GRE PREP Continued..

Another way of GRE software. It is the most reliable software as it comes form the test takers themselves. Also it is of the same format as the real GRE CAT and you get a feel of the test before appearing for it. The link to free download preparation could be through a software. These softwares can be installed in your computer and you can prepare form them. A good test prep software, like a good preparation book, should cover the three sections of the test and for each section you must be given ample subject matter and practice. It is best to obtain the subject matter from some preparation book and then take a software for practice. Most of the free prep software do not cover all aspects of the test. They will most likely contain only the practice tests. It is better to shell a small amount of money in purchasing a good test prep software rather than spending time looking for free software which do not satisfy you. Read some blogs for getting information about the best prep software available. You will be given links for download on these blogs, but only a few will work. The ETS releases PowerPrep which is a free practiceof PowerPrep is . Some of the other links you can follow for free downloads are,, and .

You can also get online coaching for test preparation. There are a number websites which offer online preparation guidelines. Most of these are free and you can use their facilities by registering with them, some don't even require registration. These websites cover different aspects of the test and it is difficult to obtain all the information and practice from a single website. It is best to access such websites only once you have gone through some preparation material so that your basics are clear and the practice tests only fix your concepts. The link to one such website is . Here a number of different practices tests are listed for you to choose from. But there is no subject matter explained in such websites, they generally contain only practice questions. For complete preparation online you will have to pay some money to register with websites. Paid websites also give you online help and coaching. This option is worth the fee as you can prepare for test sitting at home while reaping the benefits of a coaching class. The online coaching is also helpful for the GRE CAT. It gives you practice of the CAT. Look for a website which offers online help round the clock, this way you can be flexible about your timings of study. Check out the following link for the various options available with Kaplan;jsessionid=LLDMELE1SH0KTLA3AQJHBNVMDUCBG2HB . When you are registering with a paid preparation website you will not require any other source for preparation. But before you sign up for such a program check out what they are offering and which program suits you best. It is also better to read the feedback of other test takers from some blogs.

The last option that you can choose from for  preparation is coaching centers. At the coaching centers they offer you different preparation courses. You can choose from the options of private tuitions, tuitions in small groups or class room coaching. Besides, coaching centers also provide online coaching if you intend to prepare at home. Most of the well known coaching centers are well established in the business and have their classes running in all major cities. You can look for such a preparation coaching center, provided you can afford it. Some even offer crash courses which you can undertake in case you have done some preparation but are not confident enough, or else if you are short of time. Check for the faculty of the coaching center you join, especially for the ones which do not run classes at a large scale. You don't want to end up being taught by an unprofessional person who does not know his job. In addition, do check that the classes are not overcrowded. Coaching centers also give you practice of GRE CAT; besides other sectional revision tests. When you are attending preparation classes you can get a fair idea of where you stand in the competition. This is very important as you get to see how well prepared you are and how you are improving. It is the GRE percentiles which matter the most for admissions and you can predict your percentile on a larger scale by knowing where you stand in your own class.

Besides a good means of test preparation, hard work and regularity are mandatory. You will have to devote quality time towards it. This will probably leave you no room for other activities for some three-four months, but a little sacrifice will go a long way!

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