Online GRE Exam


The online exam of GRE can be a good alternative to practice tests that the students constantly look for in study books and preparation courses. It is possible to find a number of online exams from various sources for free. As these tests are computer based, many students may feel more comfortable being able to practice through the exam samples. However, you will need to have a working internet connection to access an online exam. Depending on the source of the materials, you may also be able to download the exam samples to your computer for offline access. Even if you have access to practice tests from the study book you bought or the review course you took, freely available online exams will always be a welcome addition to those.

Online Exam Samples for GRE:

The following passages contain information on online exam samples covering most of the question types of the test. This website also allows you to download a set of practice tests; you will find the link to the download page below. If you intend to take an online exam on any of the question types of the test, follow the second link to find a list of sample exams:

Reading Comprehension Multiple-choice Online GRE Exam:

The Reading Comprehension section of the test provides you with a passage followed by questions based on that passage. As the passage would be a random one, you first need to go through it attentively to be able to answer the questions that follow. You will get multiple choice questions based on the given passage. Now the multiple choice questions can have either a single answer or multiple answers, and you have to choose your answers accordingly. You will find exam samples on such questions by following these links:

Reading Comprehension Select in Passage Online GRE Exam:

As the name suggests, the questions of this type require you to select a sentence from the given passage. The questions will provide descriptions, following which you have to choose the correct sentence from the passage. As these questions have been introduced recently, you may need to practice through available online exam samples to get started. Here are online exams for GRE on this type of questions:

Text Completion Online Exam:

The Text Completion questions ask you to fill in the blanks in the given passage with appropriate words. Some crucial words will be removed from the passage, against each of which you will get a few word choices. All you need to do is to pick up the correct words against each of the blanks. The following pages contain online exam samples on these questions:

Sentence Equivalence Online Exam:

The Sentence Equivalence questions test your vocabulary by asking you to choose a pair of words which are equal in meaning and are able to fill in a blank provided in the question. You will get six answer choices to choose the two words from. You might be aware of the antonyms and analogies which used to test the students' vocabulary in the previous version of the test; however, these questions are quite different. You may need to practice online exams to know more about these questions. You will find links to online samples for this type of questions below:

Quantitative Comparison Online Exam:

The Quantitative Comparison questions test your ability for logically interpreting the relationship between two quantities. The questions will provide information on the two quantities, and you will get four choices to determine how the two quantities are related. You have to utilize the provided information to get to the answer. To know more about questions of this type, you can make use of the online samples. Here are some exam samples that focus on Quantitative Reasoning questions:

Problem Solving Online Exam:

Simply put, the Problem Solving questions ask you to solve a given problem. You get five answer choices to choose your answer from. Like the multiple choice questions in the verbal section of the test, these questions can also have multiple correct answers. Take a look at the online exam samples to get accustomed to these questions. You will find the exam samples following the links listed below:

Numeric Entry Online Exam:

The online exams will be particularly helpful in practicing the Numeric Entry questions that have been introduced in the revised test. These questions are a lot different from the other questions in the test, because these questions are not multiple-choice type. You do not get any answer choices, and you need to put down your answer in the provided field. You can know more about this type of questions with the help of these online samples: