Importance Of Practice Tests For The GRE


Once you decide on taking the GRE, it is time to prepare for the test. Taking mock tests is a great way of practicing for the test, so be sure to practice during your preparation. If you are taking the computer based version of the test, which is available in most places, then you can find many online resources and tests to help you practice by providing sample tests. Even if you are taking the paper based version of the test, it might be beneficial to practice samples that you find on the internet. Though there are certain differences between the two formats of the  test, most of the question types are same for both. Talking about the changes that occurred in the current version of the test, it is very much important for the students to practice sample tests to get to know the latest version of the test. This serves the dual purpose of introducing you to the revised GRE test and letting you practice some samples for preparation. The link below will take you to a list of sample tests that you can practice: 

Practice GRE Exam on Reading Comprehension Multiple-choice Questions:

In the Verbal Reasoning section of the GRE test, you get a set of Reading Comprehension questions that are set from a given passage that you need to go through to answer the questions correctly. The questions are basically multiple-choice questions that provide answer choices from which you need to select the correct answer. You will get five answer choices to choose from. It is a good idea to practice on the Reading Comprehension questions to be comfortable with random passages. Here you will get to practice samples on Reading Comprehension multiple choice questions:

Practice GRE Exam on Reading Comprehension Select Many Questions:

If you are aware of the changes in the revised version of the GRE test, you probably know that now the multiple-choice questions of the Reading Comprehension section can have more than one correct answer. You may need to practice to check out the differences. The following links will take you to pages where you can work on some samples on such questions:

Practice GRE Exam on Reading Comprehension Select in Passage Questions:

Designed for the computer based format of the revised GRE test, the Select in Passage questions ask you to select and highlight a sentence from the given passage. You need to read the question carefully to understand which sentence in the passage it points to. Samples tests  provided below to know what type of questions to expect:

Practice GRE Exam on Text Completion Questions:

The Text Completion questions are fill-in-the-blanks type questions, and you need to have a good vocabulary to be able to answer these questions correctly. You will get a passage consisting of a few sentences. Some words will be removed from the passage, and you will get a few choices against each blank space. All you need to do is to select the correct word for each of the blanks. As you can see, these questions attempt to test your vocabulary within a given context. Practice is the best option you have got in order to develop your skills in this section. If you need to practice, here are links to sample tests that you might consider taking:

Practice GRE Exam on Sentence Equivalence Questions:

Sentence Equivalence questions are slightly different from the Text Completion ones. These questions ask you to fill in one blank space with a pair of words that are equivalent in meaning. From the six answer choices, you have to select two such words that can make the sentence meaningful. You might need to work on samples to make sure you end up choosing the correct pair from the word choices. Here are some sample tests if you need to practice on Sentence Equivalence questions:

Practice GRE Exam on Quantitative Comparison Questions:

The Quantitative Comparison questions simply ask you to compare two quantities by solving the equation provided. You will have to choose from four answer choices: whether the first quantity is greater, whether the second one is greater, the two are equal, or the information provided is not enough to resolve the relationship between the two quantities. Though the revised version of the GRE test allows you to use a calculator during the test, you can expect harder problems in the test. As a result, practice as much as you can to have an idea of the questions that you might face in the actual test. You can work on samples provided below to begin with:

Practice GRE Exam on Problem Solving Questions:

As you might have expected, these questions ask you to solve problems provided in the questions. These, too, are multiple-choice questions, and you get five answer choices from which you have to select the correct one. Here you can practice samples containing Problem Solving questions of the Quantitative Reasoning section:

Practice GRE Exam on Problem Solving Select Many Questions:

Some of the Problem Solving questions can now have multiple correct answers. These are same as the previous type of questions, the only difference is that there might be more than one correct answer, and you have to select all the correct answers accordingly. The following links will provide you with practice tests for such questions:

Practice GRE Exam on Numeric Entry Questions:

The Numeric Entry questions, introduced in the revised GRE test, are actually a lot different from the other types of questions. Instead of answer choices to choose your answers from, you get an answer field where you need to put down your answer. As a result, you are not allowed to check your answers with the provided choices to be certain, and you must rely on your calculations solely. Practicing samples is particularly important for this type of questions. Not only you get an idea of the new question type, you also get to practice GRE exams to help with your preparation. You can work on samples of this new type of questions here: