GRE Tutor


How to Select the Best GRE Tutor

Graduate Record Examination is a standardized test conducted by the ETS to sieve potential candidates who are applying to higher education programs in U.S and other English speaking countries. Performing well is not only important for admission to higher courses but it also becomes a necessity if you want to get admitted to the school of your choice. With the new scoring pattern of one point increments, the Graduate Record Examination is increasingly becoming competitive, so it is not only enough to meet the challenge head on but you also have to stay ahead of the competition.

When it comes to preparing for GRE you have a variety of options to choose from. You can either join reputable tutoring classes or employ online services of a test tutor or just study alone with a select number of books.

While it is always enriching and fun to study in groups, if your tutoring class for GRE is not at a convenient time or is situated at a distance where you will be spending more time on commuting then it is advisable to select an online tutor.

Why Select a GRE Tutor?

The biggest advantage in selecting a tutor for GRE, besides getting personal attention on one-to-one basis, is that you can prepare for the test at your convenience, at your pace (especially when you are hard pressed for time) and even within your budget. It will not only customize the preparatory material according to your need but will also be in a better position to recognize and help you out with your strengths and weaknesses.

How to Select a GRE Tutor? When selecting a tutor for GRE you should consider the following qualities.

  • GRE requires highly specialized tutors. You cannot pick anyone and everyone to teach. So don’t hesitate to check the credentials of your tutor.
  • While most tutors may claim to be the best among the rest, it is important that your teacher should be able to understand and communicate with you at your wavelength. Your communication with your teacher could be through a computer hence it is important that you and your trainer enjoy a good rapport with each other.
  • GRE is not about testing your subject skills but is about testing your higher cognitive skills, which can be quite challenging to teach. Your tutor should be clear on the requirements for answering test and should be able to customize the course materials according to your need. This of course will depend on his understanding of your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Your teacher should be able to give you comprehensive practice sessions so that you not only develop your fundamental skills but should also be able to apply the tips and strategies fruitfully to increase your scores.
  • Finally your guide should not only give you the assurance of high scores but should also inspire you to achieve your target score.

Reviewing GRE Tutor Classes

For your convenience we review some of the classes to help you select according to your requirement. With its highly focused methodology and focused instructions these classes have tutors who have been high performers in test themselves. Besides the supplemental online lessons, tests and drills they also provide you with up-to-date books and manuals. You can choose between private tutoring, small group tutoring, online courses or classroom courses for GRE. Whatever the option you will be given diagnostic score reports with personal analysis for all practice tests. They tempt you with a money back guarantee if your performance in test is not satisfactory. With more than twenty years of experience in test preparation material and methods, the Testmasters provide GRE manual which contains verbal and quantitative questions from seven actual General Tests and sample analytical writing topics for the analytical writing measure. You will also be provided with the latest information on the structure of the test, answering procedures and explanations of correct answers for verbal, quantitative and sample writing responses. The Testmasters select their tutors after rigorous selection and training procedures. Your Testmaster will conduct the course in 12 sessions, wherein the classes will meet three times per week. The Testmasters not only provide with more hours of instructions but they also guarantee a minimum increase of 10 points on your GRE score. If you have left math long time back and need to brush up your basic math then this online training that delivered at your convenience is definitely for you. The content and strategies in the Kaplan series tests are vigorously researched by the faculty. The highly rated tutor will help you focus on desired areas at your convenience. The GRE Kaplan quiz bank will help you target your practice with more than 1000 questions, designed with instant performance reports and detailed explanations for every answer choice. You have the choice to test yourself in tutor mode or timed mode. In this course the tutors in keeping with the philosophy that “time management is the key to high GRE scores”, place a very high premium on pacing strategies. Their test pacer helps you to assess and teach you, the pacing strategies thus putting you in control of your pacing. Your teachers themselves are high performers who have attended schools such as Stanford University etc. They will thus prepare you through this course which includes an essay section guide, the preparation guide for the math and verbal sections and 5 complete exams with the test pacer built in. This course is based on your traditional classroom pattern that consists of Math Prep, Verbal Prep, and Quantitative Prep content taught over a period of seven weeks, with an option for online participation. This teacher caters to students from various centers spread across North America complete with six computer based tests outside normal class hours thus you can focus well during your instructions. Your tutor will focus on reviewing arithmetic, algebra, word problems, geometry, graphs, and data analysis for the math section while the verbal preparation puts together all components of the Verbal Reasoning section like Sentence Equivalence, Text Completion, Reading Comprehension, and Analytical Writing. Quantitative preparation enables techniques that will help you answer quantitative comparisons and discrete quantitative questions, and build on your knowledge of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, data and graph analysis, probability, and analysis of word problems. Lastly the teacher will provide you with the strategy tips and tricks that will help you decide the approach that works best for you, which is indeed the mantra for high percentile scores in the GRE.

Though we give you suggestion to select the best tutor you should also go through the various student testimonials before exercising discretion. After all you are the best judge!