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Free GRE Full Length CBT Test 8

Question 1

Rahul Dravid is not merely India's most dependable or most consistent or most valuable batsman. He is all of these. But the time has come to recognize that on the basis of his performances in the last three years he is, quite simply, India's best batsman. Sachin Tendulkar was India's batsman of the l990s; Rahul Dravid has made this decade his very own. To see a good ball hit for four is a spectacle; surviving a great ball requires no less skill, but it rarely elicits a sense of wonderment. It is easy to be agog over a batsman responding to a sharp short ball with an explosive hook, but we often miss the artfulness and skill involved in leaving a bouncer. No one in contemporary cricket, Tendulkar and Lara included, deals with the short ball with greater poise and equanimity than Dravid, whose eye never leaves the ball. Dravid has been hit a couple of times while trying to force the ball away, but rarely would you see him ducking in to a bouncer. Test cricket, he often says, is such a fulfilling experience because it challenges the mind continuously for four to five days. Dravid belongs to that priceless breed of champions whose mental resolve is at its strongest when the situation is the direst. The manner of playing and statistics are fair pointers, but to many, the heart of a cricketer's greatness lies in what his performances have meant to the team. He has answered nearly every call of crisis; he has saved them from defeats in South Africa, West Indies and England and set up wins in Sri Lanka, England and Australia. Tendulkar will perhaps end his career with a hundred hundreds. But as Indian cricket stands on the precipice of its own golden age, it must be remembered that Rahul Dravid has made the most difference.

Choose the correct answer

The author highlights that Rahul Dravid may be India's best batsmen, but at the same time he

  1. is incapable of hitting hundreds like Tendulkar
  2. has captained the team and saved them from many defeats
  3. is not immune to being hit by the ball
  4. knows to how maintain a steely resolve when it is least required
  5. is unable to handle the short ball as well as Lara

Correct Answer: C


The passage deals with various aspects of Rahul Dravid's professionalism and skills as a cricketer. It has been brought out that Tendulkar may have a hundred hundreds to his credit at the end of his career, but it has not been implied anywhere that Rahul Dravid is incapable of achieving the same feat. Therefore, A is incorrect. Rahul Dravid has saved the team from several defeats but it is not mentioned anywhere that he was the captain of the team during those matches and so B is incorrect. It has been clearly stated that Dravid is a man whose mental resolve is "at its strongest when the situation is the direst". This implies that D is incorrect. E is clearly incorrect and it has been explicitly stated that no one in contemporary cricket, including Lara "deals with the short ball with greater poise and equanimity than Dravid". The author brings out that "Dravid has been hit a couple of times while trying to force the ball away" and therefore, it is evident that C is the correct answer.

Question 2

This is a time for MNCs to look at globalization strategies through a new lens of inclusive capitalism. For companies with the resources and persistence to compete at the bottom of the world economic pyramid, the prospective rewards include growth, profits and incalculable contributions to humankind. Countries that still don't have the modern infrastructure or products to meet basic human needs are an ideal testing ground for developing environmentally sustainable technologies and products for the entire world. Furthermore, MNC investment at "the bottom of the pyramid" means lifting billions of people out of poverty and desperation, averting the social decay, political chaos, terrorism, and environmental meltdown that is certain to continue if the gap between rich and poor countries continues to widen. Doing business with the world's four billion poorest people will require radical innovations in technology and business models. It will require MNCs to reevaluate price-performance relationships for products and services. It will demand a new level of capital efficiency and new ways of measuring financial success. Companies will be forced to transform their understanding of scale, from a "bigger is better" ideal to an ideal of highly distributed small-scale operations married to world-scale capabilities. In short, the poorest populations raise a prodigious new managerial challenge for the world's wealthiest companies: selling to the poor and helping them improve their lives by producing and distributing products and services in culturally sensitive, environmentally sustainable, and economically profitable ways.

Choose the correct answers

How, according to the author, is it beneficial for undeveloped countries if MNCs invest in their markets?

  1. They are a useful testing ground for developing new technologies
  2. The living standards will improve as a result of producing and utilizing new products
  3. MNCs will have to work towards making technological innovations
  4. The locals will have financial gains
  5. Social stagnation and decay will be averted

Correct Answers: B, D and E


The correct answer choices would be those that directly point out the benefits that will be accrued by the underdeveloped countries if MNCs start venturing into their markets. Options A and C simply refer to facts that are not related to such benefits directly based on the context of their appearance in the passage; whereas, B, D and E have been brought out as the benefits that will be available to the poor as a result of MNCs investing in their markets. Therefore, B, D and E are the correct answers.

Question 3

It was thought that freedom and (1) ---------- would speed gradually throughout the world by an orderly process, and it was hoped that cruelty, (2) ------------, and injustice would continually diminish. Hardly anyone was haunted by the (3) ---------- of great wars.

Blank 1 Blank 2 Blank 3
  1. enjoyment
  2. prosperity
  3. exasperation
  1. secularism
  2. empowerment
  3. tyranny
  1. advent
  2. fear
  3. celebrations

Correct Answers : Prosperity, tyranny and fear


The first blank in the passage has to be completed with a word that can complete the meaning conveyed by the word 'freedom' in the sentence. The word 'enjoyment' in the option list demeans the sense conveyed by it, therefore is rejected. The word 'exasperation' is not suitable to be used with freedom. The only suitable word given to us is therefore, 'prosperity'.

