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GRE Testing Dates

How GRE Testing Dates Should be Selected

Are you seeking admission to graduate schools in USA, Canada, UK and schools in other parts of the world? Passing the GRE test is the best option to earn admission in a grad school. The test is conducted by Education Testing Services (ETS) based in the USA on behalf of the Graduate Record Examinations board and the Council of Graduate schools. The date is available in around 700 test centers in 160 countries around the world. testingThe tests consist of two broad sections: The General test and the Subject Test. The General Test of GRE consists of 3 sections: Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning and Analytical Writing sections. The Subject Tests are conducted in 8 different subject disciplines for the student to choose from. The information related to general test and subject tests are available in the official website, It is not easy to obtain a good score in the tests, hence the student is required to prepare and practice well at least three months in advance prior to a testing date available in his or her location. The tests are conducted in two versions namely, Computer Based Testing (CBT) and Paper Based Testing (PBT). The student is required to register his or her testing date with the ETS website for taking the test in his or her location.

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How to get a GRE Testing Dates for CBT

The Computer Based Tests (CBT) is conducted throughout the year in different test centers. The exact date and test center for your location can be checked from The steps below gives you an idea on how to reserve your test dates for CBT.

  1. In the ETS website, under the GRE section click on the link for “Register for the Test”. The website offers you to register online for a CBT or PBT. If you are not sure click on the link “No sure which test format is offered in your location?”
  2. Choose the location (country) from the list-box where you wish to take the test. The system will respond with the test version available for your location.
  3. Click on the “Sign in to Register for the test” link.
  4. This will take you through an online registration process.
  5. While you are filling the registration form, the computer provides you a calendar with available test dates for your location. Select the date and time that is convenient for your taking into consideration the time needed to prepare for the test.
  6. Fill all the other details in the registration form to complete the process.

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How to get a GRE Testing Dates for PBT

The Paper Based Test (PBT) of the GRE is available in those locations where the computer based test facilities are not available. The PBT is administered up to 3 times in a year. For the current year PBT is scheduled for October 2011, November 2011 and again in February 2012. The exact dates for your location can be seen from the ETS official website under the paper-based test section. Also note, the PBT is not available in all test locations, so if you wish to take the PBT please check on your location prior to registering for PBT. This test can also be registered online. The PBT test centers information is available for download as PDF from The type of questions and the test designs will be modified as appropriate for the PBT. It is always better to register early to suit your time and location to correspond with the score requirement with your preferred school. The registrations and other detailed information can be found in the link:

The following tips are intended to provide general test information and help you in scheduling your test dates:

  • Planning is an important exercise you need to complete before you register for an exam date. Different schools have different admission schedules; hence it is important for you to know when the schools will need your scores so you can take the test as per the score reporting timelines and the admission schedule of your favorite school.
  • The dates are granted on first-come, first-served basis, so plan your dates accordingly, there are no guarantees for seat availability.
  • The computer based general test is available around the year. You can reserve your testing dates a few months in advance for providing yourself with sufficient time to prepare and practice.
  • For tests taken after November 28, 2011 your scores will be available 10-15 days after the test is administered.
  • Since you have registered for the test, you can view your scores online free of charge from your My GRE account login in the ETS website.
  • Students are required to keep ready a set of valid identification documents at the test center.
  • Information can be found from gre_info_reg_bulletin.pdf (document contains detailed information for GRE tests 2011-2012) is available for free download from the ETS website.
  • Starting August 2011, the general test is now available more frequently with one or two test administrations per month.
  • A student can appear up to 5 times in general test in a calendar year.
  • The scores are widely accepted at different graduate and management schools for admissions.
  • For more information visit the website

Additional Information Related to the GRE Testing Dates

The GRE tests are administered under strict security conditions at the test center and students are advised to behave with poise and proper etiquette to avoid suspicion. If a student is dismissed from a test, the scores will be cancelled and the test fee will be forfeited. ETS offers a 50% discount on test fee to students wishing to take the general test between August 1, 2011 and September 30, 2011. For students in mainland China, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong, the entire general test is available as Computer based test starting August 1, 2011. This facility was not available earlier in these locations. Individuals with physical disabilities are granted certain concessions as per the persons with disabilities policy. While registering for the test date you can submit request for scores to be directly sent to grad programs, business programs and sponsors for fellowship. During the registration process as part of your test fee you can designate up to four score recipients. The general test (CBT and PBT) can be re-taken only once every 60 days. The students are not allowed to carry cell phones and other electronic devices into the test center. For more information related to policies and procedures visit:

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