THE Official GRE Website


What does the Official GRE Website tell you about GRE?

There can be multiple options available for an applicant to obtain information regarding the test he is going to take but everyone knows that the most reliable sources always are the ones which are linked to the organization that is conducting the test. In case of GRE also, there are various ways in which information about the test and its preparation can be gained, but the official website of GRE ( is unarguably, the most trusted among them. The fact that it is the website of the organization which creates, administers and scores competitive exams like TOEFL, TOEIC, GRE etc, makes the aspirants put faith in it for delivering accurate and prompt information. For those preparing for GRE, the official website is like a GRE encyclopaedia since it gives all the details about it from applying for the test to preparing for it up to the tips to score well in it. Even if one is not taking guidance from any other source, the single website alone can serve the purpose.

Salient Features of the Website-

The website offers different services for the various tests handled by ETS and the information about them can be obtained separately from the links on the website. The details related to the test are available under the link- This is the homepage for the GRE and here one can get information and alerts about the test dates and format. Multiple links available on this page help one in getting in depth information about the test and the entire testing process.

Know all about the test-

The official website gives detailed explanation about the test and its importance. It informs us about the content of the test, its format, the various sections and how one should approach every section. Under the link-, we get details about the test, its various features and when one can take it. One can get to know the options which are there in the subject tests. It also gives the link to the official fee structure ( of the test which is important to be known as there can be chances that if an applicant is taking coaching from a preparation centre; he/she may be asked for a higher amount. Knowing the official fee amount can save the applicants from getting cheated off their money. The organization has policies with regards to the fee structure and even offers compensations to the candidates who deserve it. These offers and details about the formalities related to them can be found on this page.

Get Registered on the Web-

Online registration facility ( is offered by the official website which is an important feature for those aspirants who are not seeking guidance from any specialized coaching centre. Such applicants can register online, submit the fees and get a suitable date for taking the exam all by themselves. The registered aspirants get access to the official GRE preparation materials- free and priced both ( Since the materials come from the same source from where the test does, there can be no question about its authenticity. Much of the material is available free of cost like the Powerprep II Software, the Practice Book for the paper-based test, papers for quantitative section, etc. Some of the material is priced and can be ordered online on the website. A special feature is the accessible format of preparation materials which are designed specially to suit the needs of the aspirants who have any kind of disabilities. Though these materials are not readily available online, but they can be ordered as per the details on the website.

Tips for the Exam Candidates-

Tips and points to remember for the applicants are also given on the official website of GRE ( By giving these, the ETS organization guides the aspirants for taking the exam in a proper manner and ensures that no unnecessary hassles are faced by them in the process. There are separate sets of strategies and tips given for the computer based format and the paper based exams so that both the kinds of applicants have their needs satisfied. Special tips are given to the applicants for the day on which they have to appear for the exam so that they don’t miss out on minor details at the very last moment. A very significant feature of the official website is the success tools that help the applicant calculate one’s potential and thus improve it, if the need be. These are found under the link-, where one finds the ETS Personal Potential Index which is a web based individual evaluation tool, the ETS My Credentials Vault service which simplifies the complex process of getting a letter of recommendation and a free GRE Search Service that helps one find suitable institutions and fellowship sponsors.

Have the Score Secrets Revealed-

Another feature of the official website is the transparency it maintains about the entire scoring process. Under the link- one finds mentioned details regarding the scoring system of the test. How the scores are given, the weightage and policies behind the scoring of each section and how the applicants can interpret their scores- can be seen on this page of the website; thus, maintaining a clear and doubt-free system for the applicants. By seeking information about the scoring system used for the test, the applicants can be clear about their scores in the practice tests and make up for their weak points in the final test.

Inquire about your Queries-

Despite giving such immense information to the aspirants on the website, there can be instances when some questions can rise in their minds. For such cases, the official website answers the frequently asked questions ( for multiple categories like content, preparation material, tests etc. This section clears the doubts and uncertainties that come to one’s mind in the process of preparing for the test.

One can certainly say that in the presence of the official website, there is no requirement that one should rely on any other kind of sources for the vital information and guidance about the test. It is the ultimate and most reliable source when it comes to details and announcements about a test like GRE which can shape an individual’s entire future. One should not forget that all the hard-work and perseverance for a task can go waste if it is not put to use at the right time and in the right way; and for a GRE aspirant, the website is the source from where the crucial information can be gained.