The second blank in the passage has to be completed with the use of a word that complete the series of adjectives used for the processes opposing freedom. The options 'secularism' and 'empowerment' are not suitable as these are related to freedom. The only relevant option provided to us is 'tyranny'.

The last blank in the passage requires a word that can relate to the use of the words 'haunted' and 'great wars' in the sentence. The option 'advent' is not perfectly suited to the meanings conveyed by these two words and the option 'celebrations' is not related to wars in any case. Therefore, the only suitable answer here is 'fear'.

Question 4

log[(x+y)/5] = 1/2 (logx+logy)

Column A Column B
x/y y/x
  1. Quantity A is greater
  2. Quantity B is greater
  3. The quantities are equal
  4. The relationship cannot be determined from the information given

Correct Answer: D


log[(x+y)/5] = 1/2 (logx+logy)
(x+y)/5 = sqrt(xy)
Squaring both sides
(x+y)^2 = 5^2*xy
x^2+y^2+2xy = 25xy
x^2+y^2=25xy-2xy = 23xy
Dividing both sides by xy

We cannot determine which of x/y and y/x is greater.
Option D is correct.

Question 5

15 litres of a solution contain 20% alcohol and the rest is water. Equal quantities of alcohol and water are added to make the solution 200/7% alcohol. How many litres of alcohol were added?

Correct Answer: 3


15 litres of the solution contain 20% alcohol and 100-20=80% water
Quantity of alcohol = 20/100*15 = 3 litres
Quantity of water = 15-3=12 litres
Let x litres of water and x litres of alcohol be added.
Total quantity = 15+x+x = 15+2x litres
Percentage of alcohol = 200/7% = (3+x)/(15+2x)*100
200(15+2x) = (3+x)*7*100
2*(15+2x) = 7(3+x)
30 + 4x = 21 + 7x
30-21 = 7x - 4x
9 = 3x
x = 9/3 = 3 litres
3 litres of alcohol were added.

Question 6

The average of 5 consecutive odd numbers in a sequence of 9 numbers is A and the average of the last 4 numbers is B. Which of the following is the average of the 9 numbers? Indicate the correct option.

  1. A+B
  2. (A+B)/2
  3. (A+B)/9
  4. (4A+5B)/9
  5. (5A+4B)/9

Correct Answer: E


Let the numbers be x1, x2, x3, x4, x5, x6, x7, x8, x9

x1+x2+x3+x4+x5 = 5A
x6+x7+x8+x9 = 4B

Average of 9 numbers =(x1+x2+x3+x4+x5+x6+x7+x8+x9)/9
= (5A+4B)/9
Option E is true.

Question 7

Annie has a field in the shape of a polygon with 9 sides. Which of the following is true? Indicate all true statements.

  1. She can divide the polygon into 7 triangles with a common vertex.
  2. The sum of the interior angles of the field is 1260 degrees.
  3. Each interior angle is equal to 140 degrees.
  4. Each exterior angle is equal to 40 degrees.
  5. She can make 27 diagonals in the field.

Correct Answers: A, B and E


The field is in the shape of a polygon with 9 sides.
The field can be divided into (9-2)=7 triangles with a common vertex.
Option A is true.

The sum of the interior angles of the polygon is (9-2)*180

= 7*180 = 1260 degrees
Option B is true.

Since the field is not in the shape of a regular polygon, its interior angles and exterior angles will measure differently.
Hence, options C and D are not true.

The number of diagonals in the field is given by {9(9-1)/2 - 9}
= 9*8/2-9
= 36-9
= 27
Option E is true.

Question 8

Researchers are realizing that a better way to power and direct motion is to follow the human motor skills. Built independently by groups at MIT, the robots are propelled along flat grades with a fraction of the energy required by such technically advanced bipeds as Asimo, Honda’s famous demonstration robot. The walker from MIT incorporates a learning program that optimizes movement over various terrains by making random adjustments and measuring efficiency. Such a learning rule, the researchers state, might also describe biological motor learning. But even these robots are powered by computer-controlled servomotors, which often produce jerky movements.

Which sentence has been used as evidence that robots with human-like motor skills exist?

The correct answer is D. (Such a learning rule … learning)


The sentence which explicitly implies that robots now have skills that are similar to human motor skills would be the correct answer. A reference to robots and human motor skills has been made in the first sentence and the fourth sentence. The other sentences may be discussing robotic motor skills but they have not been compared with human skills and so none of them can be considered as the correct answer. The first sentence only suggests that the best way to power and direct motion is to follow the human motor skills whereas the fourth sentence makes it amply clear that the robots have a learning rule that is similar to the biological or human motor learning and therefore, D is the correct answer.

Question 9

In order to meet the demands of competent manpower, the states have to be ------------- in providing higher education to the people.

  1. Disengaged
  2. Exempted
  3. Non-compelling
  4. Obligatory
  5. Incumbent

Correct Answer: D and E


The sentence here discusses the culpable behavior of the states so as to provide higher education to the people. The listed first three options are complete opposites of this desired meaning thus, are the wrong answers. The last two options, ‘Obligatory’ and ‘Incumbent’ properly suit the demands of the sentence and so are the correct answers.

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