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GRE Verbal

GRE Verbal Section

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GRE Verbal

In the revised Verbal section of GRE, you will come across the following types of questions:

  • GRE Sentence Equivalence
  • GRE Reading Comprehension
  • GRE Text Completion

GRE Sentence Equivalence

GRE Sentence equivalence in GRE Verbal measure your:

  • ability to understand how a sentence should be completed
  • ability to focus on the meaning of the whole sentence

You are shown a sentence with a single blank and six answer choices. You are required to select two of the answer choices that best fit the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

  • Read the incomplete sentence and try to fit your own words in before looking at the answer choices.
  • See that both choices fit the sentence correctly and gives the same meaning.

GRE Verbal - Sentence Equivalence Sample Question:

The pressure of population on available resources is the key to understanding history, consequently any historical writing that does not take cognizance of _________facts is intrinsically flawed.

A. ecological
B. demographic
C. Cultural
D. psychological
E. Political
F. sociological

Answer: B and F

GRE Reading comprehension

Reading comprehension is the toughest one in Verbal section. Many students get a poor Score in the Verbal section because of the toughness of the reading comprehension questions. GRE Reading comprehension measures your ability:

  • to read with understanding, insight, and discrimination
  • to analyze a written passage from several perspectives

Passages are taken from the humanities, social sciences, biological sciences and physical sciences. The passages are of varied lengths, but generally of 75 to 150 lines. The number of questions pertaining to a particular passage could range from 1- 6.

Reading comprehension Strategies:

  • Go through the passage once to get the general idea of the passage
  • Don't try to memorize details but instead pay attention to the topic and the focus on the passage as you read.
  • For questions, asking you to give the passage a title, look at the first and last lines of the passage for clues.

Reading Comprehension Sample question:

Reading comprehension Passage:

In his 1976 study of slavery in the US, Herbert Gutman, like Fogel, Engerman, And Genovese, has rightly stressed the slaves' achievements. But unlike these historians...... (rest of the passage) ........In sum, Gutman's study is significant because it offers a closely reasoned and original explanation of some of the slaves' achievements, one that correctly emphasizes the resources that slaves themselves possessed.

Which of the following is the most appropriate title for the passage, based on its content?

A. The influence of Herbert Gutman on Historians of Slavery in the US
B. Gutman's explanation of how slaves could maintain a cultural Heritage and develop a communal consciousness
C. Slavery in the US: New Controversy about an old subject
D. The Black heritage of Folklore, Music, and Religious Expression: It's growing influence
E. The Black family and extended kinship structure: How they were important for the freed slave

Answer: B

GRE text completion

GRE text completion in GRE Verbal measure your:

  • ability to understand the big picture
  • ability to make out the meaning of the sentence by omitting crucial words

Passages are typically one to five sentences with one to three blanks and multiple choices per blank.

GRE Verbal – Text completion Strategies:

  • Look for the entirety in each passage
  • Identify words that provide clear context to the passage and look for relative words that make complete sense

GRE Verbal - Text completion Sample question:

Audiences want eye contact, so leave the script at your chair, stand up and speak up. (1) ________the content and importance of your message through the voice and appearance of your personality. Even an (2) __________ speaker comes across well when the expression of his content comes from within.

Blank 1:explain, reveal Blank 2:unskilled, inept Correct Answer: reveal, unskilled Explanation: The given lines explain how a person should open his speech when he is to address an audience. The first sentence describes the essentials before the opening of the speech. The author says that you should not carry a script; you should establish direct eye contact with the audience and speak. We contemplate over the next sentence in light of the first sentence. It continues the thought that the author presents in the first sentence. Once you stand up and start your speech, you should ‘reveal’ the content and its importance through your voice and personality. This is again the initial stage of the speech, where there is little scope of ‘explanation’. For the second blank, out of ‘inept’ and ‘unskilled’, we choose the latter. To be inept means to be lacking some skill, be clumsy and inappropriate, whereas to be unskilled means to be untrained and inexpert. An inappropriate person cannot come across well as compared with an untrained person who is given some assistance.

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