Excellent Sources of GRE Math Equations

The Quantitative Reasoning section of the GRE General Test plays a vital role in determining the ultimate score that
one achieves in the test. For many technical and management courses, there is a special weightage given to the
scores that one attains in this section during the selection process. Test-takers also tend to pay more attention to
this section during their preparation as they know that achieving a high score in this section is not as easy as in
the Verbal Reasoning section. The average score for this section is lower than that for the Verbal Reasoning
section; the reason being that a lot of valuable time is wasted in finding the final answers that have to be
provided to the questions asked.

In order to provide solutions for this challenging situation, math equations, shortcuts and formulae for GREare
available which help the test-takers in many ways-

  • Even though the syllabus of the Quantitative Reasoning section is based completely on the high school maths
    syllabus, the approach to it is different. At the high school level, the stress is on using the right formulae
    and applying them in the proper manner. Credit is given while evaluating, to the method in which an individual
    arrives at the correct answer. It is not the same with the Quantitative Reasoning section, as what is required
    here is the correct answer and not the method in which one obtains it. So one needs to know smarter methods for
    arriving at the correct answers.
  • As compared to high school exams, the time given in the General Test for solving the mathematical section is
    less and one cannot afford to spend too much time on these questions. Therefore, math shortcuts and formulae are
    needed that can let the test-taker derive the correct answer easily and swiftly.
  • The importance of these shortcuts increases in the current scenario when the format of the test has been
    changed. It is known to all that the questions in the computer-based General Test change according to the
    performance of the test-taker. With every correct answer, the computer raises the level of the coming questions
    and it gets tougher and tougher for the test-taker. In such a case, it keeps on getting further difficult and
    time consuming to solve the Quantitative Reasoning section problems. It is then that these math equations come
    to one’s rescue.
  • A significant change in the test pattern is the permitted use of calculators (hand-held calculators for
    paper-based format and on-screen calculators for computer-based format). The use of calculators will
    certainly help the test-takers in saving time but if one is aware of the math equations
    and formulae,
    usage of calculators will be more fruitful and one can end up solving most of the questions in the section
    within the allocated time.

Sources of GRE Math Formulas

It is for the above listed reasons that the shortcuts and formulae are important for GRE test-takers, especially
those who want to get high scores in the Quantitative Reasoning section. Though after a lot of practice and
research, one can develop personal shortcuts and equations, there are numerous math equations available on the
internet which can be searched according to one’s requirement and comfort level.

  • Lessons and notes
  • Math equations, shortcuts and formulae are available with the lessons and notes for the Quantitative Reasoning
    section that can be obtained from various sources. One can get them from the tutorial centres if one is enrolled
    in any of the test courses conducted by them. Every coaching centre has its own notes and lesson sheets that are
    provided to its students for practice and they contain math equations which facilitate them in solving
    the problems.

    One can also find these notes on the internet from the coaching websites or online tutorials of GRE. They are
    prepared by experts in the field who have mastered the ways of tackling the lengthy mathematical calculations in
    easier ways. Links to some of these sites are:

    This way, one can obtain details of all the math principles and concepts that form a part of the Quantitative Reasoning section.

    • Formula sheets

    Formula sheets based on the various mathematical, geometrical, arithmetic and data analysis concepts are
    available on various links that can be used by the test-takers to ease their effort during the preparation
    for the test. One doesn’t need to go through big and bulky books
    and sieve out these formulae,
    but can get these ready to use lists on the following link: http://www.gremathformulas.com/. The list is available in the
    downloadable version on drivemycareer.com at the link- http://www.drivemycareer.com/math-formulae-for-competitive-exams/.
    One can even buy this list online from amazon.com at the link- http://www.amazon.com/GRE-Math-Formula-Sheet-Yi/dp/1615849165.

    Even ETS provides a list of math equations, principles and concepts that are useful for the Quantitative
    Reasoning section of the General Test. One can get the list at the link-
    Coming from the organisation that designs the test, it is the most authentic and genuine prep material for
    studying for this section.

    • Shortcuts

    Shortcuts and smart formulae for solving lengthy Quantitative problems in easier ways are also available from
    various sources. These shortcuts make the task of solving long and time consuming calculations easier to a great
    extent. Lists of these math shortcuts can be found on many websites, link for one such site is-http://www.careers-india.com/2009/09/21/math-shortcuts-for-competitive-examinations/.

    Videos for various shortcuts for multiple math concepts and principles are also available. Links for some such
    sites that provide these videos are: http://www.testprepfinder.com/gmatgre-practice-quantitative-shortcuts(testprepfinder.com),

    • Strategies

    Strategies and smart tactics are needed to get through the vast syllabus of the Quantitative Reasoning section of
    the General Test. It is not an easy job to handle mathematical problems related to varying concepts and
    principles in a limited amount of time. All the test prep materials are accompanied by such study and test
    strategies. The test-takers who take formal coaching for the test get a lot of these from their guides, provided
    they are experts in the field, and know the best techniques for mastering the GRE. Strategies and tips are given
    to the test-takers by ETS at the link: http://www.ets.org/gre/revised_general/prepare/tips/.
    Many other sites give such guidance about math equations such as sparknotes.com (http://www.sparknotes.com/testprep/books/gre/chapter1section4.html).
    These tips and strategies become very important with respect to the General Test as it is not just the questions
    that have to be solved but one also needs to manage the time that is taken in solving them.

    The utility and benefits of having the knowledge of  equations are many. One can put the various
    sources listed here to good use and get the desired high scores in the General Test


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