Points To Remember While Making GRE Schedule Test


Things to keep in mind when you schedule your GRE Test What is GRE?

Every year thousands of students from almost all over the globe coming from a variety of social and economic backgrounds look high and low in search for good schools for higher education. A quick suggestion for such people would be to work out a schedule for the test and apply for admissions to prestigious college in US or UK with their GRE scores. ETS sponsored GRE works as a one stop solution for all students seeking admissions to internationally acclaimed graduate schools in US, UK, Canada or Australia. The test serves both the purposes. On one hand, for the students, it helps them get admissions to the courses of their choice and for the organizations on the other, to finalize the list of students to be admitted to a course each year.

The sole objective of a test taker is to achieve good GRE scores so that it makes his or her application for admission to a particular college stronger that of any other candidate applying for the same. Here are a few important things one has to know before they can schedule for oneself.

When is the test conducted?

The GRE General Test is conducted throughout the year in numerous countries in two different formats: computer based format and paper based format. The computer based test is conducted throughout the year. The paper based tests are carried out in places where computer based format is not available. The paper based test is conducted up to three times in a year in the months of October, November and February. The details of the test dates are provided on the GRE website, www.ets.org.

How many times can one appear in the test?

Students are free to schedule their test in computer based format only once in every sixty days but not more than five times in any continuous rolling twelve months period. This rule is applicable even if one cancels the score for the test taken earlier. A student taking the paper based test can appear as many times as it is offered.

Where are the tests centres?

There are about seven hundred test centres spread across more than hundred and sixty countries. ETS publishes a separate list of test centres for paper based and computer based tests. All the test centres may not be available on all the test dates. Refer to the list published in the official website link, www.ets.org/s/mygre/rrc.html, for the test centres and the available dates.

For the computer based test takers there is a utility attached in the website to locate the test centres in different countries. The test takers from United States, U.S. Territories, Puerto Rico and Canada can click on the link, http://etsis4.ets.org/tcenter/tcenter.jsp and others can get the list of test centres from the link, http://etsis4.ets.org/tcenter/tcenterIntl.jsp.

What are the fees for the exam?

The registration is not free. The charges for different services offered by ETS can be found at the link, www.ets.org/gre/revised_general/about/fees. The site also lists various services which are available for free. For the standard test administration, one from United States, U.S. Territories and Puerto Rico regions has to pay US $160 as against US $190 for those applying from rest of the world. The fee policies are well documented on the website.

When will the scores be published?

While a high score is absolutely necessary, another important aspect attached with GRE test is the time when you will come to know about your result. Confirm from the admission brochures of the graduate schools when they would be requiring the scores. If you are receiving the scores later than the date when you have to forward it to the institute, the whole purpose of taking the GRE will be beaten. The scores are available within two to three weeks of the test for the computer based test and this time interval is approximately four to six weeks for the paper based test. Check the official website link, http://www.ets.org/gre/revised_general/scores/get for the dates when the scores will be available before you schedule the test.

Where are the registration centres?

Registration is the mandatory process for scheduling the test. It can be done in different Regional Registration Centres for GRE. The countries are grouped under fourteen different regions wherein multiple countries can be part of a single region. The list of regional centres, their emails, mailing addresses and phone numbers are published on the internet link, www.ets.org/s/mygre/rrc.html.

What are the arrangements for test takers with disabilities?

Students having health related problems and those requiring special arrangements can also apply for GRE. ETS makes certain testing accommodations for such candidates. Before you apply for registration read the bulletin (Bulletin Supplement for Test Takers with Disabilities or Health-related Needs (PDF)) published on the official website to know what are the criteria listed by ETS so that you can avail the facilities.

How to register?

The ETS website will guide you about the registration process for GRE. Do not forget to read the reschedule and cancellation policies listed before you proceed with the registration. While registering for GRE, one has to be careful in providing the name as it has to be exactly the same as on the identification proof to be presented on the day of the test. ETS advises not to use short names or nick names for registration.

  • Online registration
  • Online registration is open for both the computer based test takers and for the paper based test takers.To do this the aspirants have to open “My GRE” account on www.ets.org. One has to use his or her credit/debit card (American Express', Discover', JCB', MasterCard' or VISA') to pay the registration fees. There are special payment instructions for the test takers from:

    • Mainland China – have to follow the payment methods described in NEEA account
    • Hong Kong, Taiwan or Korea – E-check (drawn against U.S. bank accounts only) and PayPal are the additional modes of payment.

    The online registration process is not valid for test takers

For the computer based GRE, test takers from the United States, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico or Canada have other methods to register:

  • Phone
  • The candidates can call the test centre directly or Prometric Service at 1-443-751-4820 or 1-800-473-2255 and can use credit/debit cards to complete the registration process. Upon completion of the registration, a confirmation number, reporting time and test centre address will be provided.

  • Mail
  • To complete the registration process, follow these steps:

    1. Complete the Authorization Voucher Request Form (PDF) and mail it to the address printed on the voucher along with the payment (money order or certified check).
    2. Once you receive your voucher, which takes almost three weeks time, make a call to schedule a test appointment.

For the computer based test takers from outside the United States, the other ways to register are:

  • Phone
  • Calling the respective RRCs the candidates can complete the registration and make the payments using credit/debit cards. The candidates will be given the confirmation number, reporting time and test centre address once the process is complete. For the test takers in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea this process is not available.

  • Fax
  • Fax the International Test Scheduling Form (PDF) along with the payment made via the bank card to the respective RRCs seven days before your first choice of test date. You will receive an e-mail or fax or postal mail with the confirmation number and test date, time and location. This mode of registration is not available for test takers in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea.

  • Mail
  • Mail the International Test Scheduling Form (PDF) to the respective RRCs along with the payments to complete the registration. Test takers in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea cannot apply via mail.

For the paper based test takers from all over the world, the other method for registration is via mail. The test seekers have to complete the registration form (PDF) and mail it along with the payment (by certified check or money order) to the mailing address printed on the form by the registration deadline date. This process will take four weeks of time.

What more?

Once you know the procedure for how to schedule the test and how to register for it, the last and most important point to think about is how well are you prepared before you go for it. There are certain steps for finding out your current performance level using the self diagnostic tests available. You will need some time so that you can cover up the syllabus before you schedule the test. Check for the revised pattern of the GRE General Test and get ready with the right study materials and take a few practice tests and get them evaluated from experts. You should dedicate at least three to four month’s time to study hard and prepare yourself for the test.