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GRE Practice Test

GRE Practice: RC GRE Practice Test 3

Good you are taking our practice tests. But please make sure you complete all the practice problems from Official GRE Guide. Official GRE Guide is from the test makers(Yes You read it right they conduct the GRE exam worldwide.) ETS.:- The Official Guide to the GRE General Test, Third Edition
Powered by GreGuide Version 2.2.1 Copyrights 2007,

Passage for questions 1 to 3

Ravi Shankar has a large circle of friends and is very popular at parties. Everybody admires him for his fine sense of humor. Everybody, that is, except his six-year old daughter Meenakshi. Recently one of Ravi's friends asked him to make a speech at a reception. This is the sort of thing that Ravi loves. He prepared the speech carefully and went to the party with Meenakshi. He had included a large number of funny stories in the speech and, of course, it was a great success. As soon as he had finished, Meenakshi told him she wanted to go home. Ravi was a little disappointed by this but he did as his daughter asked. On the way home, he asked Meenakshi if she had enjoyed the speech. To his surprise, she said she hadn't. Ravi asked her why this was so and she told him that she did not like to see so many people laughing at him.

Choose the single correct answer option from the list provided:

1. Ravi's speech turned out to be a great success due to the fact that

  1. He was a great orator.
  2. He knew how to involve the audience in the speech.
  3. He was known for his sense of humor and he had included a large number of funny stories in it.
  4. He referred to great people and their views in his speech.
  5. His speech was based on a current topic.

Correct Answer: C


The passage explains Ravi Shankar's talent of delivering captivating and entertaining speeches at parties and gatherings. He was known for his sense of humor that reflected in his speeches. The speech made by him at the reception was also a success due to this very talent of his, i.e. option C; and not due to the other reasons mentioned in the various other answer options provided to us.

2. Ravi was disappointed because

  1. Meenakshi, his daughter wished to go home soon after he finished speaking.
  2. His daughter, Meenakshi didn't like the speech made by him.
  3. The people at the reception didn't appreciate his speech.
  4. He forgot his speech while delivering it.
  5. Meenakshi was not comfortable at the reception.

Correct Answer: A


The details given in the passage tell us that Ravi's disappointment was due to his daughter's desire to leave the reception as soon as he finished his speech. He was satisfied by the speech that he delivered and had received proper amount of appreciation for it; but this desire from his daughter's side was a disappointment for him. The first option given to us is the only option that describes this fact well; thus, is the correct answer.

3. His daughter didn't like the speech delivered by him as

  1. She did not share the views and opinions that he put forth in his speech.
  2. She hadn't liked the topic of his speech.
  3. In her view it was not properly delivered.
  4. She did not like to see her father become a laughing stock for the gathering.
  5. The people at the reception hadn't enjoyed it.

Correct Answer: D


We find an account in the passage that tells about the reason for which Ravi's daughter hadn't liked the speech made by him. On reading the passage carefully we see that this was not due to the quality or contents of Ravi's speech; but for the reason that she didn't like so many people laughing at his father. Therefore, the fourth option given to us is the correct answer and all the other options are incorrect answers.

Passage for questions 4 to 6

"As a farmer I was determined that we should get on the computer bandwagon", says Krishnappa Jagannath, the 40-year old head of the Gram Panchayat who initiated the whole process three years ago. With tips from a computer, and his brother in the US, Jagannath drew up a plan and convinced others of its merit. Within no time, he was able to raise Rs. 65,000 from the public, enough for the purchase of two assembled Pentium II computers. That was easy enough, but who would operate these machines? Jagannath decided that it had to be the villagers themselves. He got in touch with a software company, which agreed to train the villagers. Although wary initially, the people knew it was worth a try. As they realized it was not so difficult, more and more villagers joined in. Those like T. S. Shobha who showed a greater aptitude were sent for extensive training.

Choose the single correct answer option from the list provided:

4. The urge in Krishnappa Jagannath's mind was

  1. To buy a computer for his home.
  2. To initiate a computer revolution in his village.
  3. To start cleanliness drives in the village.
  4. To acquire computer education.
  5. To spread awareness about computers among the masses.

Correct Answer: B


The passage describes the efforts of Krishnappa Jagannath, the Gram Panchayat head, in order to make his villagers, computer literate. He wanted to make his village match its pace with the technologically fast world and thus wanted to initiate a computer revolution. The option that matches this description the most is option B, therefore, it is the correct answer. The rest of the options provided are incorrect.

5. After the purchase of computers, the great concern was

  1. Their maintenance and up keeping.
  2. Their installation.
  3. To find out who would be appropriate to operate them.
  4. Finding the correct software for usage.
  5. Looking for a proper place to keep them.

Correct Answer: C


As per the details in the passage, Krishnappa Jagannath sought help and guidance for setting up the computers from his brother in US and from certain tips provided on the computer. But the major question he faced concerned the issue of who would be appropriate to operate the computers; and not about maintenance or placing or installation etc. The third option provided to us, therefore, is the correct answer.

6. More villagers started showing interest in acquiring computer education

  1. When they came to know about its benefits.
  2. As they became sure that it was not dangerous.
  3. As more publicity was done for it.
  4. After they were fascinated by its features.
  5. Once they realized that it was not that tough a task to be handled.

Correct Answer: E


After the initial attempts by Krishnappa Jagannath, the interest among the villagers for attaining computer know-how increased gradually. This was a result of their initial reluctance to take up the learning task in their hands as they thought it to be a difficult job as such. The answer that suits this criterion the most is provided to us in option E; which is thus, the correct answer..

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