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GRE Related Websites

Given below are links to some of the other GRE related websites on the net that you may find useful.


is one of the leading GRE Test prep websites. They have free gre study kits for GRE Math, GRE Verbal and GRE Essay sections. is a useful site containing lots of information any international student may need in order to pursue further studies in the United States.

Search for universities at on the basis of various criteria such as costs, location, degree, etc.

Check out for further information regarding the GRE. offers free Verbal Section and Analytical Writing study guides, Vocabulary software designed specifically for the GRE 

Buy the latest preparation material for the GRE at

Find out about the TOEFL at

www.usnews.comprovides you with the rankings of all the top Universities.

Get information regarding Financial Aid

Visit GRE General Vocabulary for a list of practice vocabulary words and definitions.

For free download of Vocabulary Building software, have a look at GRE General Vocabulary

The Education Portal is a directory of colleges, career schools, and universities independently researched and categorized. The site is useful for prospective students who are trying to decide which school they should attend