GRE Math Problems


It was a common conception that the verbal section of the GRE test is tougher, whereas the quantitative section of the GMAT test is more difficult. However, the revised version of the GRE test is very much different as it attempts to attract business schools as well. As a result, the problems are closer to real life problems. As the test focuses more on real life scenarios, now you are allowed to use a calculator to shift focus from minor calculations while solving You can take a look at the GRE website to learn more about the revised math problems in GRE. This page will introduce you to the Quantitative Reasoning section of the GRE test and to the kind of questions that you might face in the test:

GRE Math Problems You Might Face in the Test:

Questions of the Quantitative Reasoning section of the GRE test measure your ability to solve math problems with quantitative reasoning skills. In this section, you may face questions on quantitative comparison, problem solving or data interpretation. There have been a few changes in this section of the test, and there are new question types that you may not be familiar with. You can take a look at sample  problems to understand the quantitative section better. The pages below will give you an idea of the structure of this section of the test and the kind of math questions you have to solve:

Quantitative Comparison GRE Math Problems:

The quantitative comparison problems provide two quantities that you need to compare and four answer choices from which you need to select the correct one as your answer. The four options will let you choose whether the first quantity is greater than the second one, the second one is greater, they are equal or the relationship is unresolved. The answer choices are similar for the quantitative comparison math problems; as a result, there is a good chance of confusing the answer choices of different questions. Be sure to read the questions carefully before choosing your answer.

You may want to follow some sample questions of this type to get accustomed to this section of the test. Here are a few sample math problems of this type:

Once you are prepared to test your skills, you can visit these pages to take sample tests on this type of questions:

Problem Solving GRE Math Problems:

The questions of this type, as the name implies, ask you to solve the given problems to select the correct answer from the five answer choices that you will get. The  problems of this type do not require you to have higher mathematical skills; however, you need to have good understanding of the basic mathematical formulas. You can start practicing this type of questions with these samples:

The following links will take you to practice tests for problems of this type:

Problem Solving Select Many GRE Math Practice:

In the revised version of the GRE test, the problem solving questions can have multiple correct answers. In that case, you are to select all the correct answers accordingly, as no marks will be given for partially correct answers. Take a look at these sample problems:

Take these sample tests once you are comfortable with such questions:

Numeric Entry GRE Math Practice:

This type of math questions require you to write down your answers instead of providing multiple answer choices. The Numeric Entry sums have been introduced with the revised version of the test. It may take you some time to understand this type of questions; and as you do not get answer choices, these questions may seem even more difficult. You need to follow sample math problems of this type and take practice tests. Here you will find some samples for these questions:

The links below will take you to GRE practice tests for this type of questions: