How to Plan For Your GRE Training

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is an entrance test for aspirants who wish to study in universities across different countries like the US, Canada, Australia, UK etc. It is attempted by many students from across the world. The competition for this exam is very stiff. To get through the tough competition, one needs to put in a great deal of effort, dedication and commitment. The GRE is administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) which is headquartered in the US. This exam is administered in two different modes. One is a computer based test and the other one is a paper based test. The paper based test is administered only in those places where there is no sufficient technology to administer a computer based test. So, to get through this exam, apart from dedication, you will also need good training. Many sources for training are available in the market. But you must not blindly choose any mode of preparation. You will have to be very careful when you choose your source of preparation.

There are altogether three sections in the GRE test. They are the Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning and Analytical Writing sections. These three sections are equally important for achieving an above average score. The Quantitative section consists of quantitative comparisons and problem solving questions from your high school fundamental mathematics. The Verbal section of the test consists of questions related to reading comprehension, sentence and text completion and sentence equivalence. The Analytical Writing section consists of two essay tasks; one is ‘Analyse an Issue’ and the other one is ‘Analyse an Argument’. So, to tackle all these sections with ease and to put up a good score you need to attend some form of training in the mode of your choice and convenience.

      The various types of preparation modes available for the GRE will now be discussed in detail and you will also get a deep insight into the training methods. The different sources of preparation students usually prefer are:

  • Attending a coaching institute.
  • GRE training through online prep course.
  • Self preparation.

      Depending upon their feasibility, students prefer different types of preparation modes. Irrespective of the mode you prefer, you must work hard to be successful. Let us now discuss the above mentioned preparation modes in more detail.


Coaching institutes are preferred by a majority of the aspirants for their learning. This is also the most expensive of all the three modes mentioned above. You can choose to attend a coaching institute if you need major assistance for your test preparation. The coaching institutes provide all the preparation materials you will need. The classes organised by them are very useful and will be sufficient enough for you to get complete knowledge on the syllabus. You will be made to write tests with your peer group where you will be able to understand the competition. All you will have to do is to practice all the materials you have been provided with. You should never miss the test sessions because at the end, the number of tests you take definitely reflects upon your score. At coaching institutes, you will have the advantage of getting your doubts cleared under expert supervision. This way, you can build up your knowledge and skills from the exam point of view.

Though you will be guided at a coaching institute to secure a high score, you will have to put in extra effort. You can additionally study and practice from some famous books that are available in the market for GRE like those from Barron, Kaplan, The Princeton Review etc. to improve your competence furthermore and eventually score high. You will have to be very cautious in choosing an institute for your training. You must know their expertise in coaching students, the quality of their study materials and their reputation in the market. Consult some senior students who have attended the institute of your choice and know about the institute’s coaching methodology and their strategic planning. Once you have selected an institute, stay focussed and keep practicing regularly to achieve your goal.


For those who don’t find it feasible to go to an institute for training, this mode is suitable. Subscribing to an online preparation course will also help you better in achieving your dream score. But you will have to stay more focussed as there will be no direct supervision. Online preparation courses also include online video tutorials and an individual trainer will be allotted to you on hourly basis. You will have to make use of this facility the most. You must not skip classes as most of us are inclined to. You must also attend all the test sessions. Here, you will have a wider scope in terms of interaction because there will be students who are registered from all over the world. This way, you will get your scores against a much wider competition. You will have discussion forums and doubt clarification sessions separately. If you make use of this course well, you can improve your chances of scoring high in all the sections. There is an inexhaustible amount of test related information, tips and strategies and test papers across the internet. Availing these vast resources will help you achieve your goal with much ease.


This mode of preparation is usually less preferred by students. If you are disciplined and confident enough, you can choose this mode of preparation. For the students preparing for GRE by studying on their own, books and the internet are the most helpful medium for enhancing their preparation. Since there will be no personal tutor, you will have to maintain a balance between being a learner and a teacher for yourself. Be regularly in touch with your acquaintances who have already cleared the exam and ask them for some tips and exam tackling strategies. You must practice different types of study materials and review them yourself. Register yourself on various sites over the internet which provide free test tackling tips and GRE test papers. Usually, when we prepare for an exam by ourselves, we do not notice time as an important factor. But time must be your most important constraint. All the tests that you take must be strictly governed by time. In times when you feel low due to your slow progress, relax and do something which can inspire and motivate you, be it listening to a song or reading something interesting. You must stay really focussed because the path you’ve chosen is like waging a battle with a one man army. You must research upon all the available popular books in the market and narrow down upon one book which you must follow throughout your preparation. You might also follow more than one book but to gain conceptual knowledge, you must follow only one good book because the same concept can be explained in a different fashion in two different books. This could confuse you. Hence, prefer only one standard book to guide you through the concepts and refer to as many books as you like for practice tests. This way you can develop your skills and reach your goal.

It depends upon you to select the mode of your choice to undergo training for GRE. This might depend upon a lot of factors but you must take a leap with a steely resolve to achieve your dream of studying in world class universities.


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