The process of GRE registration is a combination of multiple individual steps. This testpaves a way to get admission
in most of the graduate schools in the US. The task of GRE test registration can be a smooth transition or a hectic
process depending on your awareness and knowledge. Registration of any such examination is cumbersome mainly because
of the lack of related information and proper research work. At the end of this article, you�ll be familiarized
with every step required from opening an ETS account to making the ETS account submit your scores to your preferred
graduate colleges.

As the GRE registration process is a lengthy task, it can get confused in the middle. Before starting, you should
be clear about few things like test dates and test centers. These are important because you don�t want to see yourself
having to wait for the next re-exam schedule if you do a minor mistake during the GRE fill-up process. Read the
complete article, so you don’t have to embrace sweat and disappointed anytime while trying to reach the institution
of your dream.

Registration Process

The registration can be done in three ways

Online via ETS website

    1. An ETS Account is required before the registration as discussed below.

ETS (Educational Testing Service) Account Setup

Prior to GRE registration, you need to setup your ETS account. This account is required to take the GRE, view test
scores and send your result to various institutions by ETS. To setup this account, it is a fairly short and easy
process as all you need to input is

      1. Name
      2. Email id
      3. Address.

This information is used for cross-checking with the actual identity credentials that you�ll bring during the test
day. Make sure to input the full name as displayed in your ID document. In case of minor discrepancy in name spelling
or account getting locked, you can contact ETS Support. Deleting the account is not necessary if you�ve made any
mistake. You can create the ETS Account through the following link: Click Here

  1. The last date of registration is two days prior to preferred test date.
  2. Payment methods are
    1. Credit/Debit Card
    2. PayPal
    3. E-Check Service (drawn against US banks only)
    4. For China, refer to NEEA account instructions
    5. For Nigeria, only Visa, PayPal and voucher number are accepted

Phone Registration

  1. One has to call on any of these two numbers
    1. 1-443-751-4820
    2. 1-800-473-2255
  2. Details of registration will be given directly when called.
  3. Payment methods are same as online registration.

Registration through Mail

  1. An authorization voucher is to be filled up and mailed to the address printed in the form. Here is the voucher.
  2. Processing time is around 3 weeks.
  3. Payment method is cash or a paper check.
  4. An appointment has to be made after delivery of the voucher is confirmed.
  5. Only one replacement is allowed if the voucher is lost.

GRE General Test Registration Cost

The registration cost is same for all countries. The cost is slightly higher in Australia ($230), Nigeria ($220)
and China ($220.70). There is a Fee Reduction Program by ETS that allows a student (with financial trouble) to
avail for 50% reduction in test fee (for both General test and Subject test) once he meets the eligibility criteria.
This reduction program is available on first-come, first served. To see and download the eligibility criteria form,
click here.

For some unforeseen reasons if you need to cancel or reschedule your GRE test registration, make sure to do so 4
days (10 days in China) prior to the test date to get a refund of 50% of the charges.

USA $205
India $205 (around 13K rupees)
China $220.70
Rest of the world excluding Australia and Nigeria $205

Other Charges

Late registration fee (for online registration) $25
Rescheduling fee in China $53.90
Rescheduling fee in rest of the world $50
Test Centre change $50
GRE Subject Test Fee Worldwide $150
Official preparation papers for Computer-delivered Test after registration Free
Official preparation papers for Paper delivered Test after registration Free

GRE Test Dates 2017-2018

In the United States, most of the test centers offer Computer-Delivered GRE test. Places like American Samoa and
Guam offer only Paper Delivered GRE test.

Paper Delivered Testing in the US and Puerto Rico (2017-18)

Test Date Normal Deadline Late Registration Online Score Release Scores Mailed
10/7/17( 7 Oct 2017) 9/1/17 9/8/17 11/6/17 11/17/17
11/4/17 9/29/17 10/6/17 12/4/17 12/15/17
2/3/18 12/29/17 1/5/18 3/5/18 3/16/18


Paper Delivered Testing in all other locations, including the US Territories (2017-18)

Test Date Normal Deadline Late Registration Online Score Release Scores Mailed
10/7/17( 7 Oct 2017) 8/25/17 9/8/17 11/6/17 11/17/17
11/4/17 9/22/17 10/6/17 12/4/17 12/15/17
2/3/18 12/29/17 1/5/18 3/5/18 3/16/18

While choosing the test date always keep in mind these things:

  1. Required time period to gain confidence, practice well and score well.
  2. Availability of preferred Test Center. You must makesure that the test center is within your travel distance keeping
    every variable in mind on the test date.

GRE Test Centers

Currently, there are over 1000 test centers spread across 160 countries. So, it is very important to choose a test
center that you can reach within the stipulated time. These GRE test Centers will vary for the below two types
of GRE tests:

Computer-Delivered GRE General Test

To register for the computer-based test you need to create the ETS account and follow instructions for online registration
as discussed above.

  1. Offered all year round at Prometric (a firm that organizes exams throughout the world) test centers.
  2. Appointment to test centers is done on first-come, first-served basis.
  3. Takes around 10-15 days for scores to reach your desired institution.
  4. Can take the test five times a year once every after a 21 days gap.

