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In the questions based on sentence completion an incomplete sentence is given to you. The sentence will have two blanks and you have to fill them up with suitable words. There will be five answer options. Each option will contain a pair of words. You have to fill in the blanks with the best suited pair. The sentence thus formed should be meaningful, logical and grammatically correct. These questions tell the examiner about your understanding capabilities.

Questions based on reading comprehension measure your ability to comprehend. A passage will be given, followed by a few questions based on it. The questions can be of various types. They could be related with the content of the passage or the aspects of the writer's intensions and assumptions. You have to read carefully, understand the writer's mindset and be discriminative while answering. Each question is followed by five answer options out of which the best one has to be chosen. The passages can be related with any subject: humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences and no previous knowledge about the issue can be obtained from anywhere.

Specially preparing for the gre words is important. You can not afford to take this section lightly as your score in the verbal section depends largely on vocabulary. And if you do not score well in even a single section of the test then you can not expect to get admission in a good college.

There are a number of websites which give lists of words and their meanings especially for the test. You can download these word lists for free form most of these sites. It is ideal to have two-three wordlists so that you have a wide variety of words. Also when you learn the meanings of words you will have a better idea of the meaning by referring to two or more sources. You should collect a good number of words and can consult your friends for this. Next comes the process of learning the gre words. You must endeavor to learn an appreciable number of words in a day. If you have a lot of time then you can go slow, else you should some 10 gre words in a day. More than that would lead to confusion and it will be difficult to remember the words for long. Whatever you learn should be clear in your mind. Learning by rote will hardly solve any purpose as there are four different types of questions, most of which are tricky. In order to make learning more effective you should try out various combinations. In a day you should learn a few short and a few long gre words among which some are easy and familiar while others are difficult and unfamiliar. Try to learn words starting with different alphabets simultaneously. This way you will not get confused and shall not leave out the words starting with any alphabet. Also keep variety in the type of words, learn some adjectives, some nouns, some verbs each day. And keep in mind their usage. It is best to form sentences for this purpose and to learn the noun, adjective and verb forms of the words in one go. This way you will be able to learn in a less tiring manner and shall retain more words for a longer period of time..

Sometimes we are familiar with gre words and use them as well, but we do not know their exact meanings. But in the test you will be asked questions based on specific meanings. In such questions it is impossible to guess the answer as the options given are mostly very similar, so you can not differentiate between them. Also you can be caught in a situation in which you know the meaning of the word given in the question but you do not know the meaning of some word in the five options. Thus it becomes all the more important for you to know the exact meanings, synonyms and antonyms. It is important for you to revise such words as well. Look up the exact meanings of even the familiar words in order to be doubly sure.

It is not possible for you to learn all the words which you collect. So you can select those words which are easy to learn, have short meanings and you have heard before. It is best to prepare your own handbook of words. When you are learning new words keep writing them down separately. You can even write a few sentences using those words for better understanding. This will help you keep a track of your work and you will get an alternative source for learning and revising.

The best way of preparing for any entrance is to do so with friends. Keep in touch with a friend or two to know how and what they are preparing. This will help in keeping your spirits and confidence high. Finally don't get disheartened and stop learning new words. Even if you take some time in picking up speed while learning the words, it is worth spending time and energy on.

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