Practice GRE Exams


Are you planning to take the GRE in the near future? If the answer is, ‘yes’, then it is absolutely necessary that you start taking practice exams from today itself. Taking practice exams will not only acquaint you with the test format, but you will also be able to carry out self assessment and get an estimate of how well you are likely to perform in the actual test. Your aim should be to keep taking practice exams at regular intervals throughout the course of your preparation so that you are aware of the progress you are making in preparing for the test. Before you can put this plan into practice, the first step to be taken is to understand the types of questions that will be asked in the test and then look for mock exams that concentrate on those types of questions.

Practice GRE Exams on a Single Page

Here is some useful links to practice the exams on a single page. This is a list of links such that clicking on any link will take you to practice tests for a specific type of questions.

Practice GRE Exams for the Quantitative Reasoning Test Section

The Quantitative Reasoning test section of the GRE assesses your understanding of the basic fundamentals of Mathematics and your abilities to utilize your knowledge for solving problems. This assessment is carried out with the help of four types of questions:

  1. Problem Solving Questions – Select One
  2. Problem Solving Questions – Select One or More
  3. Numeric Entry Questions
  4. Quantitative Comparison Questions

Practice GRE Exams for the Verbal Reasoning Test Section

The Verbal Reasoning section consists of three types of questions designed to assess your skills in analysing provided information and in determining the relations between the various components of a sentence. The three types of questions are as follows:

  1. Reading Comprehension
  2. Text Completion
  3. Sentence Equivalence