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Comprehensive GRE Preparation through PowerScore

Even though there is no lack of GRE preparation and practice materials around us using which we can score well, it is always considered better to be a part of course. a preparationThese preparation courses cover the complete test syllabus, giving enough guidance for it and also giving ample amount of practice for the test. The reason why GRE courses have an edge over the other methods of preparation is that they have a systematic approach towards the test and its syllabus. A scheduled and methodological pattern of preparation is not easy to adopt if one is taking up self study for the test, while the courses, on the contrary, design a study routine for the individual. There are many kinds of preparation courses that can be taken up by the individual depending on what suits their needs and situation.

  Among all the organisations that offer such courses, PowerScore is the most famous and reliable one. The reputation it has developed for itself in the field of GRE preparation speaks for the quality of services provided by it. It offers multiple kinds of preparation courses that suit the requirements of all groups of candidates. From classroom training to live online tutoring, it has something to offer to every aspirant. In-depth information about this course can be gained while analysing the kinds of courses offered by it.

Classroom Courses

  • Full Length GRE Course
  •     The classroom courses by this institute are among the best options offered by them. The high quality study materials and unique teaching methods are not worth missing if one has access to a PowerScore centre. They offer a full length classroom course which includes 30 hours of classroom teaching that spans over more than 5 weeks and costs $995. The course splits the vast GRE syllabus into 10 lessons- 5 each for the verbal and quantitative sections- on the basis of individual principles and concepts. The PowerScore website (www.powerscore.com) has detailed information about the syllabus division and explains that no part of it has been compromised in the process.

        PowerScore provides extensively informative course materials in addition to the classroom sessions that are held by highly efficient instructors. It is a point worth considering that all the instructors appointed at PowerScore have a 99 percentile in GRE which means that they have acquired all the knowledge needed to score well in the test. Aspirants who join the full length course get assignments that have to be solved by them after the lecture hours and they can take the extra help that they might need from the free GRE hotline and the online student centre which they can access free of cost. Along with the extensive course and teaching, the course includes three official sample tests that are designed by ETS itself. Since the sample tests come from the creators of the test itself, there can be no doubt about their authenticity. With all these features, the classroom course by them is bound to lead the candidates to success.

  • Weekend Course
  • For those aspirants who want a professional touch to their GRE preparation but for any reason can’t join a full length classroom course, there is the weekend course. Costing $395, the weekend classroom course by PowerScore comprises of 16 hours of training which are covered in two days of a weekend. Like the full length course, the weekend course gives the aspirants detailed course materials and guidance by well experienced instructors along with access to the online student centre.

    One is bound to come up with the question that how can the vast GRE syllabus be covered over a weekend and what if an aspirant has queries and doubts after the course is complete? Well, it is assured to the aspirants that no part of the syllabus is missed in the course and this institute gives the facility of email assistance for those who want help after course completion.

Live Online Courses

  • Live Online Full Course
  • There are many aspirants who cannot be physically present in the classroom courses offered by PowerScore. For the benefit of those students, it has live online courses which are highly informative and interactive such that one gets complete classroom experience while sitting in front of the computer screen only.

    The live online full course, that costs $795, has 30 hours of training sessions which are held by senior instructors. The sessions involve online whiteboard sharing for notes and other study material. Online and live study materials form a part of the course and students are also given free headsets using which they can interact with their instructor and fellow aspirants. Just like the classroom course, the online course has features like access to online student centre, after-class assignments, official questions etc. A unique feature is the facility to be able to see the recordings of the lectures that have already taken place. By this a student can turn back to the earlier lectures and revise the points gathered from them.

  • Live Online Individual Section Courses
  • The live online full length course devotes 15 hours each to the verbal and quantitative sections of the test. These are split into individual courses for both the sections for the help of the aspirants who desire to have a focussed study for one of the sections of the test. The 15 hour courses have the same features as in the full course and deal with the sections in full depth.

Tutoring and Consultation Services

The institute also gives the facility of live tutoring in which a student can have a well experienced personal tutor. This service is fruitful for those who want to seek full attention of their tutor while they get guidance for the test. But one should remember that this facility is not available everywhere, so one needs to check before opting for this option. If one is not able to avail the services of a live tutor, they can take the facility of on-phone tutoring which is available world-wide. One can talk and get coaching for GRE from an experienced guide over the phone itself. Another facility given is for admissions consultation through which one can get advice about the best suited graduation colleges and universities.

Along with the various courses and services offered to test aspirants, PowerScore has some important publications to its credit that help even those students who are preparing for the test by themselves. They can get a preview of PowerScore coaching through the PowerScore books and study guides, even when they are not part of a GRE course as such. With the various kinds of courses and facilities that have been discussed above, PowerScore satisfies the demands of all kinds of aspirants and assures them to get their wonder score in the test.