Taking GRE

A Step by Step Guide for Taking The GRE

The first step towards better career opportunities is to take the GRE general tests conducted by ETS. The score you obtain in this test is accepted by most of the graduate and business schools worldwide. There are many options available to you after your graduation. GRE offers you many benefits. Being a student it is wise to take the test while you are graduating, because you are already practicing analytical writing, quantitative and verbal reasoning in your current curriculum so it will be easier for you in taking this test. The scores are valid for up to 5 years, giving you freedom to decide when you want to attend school again. You have access to the test prep software which is created by the general test experts. This software offers you the benefit by providing real test experience and has sample questions from earlier exams. This software is available for free download from the official ETS website. Taking this test gives you a competitive edge over others, since you are ready for an advanced degree with a good grad or business school.

The general test is administered in three broad areas, Verbal reasoning, Quantitative reasoning and Analytical writing section. For more information on subjects, test sections and topics visit www.ets.org/gre evokes some kind of discomfort in the hearts of most students. The best way to overcome this is to prepare well, understand the type of questions, subjects to study and develop confidence by practicing a lot. Plan your preparation well and spend at least 8 weeks for preparation and another 8 weeks to practice before the test date for .Many grad schools start to call for applicants starting in fall season. If you are an international student you have to keep your test scores ready by August 31. The deadline may vary for each school, so it is necessary to check the deadline in your favorite school and plan to take your test accordingly and not lose time. The thought of the examtaking the test. You will require a minimum time of 3 to 6 months for preparing and practicing. The following steps provide you some hints on taking the test,

  • Understand the tests well: Firstly, understand what you are going to do and understand all the information related to the test.
  • Practice a lot: Every GRE test and questions will appear different. Students have the tendency to become complacent after practicing a couple of times. The more you practice different tests you will develop speed, learn the tricks of isolating the right answer from the given choices, manage your time well and develop confidence.
  • Consider a prep course: Studying through a prep course for taking the test is beneficial though it costs you money. These courses are available online or off line.
  • Plan well: Prepare a strategy and follow a study plan that suits your learning style.
  • Take time to relax: Breathe easy. Stay calm and relax on the test day.

Taking GRE test is a process to be followed and it is quite easy. As a test taker, you are required to understand the exams and related information fully before you start the process.

Registering for the GRE Exam

The steps below help you understand the processes to be completed for taking GRE tests. Taking this exam involves the processes below to be completed.

  • GRE Test Format

The test  is available in two formats: Computer Based Test and Paper Based Test. Paper based tests are conducted in locations where computer facilities are not available.

  • Testing Identification Requirements

An ID is required for every test taker for verification by the test center. ID requirements vary for each country. Check with the local test center or the ETS website for requirements in your country.

  • Decide on Test Dates

Select a test date available for your location (country) and decide on a range of dates having sufficient time for you to prepare. Also while deciding on a test date, take into consideration the deadlines set by universities you wish to apply to and the time for announcement of scores by ETS.

  • Find the Test Center

Find a test center in your country. The list of available test centers and dates for computer based tests for all over the world is available from the ETS website: http://www.ets.org/gre/revised_general/register/centers_dates/ For paper based tests the list of test centers and available dates can be viewed at: http://www.ets.org/s/gre/pdf/gre_pbt_center_lists.pdf

  • Register for the Test

Registration for the test can be made online with the ETS website: http://www.ets.org/gre/revised_general/register/. ETS accepts test fee in different payment modes. This link provides further links having all the information regarding registering for the test.

  • Study for the Exam

Having completed the registration process, you can start preparing for the exams.

Taking the GRE requires you have planned your dates well to give yourself the opportunity to prepare well. For taking this test you need practice materials, time, patience, motivation and endurance. Keep ready all the materials required for the test date and arrive at the test center early to reduce anxiety and have time to relax.