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GRE Practice Test

GRE Practice: Text Completion GRE Practice Test 2

Good you are taking our practice tests. But please make sure you complete all the practice problems from Official GRE Guide. Official GRE Guide is from the test makers(Yes You read it right they conduct the GRE exam worldwide.) ETS.:- The Official Guide to the GRE General Test, Third Edition
Powered by GreGuide Version 2.2.1 Copyrights 2007,

Question 1

An eleven-year old boy walking behind his parents and a pet dog on England's highest cliffs, which rise to 23 meters at their peak, was blown off in a gale to height at least 170 meters. The gale (1) ------------ the boy's screams while his parents (2) ---------- ahead. They realized what had happened only when the dog barked furiously at a helicopter flying in the sky. The pilot of the helicopter displayed exemplary (3) ------------- and picked up the boy from the cliff to the great relief of his parents who found him alive and kicking.

Blank 1 Blank 2 Blank 3
  1. hyped up
  2. drowned out
  3. let lose
  1. turned around
  2. walked on
  3. talked
  1. presence of mind
  2. military skills
  3. creative ability

Correct Answer : Drowned out, walked on and presence of mind


The passage refers to an incident in which a child is separated from his parents and is saved from being blown off by strong wind. The first blank here has to be filled with the use of a word that can explain the silencing of the child's screams under the influence of the fast blowing wind. The most suitable option here is 'drowned out' while the rest stand unsuitable in the context.

The second blank has to be filled with a word that refers to the accidental ignorance of the parents as they didn't realize that their child had been blown off in the wind. The correct answer in this context is 'walked on'. The options 'turned around' and 'talked' are unsuitable in this context and are thus the wrong answers.

The third blank in the passage has to be filled with words that explain the talent and action of the helicopter pilot who saved the child from being blown away. The option 'military skills' is an overstatement and the other option 'creative ability' is irrelevant in this place. The correct answer therefore is 'presence of mind'.

Question 2

They talked about fathers and mothers, and I told them about my father and mother; and then I stopped because my aunt had (1) ---------- me to be silent on that subject. But I had (2) -----------against Uriah and Mrs. Heep. They did what they liked with me. They got (3) --------- things which I did not wish to tell.

Blank 1 Blank 2 Blank 3
  1. condemned
  2. advised
  3. appeased
  1. many opportunities
  2. my defenses
  3. no chance
  1. out of me
  2. out of my pockets
  3. out of my bag

Correct Answer : Advised, no chance and out of me


The first blank in the passage has to be filled with a word that can indicate towards the instructions that the narrator's aunt had given to him. Among the options given, 'advised' is the most relevant answer as the other two, 'condemned' and 'appeased' do not fit into the description well.

The second blank has to be filled after paying due attention to the use of the word 'But' in the beginning of the sentence. It refers to the contrast that it has with the first sentence. Also to be considered is the meaning conveyed by the next sentence. These reveal that the narrator stood helpless against the two women. Therefore, the option 'no chance' is the most suitable.

The last blank here has to take into consideration, the part that follows it. We learn that the narrator said the things which he didn't wish to say actually. These things were not in his pockets (which rules out the option 'out of my pockets'); they were not in his bag (ruling out the option 'out of my bag'); these were in his mind and thus the option 'out of me' is the correct answer here.

Question 3

The black-and-white dog made off as I went (1) --------------- the fence. But the red dog whimpered and hesitated, and moved on hot bricks. He was fat and in good condition. He waited while I went up to him, (2) ----------- his tail and whimpering, and (3) ------------- his head and dancing.

Blank 1 Blank 2 Blank 3
  1. from
  2. above
  3. through
  1. shaking
  2. wagging
  3. nodding
  1. holding
  2. rotating
  3. ducking

Correct Answer :Through, wagging and ducking


The first blank in this passage has to be filled with a preposition that show the relation between the noun 'fence' and the verb 'went'. The perfectly suited option here is 'through' that is the correct answer therefore.

The second blank has to be completed with a word that can explain the noun 'his tail' that follows it. Among the options, 'shaking' is not a word associated with a dog's tail which makes it a wrong answer. The other option 'nodding' is also incorrect as this is an action always associated with a particular of the head. The only adequate option is thus; 'wagging' that is used for the tail movements in animals, especially dogs.

The last blank in the passage has to be filled after considering the entire sentence as it explains the behavior of the animal and its gestures. Among the options given to us, 'holding' is inadequate as animals can't perform this particular action. The next option 'rotating' is again an option unsuitable to animals. The only possible answer is thus, 'ducking' which refers to the lowering of the head, a gesture shown by animals when they are happy.

Question 4

The storm shows (1) ------------ of abatement and its (2) -------------- is as unpleasant as ever. The promise of the night died away by about 3a.m. when the temperature and the wind rose again, and things (3) ------------ to the old conditions.

Blank 1 Blank 2 Blank 3
  1. possibilities
  2. no sign
  3. chances
  1. character
  2. fragrance
  3. influence
  1. vitiated
  2. nullified
  3. reverted

Correct Answer :No sign, character and reverted


The first blank here has to be filled after considering the use of the word 'abatement' and 'storm'. The narrator here seems to be talking about the storm to lower in intensity and there is a reference to it being 'unpleasant' in nature. The correct answer should be 'no sign' as the other two options are positive in their connotations while a negative connotation is required herein.

The second blank here is required to be completed with a word that can explain the use of the word 'unpleasant' later in the sentence. The options 'fragrance' and 'influence' are inadequate in this context and the only correct option thus is 'character' that refers to the nature and temperament of the storm.

The last blank here requires us to use a word that can suit the contrasting nature of the two sentences. The earlier part of the sentence refers to the conditions returning to the original state, which hints at the option 'reverted' being the correct answer. The other two options 'vitiated' and 'nullified' are also inappropriate to be used in the context of the weather conditions.

Question 5

Today, the world has become a much smaller place, thanks to the adventures and miracles of science, foreign nations have become our (1) ------------ neighbors. Mingling of population is bringing about an (2) -------------- of thought. We are slowly (3) ------------- that the world is a single cooperative group.

Blank 1 Blank 2 Blank 3
  1. next door
  2. favorite
  3. great
  1. ambiguity
  2. interchange
  3. amalgamation
  1. realizing
  2. performing
  3. arriving

Correct Answer :Next door, interchange and realizing


The first blank in the passage is required to be completed with the use of a word that can add to the meaning of the noun 'neighbor' in the sentence. The options 'favorite' and 'great' are inappropriate with respect to the world being referred to as a 'smaller place' in the first part of it. 'Next door' is thus the correct answer.

The second blank in the passage has to be filled after referring to the details in the rest of the sentence. We are told about the mingling of population and the resultant affect that it has on the thought of people. 'Ambiguity' and 'Amalgamation' sound improper in this respect; the correct answer therefore is 'interchange'.

The last blank in the passage has to be filled with the use of a word that can explain the activity under the influence of which world is being counted as a 'single cooperative group'. The actions 'performing' and 'arriving' are inadequate in this respect. The correct answer thus, is 'realizing' as it completes the meaning of the sentence.

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