Preparing For The GRE


The important points that are very helpful in GRE Preparation are

  • Effective time management.
  • Awareness of the test sections and structure.
  • Repeated practice.
  • Start Preparation with out delay.
  • Repeated tests to assess oneself.
  • Work harder on weakness.

Preparing for a test is never an easy task. Added preparing for the test is also not easy. It is important to learn to avoid anxiety while equipping for the examination. The only way of doing this is through proper planning. Preparation is possible only through practice. Repeated practice on the samples of the test designed and presented in the same format as the original and with the time limitations is the best way to prepare for the original test.

The next crucial point to remember is to accustom oneself on the basic foundations of the syllabus in the question sections. WWW.GRE.ORG web site is an excellent resource for preparation. A variety of programs are made available free or for a small fee on this web site.

The student will find practice questioners that he could practice on and also submit for review. The test is recreated to help the student get the feel of the original test. The student is able to asses his weakness and strengths base on the reviews and test results that the web site provides.

There is also a number of service providers listed on this web site that can help you prepare for the test. The student can choose the provider that is ideal for him and start preparing. The different levels for preparation include regular classes, online classes and private tutors. Students who wish tp do self-study can access resources available through books in stores or at libraries.

The choice of how to prepare for the GRE is entirely the student's decision. The method chosen for test preparation is not of importance, only the time spent on acquiring the skill needed to take the test counts.

The first point as said earlier is the student's ability of time management. It is important to keep track of time while taking the test.

The test has a time limit to adhere to. Each section is provided with a separate time slot in which they have to be completed. There are no extensions provided to complete the tasks. Therefore the student should practice answering the model questioner within the original time limit of the test.

It is essential that the student plans out a schedule to work on sample tests and brush up on his fundamentals. By taking a sample test before  choosing a preparation methodology the student will be able to ascertain the subject area that he is weak in and work towards improving those pertaining areas.

By setting aside time for daily practice and following this schedule the student can help prepare himself for the test. If the student chooses he could also opt for any institute specializing in such training.


More information on test preparation and sample questioner can be acquired from the following web sites:

Test Prep - Time Duration

Time management is very very important not only in actual GRE Test but also in crucial when you prepare for the examination. Planned time management during test preparation will help a lot when you are taking your actual GRE Test. Once the decision to take the test has been made the student is recommend starting on process for taking the test. It is vital to having enough time to prepare well or the student could end up feeling rushed. The time needed to prepare varies from individual to individual and on the score that is aimed to be achieved by the student.

Test Prep - Best time

It is prudent to take the GRE while the student is still pursuing his undergraduate course. The choice of whether to go ahead with joining a graduate school or not is entirely the student's decision to make. Taking the test does not mean that there is a compulsion on the student to join a graduate school.

Taking the test depends on the admission deadlines set by the graduate schools that the student is interested in. The admission process will vary extensively depending on the discipline of study the student chooses.

The GRE general test is a computerized test accessible throughout the year on appointment basis. Some graduate programs require the student to take the GRE subject test. The subject tests are presented in the traditional pencil-and-paper format and are offered in September, November, and April.