The best way you can prepare for the revised GRE General Test is by taking sample tests. The study books and materials that you might follow can give you an overview of the key concepts on which the GRE test measures the students’ skills. However, unless you take these mock tests, you may not be able to understand what to expect in the actual test. Also, you can take full sample tests with time limits to see whether or not you are able to finish within the allotted time. For a better understanding of each of the sections of the test, you can take these sample tests containing questions on a specific section of the test. This website contains a number of tests for practice pertaining to each of the sections of the revised General Test.

GRE Sample Tests for Practice:

The following link will take you to the page where you can find separate sample testsfor each of the sections of the GRE test:

Reading Comprehension Multiple-choice Questions:

The Reading Comprehension Questions of the Verbal Reasoning section of this test judges the students’ ability to interpret passages written in English. At graduation level, students are expected to have a certain level of understanding of the English Language. As a result, the questions in this section are based on a given passage that the students need to go through to be able to answer the questions. As you can see, the questions are unpredictable in the sense that they depend on the provided passage. The only way you can master this section is by practicing mock tests. The more tests you take on this section, the more you will be exposed to the kind of questions that you might face in the final test.

There can be three types of questions from the Reading Comprehension passage, choosing the correct answer from five given choices is one type of question. Here are a few sample tests on such questions of the Reading Comprehension section:

Reading Comprehension GRE Sample Tests

GRE Sample Tests on Reading Comprehension Select Many Questions:

However, some of the Reading Comprehension questions can have multiple correct answers. In this case, you have to select all of the correct answers from the given choices. These testsprovide such questions for you to practice:

Reading Comprehension Select Many GRE Sample Tests

GRE Sample Tests on Reading Comprehension Select In Passage Questions:

There is another type of question in this section that requires you to find out a sentence from the passage that fits the description provided in the question. You need to highlight the sentence by selecting it in the passage. The following sample questionslet you practice this type of question of the Reading Comprehension section:

Reading Comprehension Select In Passage GRE Sample Tests

GRE Sample Tests on Text Completion Questions:

Text Completion questions provide passages consisting of a few sentences, from which some crucial words are missing. Against each blanks, there are a few choices of words; the students have to choose the correct words to fill in the blanks. How many words you have to choose from, depends on the number of blanks given. If you are still unable to grasp the exact structure of this question type, take a look at the questions from the mock tests. Here are a few tests for practice to help you out with this question type:

Text Completion GRE Sample Tests

GRE Sample Tests on Sentence Equivalence Questions:

Sentence Equivalence questions are quite similar to the Text Completion ones, however, in this case only one blank is given, and the answer choices would contain two correct words that can complete the sentence. From the six given choices, the students need to find out that pair of words which are similar in meaning, each being able to make the sentence meaningful. If you take a look at these mock tests, you would see that there can be wrong equivalent pairs, too, in the word choices. So you need to be careful and practice a lot of practice tests to be comfortable with such questions from the verbal section of the test. Here are few sample tests that you can take:

Sentence Equivalence GRE Sample Tests

GRE Sample Tests on Quantitative Comparison Questions:

The Quantitative Reasoning section measures the students’ skills for data interpretation and logical reasoning. This section contains several different types of questions. The Quantitative Comparison questions require the students to compare two quantities to determine the relationship between those two quantities. They will have to choose from the four options: the first quantity is greater than the second one, the second quantity is greater, they are equal, or the relationship cannot be resolved. As the answer choices remain the same, there is a good chance that students might confuse and mix up answers. Be extra careful to choose the correct answer choice. Students need to have good knowledge of the basics of math to solve these problems. These tests are most useful for practicing such questions of the quantitative section of the GRE test. The following sample tests will give you an idea of what types of comparison you will have to do in this section:

Comparison GRE Sample Tests

GRE Sample Tests on Problem Solving Questions:

The Problem Solving questions of the Quantitative section are basically data interpretation questions where you need to analyze the given problem to find out the correct answer. You will be given five choices from which you need to choose the correct answer. Here are a few sample tests to help you with such question types:

Problem Solving GRE Sample Tests

GRE Sample Tests on Problem Solving Select Many Questions:

These questions are like the previously mentioned ones, the difference being that these questions might have more than one correct answers. You need to select all of the correct answers from the given choices. These tests deal with such problems:

Problem Solving Select Many GRE Sample Tests

GRE Sample Tests on Numeric Entry Questions:

The Numeric Entry questions are not multiple choice type questions. Instead of choosing the correct answer from a list, you need to write down your answer in the provided answer field. You need to follow the instructions provided within the questions to know how to put your answer correctly. These questions are totally new to the revised GRE test, as a result, it is a good idea to practice such questions beforehand with the help of mock tests. Such tests will not only introduce you to the new question type, but also help you understand how to answer those so that you can save time on the final test date. Below are a few links to sample tests that contain such questions:

Numeric Entry GRE Sample Tests