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GRE Practice Test

GRE Practice: RC GRE Practice Test 2

Good you are taking our practice tests. But please make sure you complete all the practice problems from Official GRE Guide. Official GRE Guide is from the test makers(Yes You read it right they conduct the GRE exam worldwide.) ETS.:- The Official Guide to the GRE General Test, Third Edition
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Passage for questions 1 to 3

The arrival of the train did not disturb Sir Mohan Lal's sangfroid. He continued to sip his Scotch and ordered the bearer to tell him when he had moved the luggage to a first class compartment. Excitement, bustle and hurry were exhibitions of bad breeding, and Sir Mohan was eminently well-bred. He wanted everything 'tickety-boo' and orderly. In his five years abroad, Sir Mohan had acquired the manners and attitudes of the upper class. He rarely spoke Hindustani. When he did, it was like an Englishman's, only the very necessary words and properly anglicized. But he fancied his English, finished and refined at no less a place than the University of Oxford, he was fond of conversation and like a cultured Englishman he could talk on almost any subject-books, politics or people. How frequently had he heard English people say that he spoke like an Englishman?

Choose the single correct answer option from the list provided:

Question: 1

Sir Mohan Lal was not badly bred because

  1. He wore good clothes.
  2. His financial status was high.
  3. He was too modest.
  4. He had attained education at Oxford University.
  5. He didn't exhibit excitement, bustle and hurry.

Correct Answer: E


The passage here provides us with the information about a man, 'Sir Mohan Lal', and his English upbringing. We also find an account of the criterion he applies for differentiating the well-bred from the badly-bred people. In his view, the people who exhibited traits of excitement, bustle and hurry were badly bred; since he stayed calm and composed as the train arrived at the platform, and didn't display any such trait, he was not badly bred. Among the options provided, the last option is the one that explains this position properly, therefore, is the correct answer.

Question: 2

The Hindustani that he spoke was like that of an Englishman's in the sense that

  1. He was English by birth.
  2. He used only the very necessary words, those too in an anglicized accent.
  3. His mother tongue was English.
  4. He had learned the language from an Englishman.
  5. He was very fluent in English and didn't know Hindustani well.

Correct Answer: B


The passage provides us with an account of the language skills adopted by Sir Mohan Lal. We are told, how, even though he is an Indian, he spoke in English only and made rare use of Hindustani; that too in an anglicized accent. Going by this description in the passage, the only suitable option is option 'B', therefore is the correct answer.

Question: 3

He conversed like a cultured Englishman for the reason that

  1. He had the talent to converse on any topic; like books, politics and people.
  2. He liked to imitate English people.
  3. He knew all the English etiquettes.
  4. He was fluent in English language as such.
  5. He was well aware of the British socio-political scenario.

Correct Answer: A


The passage informs us that Sir Mohan Lal had adopted the English culture and mannerisms so well that like the British, he had the capacity to carry out a conversation on almost any topic whether it was books, politics or people. Thus, the first option is the correct answer.

Passage for questions 4 to 6

She regarded herself as the luckiest person on the earth. Each of her sons insisted that she should stay with him. Many times, there were hot exchanges among the brothers on the issue. Her husband had left her an abundance of wealth and large property. She was so much overwhelmed with their devotion and affection that she distributed all her wealth and property among them ignoring the advice of her well wishers. Now her sons began to avoid her as if she were suffering from some infectious disease. Each turned her out of his house with one excuse or the other. One said that her presence disturbed the peace of his family. Another said that the education of his children suffered on her account. The third accused her of stealing money. She died heartbroken in a home for the destitute.

Choose the single correct answer option from the list provided:

Question: 4

Impressed by her sons' affection and devotion towards her,

  1. She started loving them even more.
  2. She cooked meals for them.
  3. She gave gifts and presents to them.
  4. She ignored all the wise advices and handed over all her property and wealth to them.
  5. She devoted her time towards taking care of them.

Correct Answer: D


The passage given to us explains the plight of an old woman who suffers at the hands of her wealth thirsty sons. The description given tells us that she distributes her possessions among her sons after getting impressed with the affection and devotion displayed by them despite the advices given to her by all her well-wishers. No detail given to us tells us if she started loving them more or gave gifts to them, or cooked meals or took care of them. Therefore, all the four options that refer to these aspects are wrong and only the fourth option in the provided list is correct.

Question: 5

The treatment that she received at the hands of her sons was as if

  1. She meant the whole world to them.
  2. She was affected by an infectious disease.
  3. She was a servant at their houses.
  4. She was the prime authority at their houses.
  5. She was a part of their family.

Correct Answer: B


We are told in the passage that her sons treated her in an unlikable manner. Therefore, the options A, D and E are completely inappropriate to be considered as the answer for this question. Option C is also not the correct answer as we find no mention of such details in the passage. The only correct answer here is option B as we find a reference to her being treated as an infectious disease in her sons' houses.

Question: 6

One of the excuses used to turn her out of the house was

  1. That she was not capable to be a part of the family.
  2. That she did not suit to the family status.
  3. That her behavior towards the family was not proper.
  4. That she was sick and could not be taken care of by the sons.
  5. That the education of the children suffered due to her.

Correct Answer: E


The passage provided mentions a few excuses that are used by her sons to reject their mother, but only the last option, 'that the education of the children suffered due to her' stands up to the description given. The rest of the options can be valid reasons, but we find no details mentioned about them in the passage, thus they are all incorrect answers.

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