GRE Psychology Subject Test

The general test and the subject tests of GRE are administered to fulfill different aims. Where the general test tests the abilities of a student to communicate in English and his quantitative abilities, the subject tests test the knowledge of a student in specific subjects only. There are in all eight subject tests and Psychology subject test is one of them.

The psychology subject test covers three content areas: experimental or natural science based, social or social science based and general. There are nearly 40% questions in the test which are based on experimental or natural science. These include questions related with learning, thinking, memory, language, sensation and perception, psychological psychology, comparative psychology and ethology.

Nearly 43% of the questions of the Psychology test are based on social and social science. These include questions related with development, personality and social psychology.

The remaining 17% questions of the test are based on general topics including history of psychology, applied psychology, measurement, research designs and statistics.

The questions based on experimental and natural science and social and social science are graded separately as well to give you subscores.

There are in all 215 questions in the test which have to be completed within two hours and fifty minutes. The questions are only multiple-choice questions. They can be based on facts, analysis of relationships, drawing conclusions, evaluating a research design, identifying a psychologist etc. The questions can also be based on a description. This description can be in the form of graphs or results of experiments as well.

In order to study for the psychology test one must be aware of the requirements of the test. You should firstly get information about the syllabus covered in the test. A careful analysis of the syllabus will make you aware of what you need to prepare for and how much of effort you need to put in. it is possible that there are some topics which you have mastery over while there could be others which are completely new to you. For such topics in the syllabus of the Psychology test you must get hold of books and other reviews.

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