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As soon as you decide to take the GRE test, you will find yourself visiting the official website frequently. Whether you want to register for the test or need to check your score, the official website will serve many purposes. Even before you consider registering for the test, you may need to get valuable information about the test itself from this site. However, many students are still unaware of the various ways the official site can help them. Let’s take a look at a few of them:

What’s the GRE Test All about?

If you have heard about the GRE test from various sources online and offline, but are yet to discover how the test can benefit you, head straight to the GRE official website. On the homepage itself, you will find information about the revised version of the test, which is designed to be very test-taker friendly. However, that does not tell you what it actually is and what it can do for you. Well, that’s probably because it is assumed that you know what the test is, which most students concerned about their graduation actually do know. On the homepage, under the GRE Revised General Test section, you will find a link to the ‘About the Test’ page. On the ‘About the Test’ page, right at the top, you will find the basic information about the test that it is ‘One Test for Graduate and Business School’. At least now, it is actually so. Previously it was commonly assumed that this test is for graduate schools, but to take admission in a business school you need to clear the GMAT test. The GMAT test is still for management students specifically, and is prioritized by many business schools. However, with the introduction of the revised version of the GRE, it is now more acceptable to business school authorities. Thus, the GRE test, now, is not only for graduate students; business students may also be benefited by taking the test. Moreover, for students who are not sure about taking up a management course, taking this test is a better option as it keeps many options open for them. You can find all other relevant information and links on this page. You will get a brief idea of the test with all its sections. You will know which students take the test, which institutions accept GRE scores, when and where it is offered, etc.

Getting into the Details:

The ‘About the Test’ section of the official GRE website contains subsections with detailed information about the test. These subsections include details on the structure of the test, its contents, its fairness and validity, fees structure, etc. On the ‘Test Content and Structure’ page you will learn more about the three sections of the test: Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning and Analytical Writing. This page will let you know how each of the sections tests the students, and what types of questions you can expect in the actual test. If you intend to take up a management course, and want to know if the revised version of the test is worth giving a try, there is a page on ‘GRE for Business School’ which will tell you how the revised version of the test can be a better option for you. If you are interested to know how fair and valid the test is, there is a section for you, too. However, most students who are aware of the test and intend to take it soon, would want to take a look at the fees structure of the test. On the ‘Fees’ page you will find the cost of taking this test in various parts of the world. There are a number of related services that you can avail, and the costs of those services are also listed on this page.

Ready to Register?

Once you are convinced that you need to take the GRE test to be able to take admission in your favorite college or university, the next step will be to register for the test. There are a number of ways you can register for the test; most significantly, you can complete your registration online right on the official website of the test. However, before you actually register for the test, you need to know about the available test dates and centers. You will find that information in the subsections of the ‘Register for the Test’ section. There is also a subsection that deals with rescheduling or canceling your test date, if you ever need that.

Once Registration is Done, Prepare!

The registration process is only the starting point; you still have the test to prepare for. Official website of the test acknowledges this, and provides various test preparation materials to help the test-takers. You can find sample questions for each of the question types of the three sections of the test. Moreover, there is the Powerprep software, one of the best resources for practicing for the test. Additionally, you have access to other downloadable practice materials. Also, be sure to check the tips and strategies that the test-makers share with the students on this website.

Getting Your Scores:

Your scores are sent to you after a few days of taking the test. However, the revised version of the test introduces a totally new score scale for the verbal and the quantitative sections of the test. Check the ‘Scores’ section to know more about the new score scale and the score reporting schedule. You can check your scores online, too. All you need to do is to create a My GRE account on the official website of the test. The sub-pages of the ‘Scores’ section contain additional information on how the test is scored and how to understand your score report. You need to check these pages to know more about the scoring procedure of the test. Also take a look at the various scoring services that you can avail from this site.

What about the Subject Test?

If you have already gone through the official website, and have not noticed yet, most of the information we were talking about relates specifically to the revised version of the General Test. However, there is a Subject Test, too, that you can take to show off your knowledge in a specific field of study. Though it is not required for most of the graduation courses, yet depending on the subject you want to take or the institution you intend to get into, this might be a requirement.

Waiting for Getting Linked?

Finally, there are certain pages on the official site which you may need to visit frequently. Most of the pages are updated quite often, so you have to check those regularly. Here are a few links that will take you to the pages that people frequently visit: