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GRE Practice Test

GRE Practice: RC GRE Practice Test 5

Good you are taking our practice tests. But please make sure you complete all the practice problems from Official GRE Guide. Official GRE Guide is from the test makers(Yes You read it right they conduct the GRE exam worldwide.) ETS.:- The Official Guide to the GRE General Test, Third Edition
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Passage for questions 1 to 3

I was a late bloomer and always envied those people who stood out in high school because I didn't. I learned early on, although, that it's essential to set yourself apart from the group. Life is one struggle after another to succeed, particularly when you're starting out. If your bio-data is sitting at the bottom of a pile of junk mail, sometimes a distinctive approach will get you noticed, especially if the competition is fierce.

Once my partner Jerry and I asked the other freelance writers of a TV serial what characters they hated to write for the most. Everybody said the same thing - they disliked writing for the minor characters because they felt that writing for them wouldn't help them get other jobs. Jerry and I decided that we would write scripts for the minor characters because that's what was needed and we needed to set ourselves apart.

In the first script Jerry and I wrote; a school girl falls in love with a boy in her class. The producers loved the story. And with that one script, Jerry and I were no longer just another comedy- writing team.

Choose the single correct answer option from the list provided:

1. What can help one get identified above the rest in today's harsh competitive world?

  1. One's capabilities and talents.
  2. The urge to move with the times.
  3. A distinctive and unique approach of seeing things.
  4. Keeping one's bio-data on the top of the pile.
  5. The distinctively written bio-data.

Correct Answer: C


The description in the passage is related to the struggle that the freshers, especially those who are late bloomers, have to undertake in order to scale high in their careers. The narrator here tells us that in order to gain a position above the rest in the huge pile of bio-data, one should adopt an approach that is distinct and unique. The correct answer among the options given to us therefore, is the third option as it explains this view properly, while the rest are partial or inappropriate descriptions.

2. Writing for minor characters in the TV serials was not preferred by many

  1. As there was less that could be written about them.
  2. As it was thought that it was considered to be offering fewer career opportunities for them in the future.
  3. Due to lack of depth in their characters and less attraction for them among the masses.
  4. Since writing for them would not provide the desired career opportunities.
  5. As they were less popular and didn't provide much details to the writers.

Correct Answer: B


The passage deals with the topic of taking up distinctive approach towards the future so that one can scale high in the career and leave the rest behind in this competitive world. We are told that in the field of writing about TV serial characters, it was less preferred to take up minor characters as they were thought to be opening lesser avenues for the future. There are two options in the list mentioned here that stand up to this description and can confuse us; but on reading closely, we realize that only one among them is correct. These options are B and D; while B provides the required description, the latter option is incorrect as it firmly asserts that the act of writing for minor characters did not provide better career options, which is just a popular consideration. Therefore, we can only take the second option to be the correct answer to this question.

3. Which among the following best describes the content of the passage?

  1. A philosophical account of attaining success in professional life.
  2. The account of the way in which two high scoring young men scaled high in their careers.
  3. An inspirational description of the struggle that two young scholars undertook in their careers.
  4. The inspiring tale of two average high school scholars who stood above the rest in their careers by taking a road not taken.
  5. A narrative account of the way in which two young men attained high position in their careers by leaving others behind.

Correct Answer: D


The passage is the story of two young scholars, Jerry and the narrator himself, who took to a distinctive and unique approach so as to beat the fierce competition in professional world. They were average scholars who didn't have the support of strong mark sheets to back them. It can be taken as an inspirational account for those who want to achieve high positions in their careers, although we cannot take it as a philosophical account as it is a narration on the part of the voice that brings this account before us. The description that best suits this passage and its contents is thus, option D as the rest of them lack or are incorrect in certain ways.

Passage for questions 4 to 6

Until he was ten, young Alexander Fleming attended the nearby Loudon Moor School. He was then transferred to Dagvel School, which he attended with his brothers. Alexander learned a good deal about nature during that four-mile downhill hike to school and the four-mile uphill return trip. He was a quick student and at twelve, the age limit prescribed for Dagvel School, he was sent to Kilmarnock Academy. After two years he joined his brothers, John and Robert, at the home of his elder brother Thomas, who was to become a successful oculist in London. However, the economic success of the family was yet to be and Alexander was forced to leave school for economic reasons. When he was sixteen, he obtained a job in a shipping company. Good fortune, however, was on his side and on the side of humanity. In 1901, he received a share in a legacy which made it possible for him to return to school where he decided to study medicine.

Choose the single correct answer option from the list provided:

4. How did Alexander Fleming learn about nature?

  1. From his games with his brothers in fields spreading across four miles.
  2. Due to his innate interest in nature and its beauties.
  3. While his school lessons in Biology and nature studies.
  4. From his four mile long ride down and uphill while going and coming back from school.
  5. While his hikes up and down the hills that were located in his area.

Correct Answer: D


The passage informs us about the formative years of Alexander Fleming's life and how the events in those times took a turn to the benefit of his life and that of the humanity in turn. We also learn about the fact that he was greatly inspired by nature during his daily hikes up and down the hills as he went to school. The answer that best corresponds to this criterion is given to us in option D, which is the correct answer. All the rest of the options are either inappropriate to be used here, or are wrong to be used, so are incorrect answers.

Question 5

5. Who specialized in treatment of eye ailments in Alexander's family?

  1. John and Robert, his brothers.
  2. His uncle Thomas.
  3. Thomas, his elder brother.
  4. John and Thomas, his cousins.
  5. Robert and Thomas, his two uncles.

Correct Answer: C


The passage also gives us a great account of the family of Alexander Fleming. We learn that two of his brothers, John and Robert were joined by him as he went to stay with his elder brother, Thomas. It is Thomas only who was on his way to become a successful oculist in his professional life. Oculist is another word for an eye doctor or specialist, therefore the correct answer is option C.

6. What is meant by the sentence "Good fortune, however, was on his side and on the side of humanity"?

  1. The good fortune of Alexander was to be used by the humans around him.
  2. When good fortune and opportunities, subsequently knocked at the doors of Alexander's family, the human race was benefitted in turn.
  3. The human race and Alexander's family were lucky at the same time.
  4. Human race was to be given a monetary benefit by the pleasant fortune that Alexander's family experienced.
  5. The good fortune of Alexander's family was to be experienced by humanity at the same time.

Correct Answer: B


The sentence in the passage has been used to explain the change in the financial conditions of Alexander's family. This change in the financial conditions lead to the creation of far more possibilities for his future, due to which, he could make all the advancements in the field of science; which lead to the benefit of the human race as well. The correct answer, from among the options provided to us, in this case is option B as it explains the details in the passage properly. The rest options are incorrect answers as they supply us with wrong or incomplete details.

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