GRE Tutorials

Here's Help for Selecting the Best GRE Tutorials!

      There are certain things you need to take into account while choosing tutorials for GRE classes have online courses available, still the classroom courses offer extra benefits to the students. Moreover, you also have the option of taking a private tutoring course. You need to choose a course depending on your preparation level. Finally, you also need to consider the prices of different courses. Here we take a look at what some of the . Course duration, quality of additional study materials, standard of instructors — all play their parts in deciding the right preparation course. The availability of the courses may also determine whether or not you can take the course of your choice. Though most of the leading reviewbest tutorial courses provide you with:

Kaplan Test Prep:

      Kaplan, one of the well known GRE study books providers, offers various tutorial classes to help students in preparing for the test. These tutorials are of varying lengths and are available both in online and offline formats. Kaplan also provides many free materials and tools to help students in their preparation. On registering on Kaplan’s website, you can take one full-length practice test free of cost. After registering, you also gain access to the live Grad Degree Seminars that Kaplan organizes. These are designed to help the students in choosing a career option. There is a free 20-Minute Workout available on the Kaplan website which includes questions for the revised version of the test.

The tutorial courses provided by Kaplan can be availed in four different ways:

  • First, you can access the GRE Classroom on Site course which is basically a classroom course offered in certain places. This is a complete course covering most of the test.
  • Second, there is the Classroom Anywhere course which is the online version of Kaplan’s tutorials. This is a live classroom course where you can learn from expert instructors online.
  • If you are unable to access either of the on site or online classroom courses, there is a third option for you. This is called the GRE on Demand service which lets you access recorded video instructions from Kaplan’s instructors. The good thing about these tutorials is that you can access them at any time you wish, and you can take your time while going through these lessons. However, as these are pre-recorded video lessons, the options for you might be limited.
  • In case you are not satisfied with the kind of teaching you get from these three courses, and want more advanced and customized tutoring, then the only option for you is the GRE One-on-one course. With this course you get personal teaching from a private instructor.

      For most students, one-on-one teaching may not be required. Many students choose the online course as it is cheaper and more convenient for them. The classroom courses, both online and on site, offer three different packages: the common one is the complete test package covering most of the test; however, you can choose to access either the Verbal Reasoning section or the Quantitative Reasoning section at a lower price. For the GRE One-on-One course, you have the option for choosing how many tutoring hours you need to take.

      Kaplan claims to have the largest content library full of questions and practice tests, which is available to students accessing tutorials from Kaplan. Additionally, Kaplan provides study books, practice tests, flashcards, etc. to the students taking their courses. Kaplan also claims that their Smart Reports technology adapts to the students’ standards and thereby lets them get assignments customized according to their needs. On top of all these facilities, Kaplan provides a money-back guarantee in case any student is not happy with the final scores. The Kaplan courses are costlier than other available tutorials; as a result, the money-back guarantee certainly adds to their offerings.

GRE Test Preparation Course from Princeton Review:

      Princeton Review offers similar tutorials to match the students’ needs. Princeton Review also provides courses in both online and in-classroom format. Moreover, you can choose to take one-on-one private teaching classes. The teachers are classified according to their capabilities. For private tutoring, you can choose your tutor from the different levels of tutors that Princeton Review has. The classroom courses are offered in two different formats: you can take either the Small Group Instruction course or the full length Classroom Course. The former one has a limit of four students per class. According to Princeton Review, it is a hybrid between classroom teaching and private tutoring. There is also the LiveOnline course that lets you take the course online from all around the world.

      Whether you take the online course or the classroom courses, you can get your practice tests reviewed by expert instructors in a one-on-one format. All these courses let you take seven full length practice tests that are designed for the revised version of the test. Princeton Review claims to be the first to use the Adaptology technique which teaches based on the multi-stage technology of the computer based revised test. These tutorials are recorded so that you can access archived classes if you miss one. You also get access to over 90 hours of complementary online lessons and tests for the test. To help you with the Analytical Writing section, Princeton Review gives you access to their LiveGrader tool, which allows you to get your essays checked and graded by an expert instructor. You also get comments against your essays so that you can improve your writing skills. Along with all these, you get additional study materials and guide books. There is also a money back guarantee, in case you need more assurance.


      PowerScore claims to have high quality instructors, all having secured the 99th percentile in the GRE test. As such, they also claim that their instructors understand the test well enough to guide the students. PowerScore also provides various course options, ranging from live teaching to classroom courses of different lengths. The full length classroom course designed for the test continues for five weeks and provides 30 hours of teaching. There is also a similar course of 30 hours, which is available online. If you intend to have a course of shorter duration, then you need to take the weekend course which covers 16 hours of teaching. Alternatively, you can choose to take the live courses available for both the Verbal and the Quantitative sections. These courses are of 15 hours each, and are available online only. The private tutoring course gives you a couple of options though: you can avail private tutoring either in-person or by phone. The courses give you access to the Online Student Center, course materials and practice tests. The full-length course lets you take three official practice tests. The weekend course lets you have a copy of The Official Guide to the Revised GRE General Test for free.