GRE Words List


The word lists of GRE help you in developing your vocabulary, and thereby helping you in the verbal section of the test. Though the revised version of the test no more puts stress on out-of-context vocabulary, many of the newly introduced question types indeed analyze your vocabulary skills. For example, both the Text completion and the Sentence Equivalence questions require you to fill in blank spaces with appropriate words from the given words lists. You need to have a good vocabulary to answer these questions. As a result, word lists still take a significant role in helping you with the Verbal Reasoning section. Learning random words from various sources might increase your vocabulary significantly; however, following a good word list is a better way to organize your study. Random wordlists are also available from many sources. Read on to know how word lists can help you in developing your vocabulary.

Importance of GRE Words Lists:

As already mentioned, good words increases your vocabulary significantly. If you are unsure about how important it is for you to follow an organized words list, the following pages might help you by letting you know more about the format of the verbal section. You will get useful tips on how to prepare for the test and how to make use of words lists.

Word Lists for Preparation:

There are several ways you can learn new words. Following a properly structured words list is merely one way of preparing for the verbal section of the test. If you are not satisfied with the words lists that are available, you can consider using flashcards. You can even create your own flashcards with the words that you find difficult to remember. However, flash cards generally have a limited number of words for you to prepare; as such, words lists are a better option. You can find many words list online, with the study books you purchase, or from other sources. Here are a few ones you can take a look at:

Alphabetical and Random lists:

These lists here are organized both alphabetically and randomly. This is useful in many cases. If you are just starting your preparation with a words list, it is good to follow an alphabetically arranged list so that you can keep track of your progress. However, to know random words or to test your skills, you should better look for a random words list. Depending on how you want to go with your preparation, you can take advantage of these words lists: