GRE Computer Science subject test

The Computer Science subject test is one of the eight GRE subject tests conducted for admissions to the gradation courses in the US. Graduate Record Exam is conducted with the sole purpose of scanning eligible students for admission into a graduate course. The test is of two types: GRE General Test and GRE Subject Test. The General Test is meant to quantify the basic knowledge and skills of a student which are vital for graduate courses. The Subject tests are to test the abilities of students pertaining to particular subjects.

Like all other subject tests of GRE, the Computer Science test is only paper based. When a student has to register for the test, he has to search for a center in which the paper based tests are administered. Such centers fill up pretty early and thus you have to be careful not to delay registration. In case you can not register at a center near you, you shall have to go to a distant center and this will cause inconvenience. Once you register for the test you shall be provided with free test preparation materials. In addition, you can download the details of the Computer Science subject test and practice tests from the official website for free!

After you register for the test you must start with the preparation, according to the amount of time you have. The first step towards the test's preparation will be gathering as much information as possible about the test. It is best to log on to the official website to gain the latest and the most valid information.

The test has around 70 multiple choice questions to be completed in 170 minutes. It is broadly based on four main content areas: Software Systems and Methodology, Computer Organization and Architecture, Theory and Mathematical Background and Other Topics. Besides these you should have knowledge of the concepts of calculus and linear algebra, in reference with computer science.

The main topics under Software Systems and Methodology are data organization, program control and structure, programming languages and notation, software engineering and systems. 40% of the total questions of the Computer Science test are from this section.

The main topics under Computer Organization and Architecture are digital logic design, processors and control units, memories and their hierarchies, networking and communication and high-performance architectures. 15% of the total questions of the test are from this section.

The main topics under Theory and Mathematical Background are algorithms and complexity, automata and language theory and discrete structures. 40% of the total questions of the test are from this section.

The main topics under Other Topics are numerical analysis, artificial intelligence, computer graphics, cryptography, security and social issues. Under this section there could be other similar topics as well. 5% of the total questions of the test are from this section.

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