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GRE Practice Test

GRE Practice: Reading Comprehension Select Many GRE Practice Test 1

Good you are taking our practice tests. But please make sure you complete all the practice problems from Official GRE Guide. Official GRE Guide is from the test makers(Yes You read it right they conduct the GRE exam worldwide.) ETS.:- The Official Guide to the GRE General Test, Third Edition
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Passage for Questions from 1 to 3

In Asia and much of the third World, trees are still destroyed in the old-fashioned way: they are cut down for fuel and cropland. In Europe, there is a new and potentially more deadly culprit. The German call it 'Waldsterben', the dying forest syndrome. But the disease is far more than a German phenomenon. Since it was first observed by German scientists in the autumn of 1980, the mysterious malady has raced across Europe, blighting woods in countries as far apart as Sweden and Italy. Explanations for the epidemic range from a cyclic change in the environment to a baffling form of tree cancer. But the most convincing evidence points to air pollution. Indeed, saving the rapidly deteriorating forests of Europe will probably require a two-pronged strategy: an offensive campaign that includes the breeding of pollution-immune trees and a defensive scheme that calls for reductions in toxic emissions. But both will require more money than is currently being spent on such measures, as well as total commitment to protecting the environment.

Choose the 2, 3, 4 correct answer options from the list provided:

Question 1

Why do you think the narrator calls the reasons for cutting the trees in the third world countries, 'old fashioned'?

  1. As the countries he is referring to are known as the third world, or under-developed countries.
  2. Since science has made available modern and much developed methods to satisfy these requirements.
  3. As the reasons for which the trees are cut are no longer valid in today's scenario.
  4. It is a biased comment on the part of the narrator as it seems he belongs to a highly developed nation or society.
  5. As there are modern solutions for the requirement of fuel and cropland available to us now.

Correct Answer: B and E


The usage of the word 'old-fashioned' can be explained in the light of the advancements in the field of science and technology that have provided us with ample alternatives to the chopping down of trees and use of wood for fuel and clearing of cropland. The options that stand true in the light of this justification are options B and E, thus they are the correct answers. We cannot call the usage of this word as a biased comment (as there is no clear reference made to the narrator's citizenship) or a reference to the under-developed status of the countries being talked about as the scientific advancements and modern techniques are supplied to them as well. The rest of the options, therefore, are incorrect.

Question 2

What are the two points of target that the strategy to fight the problem of dying forests includes in itself?

  1. Finding methods to sustain life for trees and all types of vegetation.
  2. An aggressive movement directed towards breeding of trees that are resistant to pollution.
  3. Conservative efforts for demanding reduction in emission of toxic substances which lead to air pollution.
  4. The attempts to save the trees from being cut and popularizing other alternatives for their use.
  5. Making available more and more scientific methods that can help reduce the air pollution.

Correct Answer: B and C


The question requires us to give a thorough reading to the passage provided as the two points of the strategy are mentioned clearly in the latter half of it. The sentence, 'Indeed, saving the rapidly deteriorating forests of Europe will probably require a two-pronged strategy: an offensive campaign that includes the breeding of pollution-immune trees and a defensive scheme that calls for reductions in toxic emissions' is being referred to here; and the second and third options are correct answers in the light of it.

Question 3

The explanations sought for this occurrence of drying forests include factors like --------.

  1. Air Pollution
  2. Polluting of water resources
  3. A form of cancer of trees that is incomprehensible
  4. Periodical environmental changes
  5. The trees getting dried out

Correct Answer: A, C and D


The passage states before us three factors that have been explained as the reasons for the drying of forests, namely; Air pollution, a baffling form of tree cancer and a cyclic change in the environment. The options in the list that correspond to these factors are A, C and D, so they are the correct answers and the rest are thus, the wrong answers.

Passage for Questions from 4 to 6

Once upon a time there was a vast Kingdom in the north-west of India called Rawalgarh. The King of Rawalgarh was a very contented person and so were the people of his kingdom. Since the King had no children, the Queen was all the time worried about his successor. The King was a God-fearing person. He used to stage open durbars in which every one of his citizens had the accessibility to him. He loved his subjects and wanted them to prosper but he knew they could not prosper unless they were educated. He decided to commission a project to eradicate illiteracy of the people. He was quite serious and religiously wanted to implement his project. Before he could give final shape to his project, he fell sick. For several months he was confined to his bed. People held prayers and longed for the speedy recovery of their King. One day burly youth from a nearby kingdom came to the town and heard of the King's illness. The people were all agog as the youth drew a wand from his huge pocket and rubbed it against the bare chest of the king. It was to everybody's surprise that the king immediately got cured and resumed his work with same vigor and strength. The king was so delighted that the next day he called that boy and honored him with a great gift.

Choose the 2/3/4 correct answer options from the list provided:

Question 4

What were the various impediments in the path that led to the prosperity of the king's subjects?

  1. The delaying of the project to eradicate illiteracy from his kingdom.
  2. The corruption in his kingdom.
  3. The King's prolonged illness.
  4. Their being uneducated.
  5. The lack of co-operation from his subjects.

Correct Answer: A, C and D


The passage provides us with a short story of a small kingdom in which the King wanted to achieve prosperity for his subjects and tried hard for it to be achieved. We are informed that the major obstruction that stood in his way was the illiteracy of the people; therefore, the fourth option given to us is a correct answer; but we must not forget that when the project of eradicating illiteracy got delayed due to the illness that the King encountered, they also became impediments in the road to achieve this goal. Thus, the first and third options are also the correct answers to this question.

Question 5

'The youth drew a wand from his huge pocket and rubbed it against the bare chest of the king' – Which among the following are the correct words to explain this type of a treatment method?

  1. Transcendental
  2. Abstruse
  3. Quixotic
  4. Cryptic
  5. Spectral

Correct Answer: A, B, C, D and E


The method adopted by the young boy to treat the King was not a regular curing therapy or treatment method but was something beyond the explanation of a normal human being. His aides were no medicines or herbs, but a wand which he used to rub against the King's bare chest so as to make all his ailments disappear from his body and make him hale and hearty again. This curing method can be explained as something above the normal human existence level, therefore, the first option, 'Transcendental' is one of the correct answers. The rest of the options given to us imply to a secretive, not easily comprehendible method, and thus are all correct answers.

Question 6

What does the King's resuming of work with the same vigor and strength imply?

  1. The wiping off of all the vices from his kingdom.
  2. His working for the betterment of his subjects again.
  3. The young man being a doctor.
  4. The prosperity and happiness of his people.
  5. Resuming of work on project for eradication of illiteracy.

Correct Answer: A, B, D and E


The question requires us to analyze all the consequent events that would be inspired by the King's well-being. It first of all means his being back on the task of working for the benefit of his people that includes wiping off the vices, resuming the project for fighting illiteracy and finally, the ultimate happiness of the subjects. The correct answers thus, are options A, B, D and E. The remaining one option cannot be correct as we have already seen from the curing technique of the young man that he is not a doctor.

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