GRE Powerprep Download

The Ultimate Guide to GRE Powerprep

What is GRE Powerprep Software?

The revised version of the GRE General Test is offered in the computer based format all over the world; the paper based format being administered only in a few places where the computer based format is unavailable. That means you have to be able to handle computers comfortably, if not anything else. Thus, most students who are accustomed to taking paper based tests may take some time to get used to this format of the test. As most of the available practice materials are delivered as printed documents, most students fail to get an idea of what the actual test looks like before taking the test. However, that would not be the case for you if you consider the Powerprep download. This is a software program designed by the test-makers themselves to aid students preparing for the test. This software simulates the actual test, and gives you a similar experience as you will get in the final test. As a result, this is a great resource for practicing for the General Test. Even more so, as it comes free of cost! This guide to the Powerprep software will provide you with all relevant information about this valuable tool.

Where to Get it?

The webpage containing the download is located under the ‘Prepare for the Test’ section of the revised General Test site. Currently, the second version of the Powerprep software is available for download, and it is optimized for the revised version of the test. Once you go to the download page on the official website, you will find how the Powerprep software can help you, how it works and additional details. Before downloading the setup file, you should consider taking a look into the system requirements page. This is primarily because the software works only on Microsoft Windows machines, running a 32-bit operating system. This software does not work on Apple’s Mac systems. There are various other hardware and software requirements that you need to go through to know whether the software will work on your machine or not. Once you have downloaded the file, you have to go through the installation process. This is simple, but if you get stuck at any point, you can take a look at the official site where step by step installation instructions are provided. This page will be available once you click on the ‘Get Free Powerprep II Software’ button.

      Learn more about the Powerprep software by following this link:

      Download the GRE Powerprep II software here:

      Be sure to check the system requirements here:

      In case you face trouble installing or using the software, visit the FAQ page

What’s in the Download?

Once you have successfully downloaded and installed the software, it is time to make use of it. This software is easy to use, and does not require any special computer skills. All you need is to be able to communicate with the computer using the keyboard and the mouse. The basic instruction on how to run each of the tools is provided within the software’s interface. It provides many tools to help students in preparing for the real test. These tools include:

  • Test Preview Tool: This tool enables you to get familiar with the GRE test’s software interface. You can learn about its appearance, the options it provides you with, how to proceed through each of the various sections of the test, what each of the sections tests you for, etc. This is crucial because the students cannot afford learning these basic things about the test at the test center while taking the actual test.
  • Practice Tests: You can practice taking the test with the help of the Powerprep software. As a tool from the test-makers, this software simulates the actual test accurately, which most of the other practice materials and software fail to do. You can also review your answers to see explanations against the correct answers. After taking a full length test, you can view your scores to judge your preparation level.
  • Improve Analytical Writing: The Powerprep download provides sample Analytical Writing topics which you can practice. Also, there are scored Analytical Writing essay answers that you can review to understand what is expected from you in this section, and how the section is scored.
  • There is also a math review section to help you in the Quantitative Reasoning section of the test.
  • The software package includes test taking strategies and tips from the test-makers — very useful for any student wanting to take the test.

Can I Depend on My GRE Powerprep Scores?

While it is possible for you to find other similar tools from many test material providers, the Powerprep software, provided by the makers of the test, is considered to be able to predict you scores most accurately. The software scores every timed test that you take, and shows you how well you fared in the test. You can use this feature to understand where you stand and how much preparation you might need. By taking the test time to time you will be able to track your progress. Most students find that their final scores come very close to the scores predicted by the Powerprep software.

The Best Tool for Self-evaluation, Not for Preparation:

Finally, you need to understand that this tool is a means to help you in your preparation, and the primary aim of the Powerprep software is to give you a glimpse of the actual  test that you are about to take. This tool, by no means, should be the only preparation material you use for preparing for the test. This software shows you how prepared you are for the test, but to improve your skills you need to follow good study books or preparation courses. Though you will find explanations for some of the test questions provided within the Powerprep download, for additional information, you will need to consult a guide-book or an instructor. If you consider taking a test preparation course, the institution you get admitted to will test your skills and help you in improving your knowledge. However, if you consider studying at home, this is the best tool for you to evaluate your preparation level and improvement. As it is a free tool available from the test-makers to measure the students’ readiness for taking the test, the Powerprep software should be utilized by each and every student taking the test.