three, ‘Impediments’, ‘Recession’ and ‘Stagnation’ change its meaning to convey a completely opposite sense.

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