Information About The GRE Available Online

There are plenty of online resources available to help the students in preparing for the GRE. Whether you are trying to find information about the test itself, or want to take practice tests, you can look for free resources online. This test has gone through significant changes recently; as a result, it is more important now to be aware of the changes and to be comfortable with the new question types. The official website is certainly your information hub, but if you need practice tests online to solve, there are other places to go.

Online GRE Information:

As the revised version of the examination is being administered now, you need to gather enough information to have an overview of the revised version. Finding information about the test is easy and quick. You can visit the official site to find information about the test. Here is a link to an article that will give you information:

Online GRE Sample Questions:

It is not enough knowing merely what the GRE test is all about. To get an idea of what the test is like, and how it is structured, you need to have a look at sample questions. Once again, the official site provides sample questions that you can take a look at. However, the online resources found on the official website are very limited. Following the links below, you can find more  sample questions for each of the question types of the verbal and quantitative reasoning sections of the test. Take a look at the sample questions listed here:

Online GRE Numeric Entry Sample Questions:

Online GRE Problem Solving Select Many Sample Questions:

Online GRE RC Select In Passage Sample Questions:

Online GRE RC Select Many Sample Questions:

Online GRE Sentence Equivalence Sample Questions:

Online GRE Text Completion Sample Questions:

Online GRE Reading Comprehension Sample Questions:

Online GRE Problem Solving Sample Questions:

Online GRE Math Comparison Sample Questions:

Online GRE Sample Essays:

The Analytical Writing section is the only section of the test where you need to write down your answers. You are required to write two separate essays in this section: one Analyze an Issue task and one Analyze an Argument task. The first task requires you to write an argument on a given issue, while the second task asks you to analyze a given argument. The official GRE site provides lists of topics from which the tasks are selected on the test. You need to practice writing essays based on these topics to improve your skills. However, you need to be able to analyze the topics logically to prepare your essays. The following pages contain online sample essays for both of the tasks of this section:

Online GRE Wordlists:

The revised version of the GRE test has shifted focus from out-of-context vocabulary; however, that does not mean that you no more need to have a good vocabulary. On the contrary, the questions are now more specific and related to real life situations. To answer the questions of the verbal section of the test, you not only need good understanding of the English language, but you also need to have a huge list of words at your disposal. The words in the following pages are listed both alphabetically and randomly to help you learn new words and test your skills. Take a look at the wordlists here:

Online GRE Practice Tests:

Once you get an idea of the types of questions you will have to answer in the test, you must take sample tests to see how well you fare in a limited time test. Online practice tests are particularly useful for this purpose: you not only get sample tests to practice with, but you also get to know what the actual test may look like. As it is the computer based GRE General Test that most students take, computer based practice tests provide a similar test taking environment. The following page contains links to a large number of practice tests that you can take over the internet. These practice tests can be taken for each of the sections of the verbal and quantitative sections of the test.

Online GRE Prep Courses:

Even after utilizing all the online resources, you may feel the need for taking review classes. Such review classes provide advanced teaching for the test. There are a number of online preparatory courses that you might choose if you have problems attending offline courses. This page will help you choose an online course according to your needs: