While studying from a GRE book you are on your own and can be flexible about your schedule of preparing. Also you can mark important points in the book which need to be referred time and again. Apart from the hard copies there are soft copies of a lot of books which you can download for free, if you get the link. Also there are ebooks which can be downloaded, either for free or for a reasonable amount of money. It is better to study from these soft copies as it is easier to search for a topic and highlight relevant content, depending on the format of the book. The softcopies are not liable to wear and tear like the hard copies and are easier to access.

Another highly useful study material of GRE is GRE flash cards. They are used for rapid learning, quick recall and drills. Since you have to study a lot of arithmetic and vocabulary for the test, this study material is highly effective for learning and recollection. Conventionally a flash card has a question written on one side and the answer on the other, but there are many types of flash cards available now-a-days. Preparation for the test is ideally in two stages. In the first you are learning the concepts and in the second you are revising them. For the first stage you need to overview all the information in detail and at this stage the study is elaborate and deep. Whereas while revising, you need to just take a glance of all the concepts and at this stage the study is relatively superficial. Depending on your requirement and style of studying you can select when and how to use a flash card. This study material is most yielding during the second stage of your preparation, for revising and recollecting.

There is a variety of flash cards available in the market. There are a number of books which have a combination of flash cards and study guides. They consist of a set of flash cards which are detached from the book and an attached instruction material; the two can be used simultaneously. The advantage of these flash cards lies in their being portable; you can always pick a few and refer to them while you are on the move. GRE flash cards software is also available, much to the relief of many. These software are separately available for both the verbal section and the quantitative section. Some of these software cover both the sections collectively since they are specifically designed for the test. These flash cards softwares have a wide variety of words and questions which you can choose from. You can mark the flash cards for future reference and likewise ignore the unwanted ones. You can also make some flash cards quizzes of your own in some of the flash cards software. But they come with the inherent problem of portability. The link to one such flash cards software free download is Some sites offer flash cards after you register for free with them. The link to one such site is Some websites offer online practice for free, without even the registration. One such link for vocabulary  cards is . The latest innovation in the field of flash cards is that you can install some softwares in your mobiles or pocket PCs and study. You have to pay some money to download these flash cards mobile software; they don't come for free! You can check out the options available on the following links and .

Software are another prep material. There are a large number of software which you can choose from. Most of the free softwares do not cover all the sections of the exam. Generally software only contain section wise practice questions and complete tests. Such software cover the verbal and quantitative portions well. A sample of these software is generally available on websites and you can study from the sample for finalizing the software that you buy. You will have to shell some money for purchasing a good software. The paid softwares generally cover all the aspects of the exam. You can also buy CDs and install the softwares. This study material is especially helpful for those who are preparing for CAT.

POWERPREP is one such prep material. This is a software which can be downloaded for free from the official website. If there is anything you need to know about how to prepare for the test, what questions to expect, the scoring procedure, time management etc it is explained in this software. Each type of question is explained separately followed by relevant examples. The examples are not just stated but they are equipped with directions and strategies to be used. Moreover, the answers are explained. Hence you get a brief overview of the test while going through the introduction. The analytical writing section of the test is dealt with separately. This part of the test is considered very difficult and tricky to handle. The software gives special attention to this section, complete with tips and examples. There is even an explanation available for students to know what is expected of them.

The latest study tool is software for mobiles. There are some software companies which prepare softwares that can be installed in mobiles and you can study from them at your own pace and convenience. You shall have to part with a good amount of money for installation of such softwares. These installations generally contain multiple choice practice questions and tests.

With the advancement of technology there are now a number of study aids available. If your concepts are clear then you must look for a study material which gives you ample practice so that you can use your time judiciously. If you require a thorough brushing up of concepts then you must look for a study material which has a good explanation of concepts and strategies for preparation. You can use a combination of preparation materials depending on the amount of time you have to prepare and the stage of preparation. It is best to go through a book and brush up your concepts in the first stage. When you are done with that, then you can look for study aids which contain ample practice tests. Since there are a lot of study tools available it is very important for you to make a judicious choice and make the most of your resources.

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