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Free GRE Full Length CBT Test 13

Question 1

Throughout his life Alexander was exceptionally preoccupied with his image, both literally and metaphorically. One of his non-Greek protéegées appreciated this very well and had himself buried in a stone coffin, now in the Archaeological Museum, Istanbul, adorned with images showing Alexander hunting either a human or animal prey. The strikingly well-preserved artifact is known as the "Alexander's Sarcophagus", for the good reason that on one long side a figure unambiguously meant to be Alexander is depicted on horseback, in vigorous and deadly combat against a Persian. Alexander himself died at Babylon in June 323 BC, at the age of only 32. The circumstances of his death are almost as unclear as those of his father, though it probably smacks too much of the historical novel on the subject to suggest that Alexander was assassinated, possibly by poison. Rather, he is most likely to have caught a deadly fever, probably malarial, after years of pushing himself beyond reasonable limits. His passing was greeted very differently in different parts of his vastly enlarged empire. The traditional enemies of Macedon in Greece were thrilled to bits, whereas those Greeks and non-Greeks who had gladly worshipped him as a living God felt genuinely bereft. Whatever is thought of his lifetime achievements, there is no questioning the impact of his posthumous fame.

Choose the correct answer

Which of the following best describes the person who is buried in the coffin known as the "Alexander Sarcophagus"?

  1. He was not Greek but he still was in Alexander's army
  2. He was exceptionally intelligent
  3. His coffin has images of Alexander engraved on it
  4. He understood Alexander's penchant for hunting
  5. He was under the patronage of Alexander

Correct Answer: E


The question is in respect of the person and not his coffin and so C is clearly incorrect. There is no definite indication of the fact that he was in the army and so A is also incorrect. It has been clearly stated that he was one of Alexander's non-Greek protéegées. This means that he was under Alexander's patronage. Therefore, on comparing B, D and E, it can be seen that E is the best description of this person based on the information provided in the passage and therefore, E is the correct answer.

Question 2

There are two consequences of such an abstract management process. First, it inevitably, reduces the quality of information that is available to the top management to work on. To collect and transmit the vast quantities of data needed for strategic thinking and analysis at the top, systems must simplify. Standard formats, generalized categories and consolidated presentation all help to move massive amounts of data through the organization, but do so at the cost of homogenizing away from the data all the information that is insightful or important. Beyond the problem of excessive simplification, there is also the problem of deliberate distortion. The more top management uses data obtained through such systems to make choices and to exercise control, the more the people providing the information learn to be economical with the truth. Second, the systems also act as a shield, preventing people below from participating in strategy debates; and thereby, insulating them from the learning potential of such debates. Because of their position and their accumulated experiences, top managers develop a broader perspective and sharper intuition, which are, perhaps, the greatest gifts they can give to those lower down in the organization. However, it is only through continuous, open and face-to-face interactions that these capabilities can be passed on. To create opportunities for such direct interactions, companies need to fundamentally reshape their management processes, cutting out much of the elaborate infrastructure of information, planning and control systems they have built so that information can flow through direct relationships, strategy can be framed through shared debate, and implementation can be guided through shared debate, personal mentoring and coaching.

Choose the correct answers

Which of the following is true in respect of handling information in the abstract management process being referred to in the first sentence of the passage?

  1. Selective information is transmitted to the top management
  2. The top management has access to information of a quality lower than that available at the lower levels
  3. Information that reaches the top management is used by them for decision making
  4. System for controlling flow of information needs to be redesigned
  5. Information pertaining to strategy planning and discussions is shared at all levels

Correct Answers: A, B, C and D


The abstract management process being referred to in the first sentence of the passage has two consequences which have been outlined clearly in the passage. All the options, A, B, C and D have been clearly elucidated during the course of discussions pertaining to these consequences. It has been specified that there is a "shield, preventing people below from participating in strategy debates" which implies that E is incorrect. Therefore, A, B, C and D are the correct answers.

Question 3

Almost all historical forms of (1) -------- and thought can claim the (2) --------- of experience and so the authority of God. The world would be a much poorer thing if one creed (3) --------- the rest.

Blank 1 Blank 2 Blank 3
  1. character
  2. life
  3. minds
  1. sanction
  2. trail
  3. rejection
  1. promotes
  2. rebukes
  3. absorbs

Correct Answer : Life, sanction and absorbs


The first blank in the passage has to be completed with a word that can stand in an equation with the use of 'thought' later in the sentence. The option 'character' is unsuitable as per this criterion and among the other two options, 'life' and 'minds', 'life' is a better answer to be considered. This is because there can be 'historical forms of life' but no 'historical forms of minds'.

The second blank in the sentence has to be filled with a word that can complement the use of the word 'experience' in it. Among the listed answer options, 'sanction' seems the most appropriate one. While 'trail' doesn't reveal a proper meaning when used in it, the option 'rejection' is not accepted since it delivers an opposing meaning for the sentence.