Paper-Delivered GRE General Test

To register for the paper-based test you need to follow the same instructions as the computer-based test. But during
the setup, you need to change the test mode from computer to paper delivered.

  1. Not all test centers are available for this mode of test. See the availability list here
  2. The score takes around 10-15 days to reach your desired grad school.
  3. Test dates are available only for 3 months in a year.

ID Requirements

ETS is very strict about ID. Only the ID that matches the name and address during the registration process will
be allowed on the test day. Failure of which can simply lead to rejection of entry to the test center. So you must
take special care about ID validation. Below are the acceptable ID documents:

  1. Only original documents are allowed.
  2. ID card recognized by the government of the country where you are a citizen.
  3. No expired ID cards are allowed.
  4. Must bear the full name matching exactly with the name entered during registration.
  5. Include a valid photograph.
  6. Include a valid and matching signature.
  7. Valid ID for US cities are
    1. Passport
    2. National ID
    3. Government issued driver�s license
    4. State or Province ID Card
    5. Military ID

All the above-mentioned ID cards must carry your valid name, signature, and photograph.

For other countries, check here.

Disability Accommodations

People with disabilities are given fair chance to compete in the GRE exam process. Anybody having health issues
are given accommodations once they meet ETS requirements. ETS Disability Services must approve your application
for accommodation prior to the test date. Only after that can you carry for health equipment, food or avail extra
time. For details about the request procedure, check this PDF.
You can apply for accommodation directly during the online registration to your ETS account or Email it to

GRE general test vs GRE subject test

These two tests mainly depend on what program are you applying to in the grad school. GRE general test gives an
all-round assessment of the test taker. The result of this test is accepted by nearly all graduate school. This
test is also relevant when you are trying to enter into a mid-tier program that is not highly competitive.

GRE subject test is required when you need to highlight your strength in some particular subject. Only top universities
like NYU or the University of Notre Dame asks for GRE subject test score. This test is applicable to the following

  1. Chemistry
  2. Mathematics
  3. Physics
  4. Biology
  5. Psychology
  6. Literature

The registration link for GRE subject test is here.
The registration opened on July 1, 2017, for 2017-2018 GRE subject tests. This test is given worldwide at paper-delivered
test centers three times a year:

  1. April
  2. September
  3. October

GRE Score Report

After you�ve successfully taken the test, the next stage that follows is retrieving your score and sending it to
various institutions.

Getting Score Report

Computer Based Test Paper Based Test
Have to designate score recipient on test day only Have to designate score recipient during the registration process
Can send it up to 4 grad school for free. After that, it costs $27 for each additional recipient. Same as Computer Based Test.
The score will be available in ETS Account after 10-15 days of the test date. An addition al report will take
5 days to be sent online after placing the order.
The score will be available in ETS Account after 5 weeks of the test date. An additional report will take 10 days
to reach recipient after receiving the request.


Sending Score Report

Computer Based Test Paper Based Test
After test completion, you can view your score officially and decide on which 4 recipients you want to select.
Contact administrator for unlisted institutions.
During registration, you have to select your 4 designated score recipients. Contact ETS for unlisted institutions.
Can choose between sending the most recent test administration (GRE score) or all administration from the last
five years of your test date. Can even choose not to send any score at the time.
Same as Computer Based Test.
GRE score valid for 5 years from the test date. Same as Computer Based Test.

GRE Score Select option:

GRE score select is an option that lets you decide which test results you want your score recipients to see. Your
current test score is valid for the next five year counting from the test date. Thus if unsatisfied with the score,
you can again apply for re-exam and compare your test administration result to select the best one. This gives
the full liberty to decide if you want to present your most recent test administration or all scores from the last
five years or anyone (probably the best) from the last five years.

Advantages of Early Registration

GRE Registration Number is a seven-digit number that is used by ETS for your identification. The number is created
after you’ve registered for GRE General Test or GRE Subject Test. Each individual test has an individual Registration
Number. So it is likely you might have more than one Registration Number. This number is completely different that
GRE login ID and confirmation number.

You should register as early as possible. There are many advantages in early registration:

  1. Early registration will ensure your scores being reviewed earlier than those who have registered later than you.
    This will increase your chances of getting into the top programs.
  2. Have time to view and apply to unlisted institutions which might take longer time.
  3. You�ll have a wide availability of test dates. You�ll have time to think and choose on a preferred date. Same with
    the seats in the test center. Most of the slots will be empty hence you can easily have your desired test center
    chosen on your test date.
  4. Have the time to schedule the re-exam for a later date if things go unplanned (like any unavoidable interruption,
    low scores or mistake during the registration process)
  5. In case of disability accommodation, fee reduction program or other services, you will have higher chances of availing
    these programs.
  6. No time-related pressure is there to hurry up during registration fill-up process hence chances of committing errors
    are low.
  7. GRE slot booking start as early as 12 weeks before the test date, so you’ve approximately 90 days to make any changes.
  8. You�ll have ample time to go through the study materials provided by ETS and thus improve your preparation.

Must go through the free study notes provided by ETS after successful registration. There are some paid PDFs as
well on the ETS website. You can check them here.
Prepare well for the exam by taking adequate GRE sample test.