Tutoring for GRE


The Best GRE Tutoring Classes

The preparation for the GRE test can be done through many aids and channels. There are multiple kinds of materials available around us like books; software etc. that can be used to prepare for the test, but it is always an advantage to lend a professional touch to the preparations so that the performance in the test does not suffer on any aspect. The tutoring classes and courses help one give this professional touch to the whole ordeal of preparing for the test. It is a known fact that learning from experts is more beneficial than taking to self-study methods. The reasons being that tutoring classes plan out a study routine and a course of action through which one can move ahead with preparation. Such routine and planned manner of approaching the test cannot be done when one is studying without a guide or tutor overseeing the whole process. Being in constant touch with a guide or tutor, which is a part of tutoring, helps one resolve issues and doubts that arise in the candidates’ minds while preparing. Thus, in many ways taking tutoring for GRE is advantageous for the candidates.

The various tutoring options available are-

  • Classroom-based Tutoring
  • The classroom teaching method is the most famous and preferred way of preparing for the test. There are many private  classes and coaching centres set up in all the major cities and towns. These tutoring centres offer courses that cover the complete syllabus and train the students for the test. Along with the lectures based on the syllabus, these tutorials offer guidance from experts, study materials, notes and practice or mock tests based on the test pattern. Also, the candidates study in groups, which let them have discussions on important issues and learn from each other.

  • Private Tutoring
  • For those candidates who are not comfortable with the classroom teaching method and seek individual attention from study guides, the option of private tutoring is also available. Many tutorial centres give this facility to candidates where they provide the aspiring candidates with private tutors who reach out to them instead of asking them to come to the tutorial centres for classes.

  • Online Tutoring
  • There are candidates who are not able to reach out to tutorial centres or who can’t be easily contacted by private tutors or guides. For such students, modern day technology acts as the conduit for bringing tutoring to their doorsteps.There are online tutorial courses available that give the same kind of coaching as the classroom courses. The facilities in these courses include guidance for the syllabus, access to online study materials, online guides available 24x7, live online tutoring etc. The online tutoring services are a boon to candidates situated in remote areas and they help them in acquiring high level guidance for the test directly from their homes.

There are many private tutoring centres and organisations that offer quality tutoring to candidates and some of them have earned the reputation of giving excellent guidance to them so that they can get high scores in the test. A few of the famous names in the field of tutoring for GRE are-

  • Kaplan (http://www.kaptest.com/GRE/Home/index.html)
  • Kaplan is a well known name among GRE aspirants because of their study guides and other printed materials. They also have many types of tutoring services like classroom tutoring, live online tutoring, private tutors and online interactive tutoring sessions. There are various Kaplan franchises around the world which give high quality coaching and those test takers who don’t have access to the classroom courses can take up the online tutoring option. One can opt for full syllabus or individual section courses as per the requirement. Kaplan has a team of experienced and well qualified study guides who offer the best guidance for the test. There are online libraries and the centre based libraries that can be accessed for getting further knowledge about the topics in the test. There are also video recordings of the tutoring sessions that can be viewed by the candidates who register for the Kaplan courses. Kaplan gives the unique facility of paying the fee for the courses in instalments. The fees and other related details for the various kinds of Kaplan courses can be seen on their website.

  • Princeton Review (http://www.princetonreview.com/grad/gre-test-preparation.aspx)
  • Princeton Review is another name associated with preparation due to their popular study materials. They also offer tutoring services like private tutoring, classroom tutoring and online tutorial courses to help the candidates score better in the test. One can opt for complete courses or the individual section courses according to the requirement and take advantage of the highly professional tutoring provided by them. Further details about their courses and study materials can be found on their website.

  • Powerscore (http://www.powerscore.com/gre/content_index.cfm)
  • Powerscore is a complete test preparation organisation that along with the options of classroom tutoring and online tutoring offers the facility of weekend tutoring sessions and phone tutoring. The various kinds of courses have hour-based training schedules that promise to cover the entire length of the syllabus and give enough practice to the candidates so that they can get through the test with ease. The candidates are supplied with enough Powerscore study materials so that they can carry on with the preparations on their own basis as well. The Powerscore website gives in depth information about the courses and the fee applicable for each of them.

  • 800score (http://www.800score.com/gre-index.html)
  • This is a purely online tutoring service that gives a whole package of services to the candidates who opt for it. The preparation course can be ordered to be sent at one’s email address or one can study from it on the website itself along with facilities like quality course materials, 24x7 tutor support and 5 free practice tests (updated according to the changes in the GRE pattern) that come with a time pacer that helps one keep track of the time taken in answering each question. There are free practice essay topics provided to prepare for the Analytical Writing section as well.

Though all the facilities given by these tutoring services sound attractive and assure sure-shot success, there are a few points that should be considered while choosing aGRE tutoring service-

  • The candidate should enrol into those classes that offer the candidate the most suited method of coaching. One should look into the personal situation and conditions and then choose for a tutoring course accordingly.
  • The candidate should analyse and identify the personal and educational requirements and then enrol into a tutorial course. If there is no need to get extra help for one section, then instead of a complete course, an individual section course can be taken up that would concentrate only on that part of the test content which needs more attention.
  • Before registering for a tutoring centre or service, one should make sure to go through the student reviews of the tutoring service. In case one is going in for classroom tutoring courses, one can ask the earlier batches of candidates about the quality of the services availed by them.
  • One should make sure that the coaching course gives enough amount of practice for the test along with the teaching sessions. The course should also include practice and mock tests to make one aware of the actual test pattern.
  • The tutoring courses are an addition to the high amount of fees that is paid to register for the test. So, it should be kept in mind that the candidate enrols for a tutorial course only when he/she is serious about attaining high scores and making it to a good graduation course and school. It’s no use wasting time and money if one is not interested in putting in enough hard-work and labour into the whole ordeal of preparing for the test. No tutoring classes for GRE can help if there is no effort on part of the candidate to clear the test with good scores.