The last blank in the passage needs to be completed with a word that can explain the action on part of one creed in the society due to which the world would transform into a poorer thing. The usage of 'promotes' would turn the meaning of the sentence upside down, so we cannot consider it as the answer. The other option, 'rebukes' is also rejected as the word is inappropriate to be used for creeds as such. The only suitable option is therefore, 'absorbs', which refers to creeds taking over each other.

Question 4

Column A Column B
The number of consecutive multiples of both 2 and 3 that lie between 200 and 350 The number of consecutive multiples of both 2 and 3 that lie between 350 and 500
  1. Quantity A is greater
  2. Quantity B is greater
  3. The quantities are equal
  4. The relationship cannot be determined from the information given

Correct Answer: C


The numbers will be multiples of 6 since they are multiples of both 2 and 3.
The numbers lie between 200 and 350 and form an A.P. with common difference 6.
The first term of the A.P. will be 204 and the last term will be 348.
The nth term of an AP with first term 'a' and common difference 'd' is given by
348 = 204 +(n-1)6
144 = (n-1)6
n = 24+1=25
25 such numbers exist.

The numbers will be multiples of 6 since they are multiples of both 2 and 3.
The numbers lie between 350 and 500 and form an A.P. with common difference 6.
The first term of the A.P. will be 354 and the last term will be 498.
The nth term of an AP with first term 'a' and common difference 'd' is given by
498 = 354 +(n-1)6
144 = (n-1)6
n = 24+1=25
25 such numbers exist.

Option C is correct.

Question 5

Two pickpockets, Kevin and Melvin, pick each other's pockets. Kevin picks Melvin's pocket first and steals $30. The total amount with Kevin becomes twice as much as is left with Melvin. Then Melvin picks Kevin's pockets. He steals $40 and the amount with him becomes thrice as much as is left with Kevin. How many dollars did Kevin initially have?

Correct Answer: 34


Let the initial amounts with Kevin and Melvin be $x and $y respectively.
Acording to the conditions,
2(y - 30) = x + 30 and 3(x + 30 - 40) = y - 30 + 40
2y-60 = x + 30 and 3(x - 10) = y +10
x - 2y = -90 and 3x -y = 40
Replace x = 2y-90 in the second equation
3(2y-90) - y = 90
6y - 270 - y = 90
5y = 90 + 270 = 360
y = 62
x = 2*62 - 90
= 124 - 90 = 34
Kevin had $34 initially

Question 6

There are 5 suitable players for chess, 5 for hockey and 5 for football. One player is required for each, the chess team, the hockey team and the football team. In how many ways can the Sports Club Secretary make the choice? Indicate the correct option.

  1. 3
  2. 5
  3. 15
  4. 125
  5. 27

Correct Answer: D


The chess player can be chosen in 5 ways, the hockey player in 5 ways and the football player in 5 ways.
Total ways of choosing the team = 5*5*5=125
Option D is correct.

Question 7

Which of the following statements is true about 1/12, 1/8, 1/6? Indicate all correct options.

  1. The terms are in AP
  2. The terms are in GP
  3. The common difference is greater than 1
  4. The common ratio is 3/2
  5. The common difference is less than 1

Correct Answer: A and E


1/8-1/12 = (12-8)/(12*8)
= 4/(12*8)
= 1/24
1/6-1/8 = (8-6)/(6*8)
Hence, the terms are in AP
The common difference is less than 1
Options A and E are true.

Question 8

Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee was to go down in history as the first non-Congress Prime Minister to win a third successive term. Now, even in defeat, he will go down in history as arguably India’s best and indisputably the most visionary Prime Minister. Yes, Nehru and Indira Gandhi are all-time greats. But they had circumstances on their side - the country at the time either did not know or was not given to see any option and they had a policy that the Congress straddled. Indira traced her lineage to Nehru, the maker of post-Independence India.

Which sentence corroborates the statement that Indira had the advantage of a political legacy?

The correct answer is E. (Indira traced her … India)


A political legacy would imply a political heritage or inheritance. The third and the fourth sentences discuss Nehru and Indira and it is brought out that they were all time greats in the Indian political scenario owing to the circumstances during which they were political leaders. The fifth sentence of the passage implies that one of the circumstances was that Indira traced her lineage to Nehru who was the maker of post-Independence India and therefore, E is the correct answer.

Question 9

The basis of science is an infinite ------------ to unravel the mysteries of the world.

  1. Yearning
  2. Coveting
  3. Longing
  4. Languishing
  5. Hankering

Correct Answer: A, B, C, D and E


The above presented sentence has to be completed using a word that can best describe the basis of science. All the given options complete the meaning of the sentence when they are used in the empty blank and also are grammatically correct in their usage at the place. Thus, all the given options, ‘Yearning’, ‘Coveting’, ‘Longing’, ‘Languishing’ and ‘Hankering’ are appropriate answers to this question.

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