GRE Fees

There is no restriction on students wishing to take the GRE test. There is no constrain based on qualification or age levied on the student. Though the test scores has a validity of five years and are acceptable by most of the universities, it is recommended that the student submit scores that are not older than 2 years to make a better impression on the universities.

The fees for the GRE test differs from country to country. 

It cannot be paid in any other currency other than US dollars. Several options are available, by which you can make the payment.

GRE Test Fees - Payment Modes

The fees can be paid in many modes. Below is the given list of valid payment mode for GRE Fees

  • globally accepted credit card
  • US dollar denominated draft
  • Money Order/Certified Check
  • U.S. Postal Money Order
  • International Money Order
  • UNESCO Coupons

There is no compulsion that the credit card should be owned by the applicant for paying the Fees.

The draft should be drawn in favor of "ETS GRE" payable at US banks. The drafts are usually issued at most of the cities' main branch offices of banks having a foreign exchange counter.

To draw an US dollar denominated draft in India a service charge of about 200 rupees is levied on the student.

GRE Test Fees - By Country

Generally to register for the GRE test within US and U.S. territories and Puerto Rico amounts to 115 dollars for General test and 130 dollars for Subject test.

The registration fee of 140 dollars for General test and 150 dollars for Subject test which amounts to about 7000 rupees has to be paid by the Indian student who wishes to take the test. Students from China, inclusive of Hong Kong, Korea and Taiwan, need to pay 175 U.S. dollars as registration fee.

The student who wish to reschedule their test is required to pay a 40 dollar reschedule fee. Any additional score report would require 15 dollars as payment for per sheet. The refund on cancellation would amount to 60 dollars and is valid only if the cancellation is made at least 7 days before the chosen test date. The standby fee on registration of GRE is 35 US dollars.

GRE Fee Waiver

Fee waivers are available for students based on their financial needs. They are available for both GRE General Test and Subject Test.

Students who intend to get a GRE Fee waiver must contact Central Financial Aid at 757-226-4125.

There are eligibility conditions for the Fee waiver. Contact Central Financial Aid for more information on eligibility conditions for GRE Fee Waiver