Verbal Practice for GRE


The Verbal section of the GRE plays an important role in determining your overall test score. You can attain a good score in attempting the Verbal section of the test with ease only with good verbal practice. There are many good verbal practice papers available across the internet. You can improve your skills only by taking as many practice tests as possible. However, you must not simply choose some practice test without knowing the quality of questions it offers. You must practice tests from good websites that promise to give you good tests, practicing which you can gain knowledge. This verbal practice and the knowledge you gain will be instrumental in your obtaining a high score. Regular practice will help you to crack the Verbal section of the test with ease. You will require a lot of patience to memorize the vocabulary as a part of your verbal practice.

Guide to GRE Verbal Practice

The links given below explain in detail everything about the verbal section of the GRE. They clearly explain you about the question models that appear in the Verbal section of the test with sample questions for your understanding. They provide you with a guide to your practice.

Reading Comprehension Practice

The reading comprehension questions in the test ask you to answer the given multiple choice questions after carefully reading a given passage. The questions given are based upon the given passage. You must select an answer choice from the given five multiple answer choices. The answer to a question might be directly or indirectly implied from the given passage. A good deal of  practice is required to attempt these question types with ease because both speed and accuracy matter a lot in this section. The links given below consist of verbal practice papers for GRE containing these types of questions.

Reading Comprehension Select in Passage

The reading comprehension select in passage type of questions are similar to the ones as above but here you will not be given any sort of multiple answer choices for you to select one as your answer. You will have to select a line from the given passage that perfectly explains the question given. The links given below consist of papers containing these types of questions to help you improve your skills in attempting them.

Reading Comprehension Select Many

The reading comprehension select many question models also give you questions which you will have to answer after carefully reading the given passage. But here, you will be given three multiple answer choices for each question out of which there may be more than one correct option. So, you will have to select all the answer choices that are correct to be awarded marks. Partial answers will not be awarded any marks which obviously makes practice crucial for this section. Given below are links to some verbal practice papers that will help you gain competence in attempting these types of questions.

Sentence Equivalence

You will be given a sentence with a blank and six multiple answer choices out of which you will have to select two choices that suitably fit the blank given in the question. Both the answers you select must give the sentence a meaning for you to be awarded marks. Given below are links to some GRE tests that provide you sentence equivalence questions.

Text Completion

Text completion questions are those with some blanks in a given passage which you will have to answer. Each blank will typically be given three to five answer options and you need to select one. Likewise, each passage might contain two to four blanks. You will not be awarded any marks if your answers are partially correct. The links given below provide you text completion questions for your verbal practice of GRE.