GRE Tips


Your Ultimate Resource for GRE Tips!

Are you considering answering GRE exams? Then it is likely that you are one of those lucky ones whom the top schools are looking forward to as their student. To be lucky you will need a little help and we are here to do just that. We provide you with the ultimate resource for GRE tips to meet the challenge bang on!

Being Aware:

The format: GRE is a standardized test which is conducted throughout the year for the computer based revised general test and three times in a year for the paper based revised general test.

Test dates: You should be aware of the admission deadline of your prospective schools before deciding on the appropriate test date.

Registration deadlines: Once you decide on your test date register as early as possible to get your choice of test date and test center. Don't forget to keep checking the GRE online registration system for the latest update on the various test centers as not all the test centers are open on all the dates.

Be Familiar With:

The purpose of the test: GRE test is not about assessing your subject knowledge but it is about testing your higher cognitive skills which you have acquired over a period of time.

Content of the question: You will be answering questions from verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning and analytical writing. In the verbal reasoning measure you will have to answer two sections of thirty minutes each with twenty questions for each section. In the quantitative reasoning measure you will answer two sections of thirty five minutes each with twenty questions per section. You will have two writing tasks of thirty minutes each in the analytical writing section.

Preparing for GRE:

GRE tips for preparing for the verbal section: When you are preparing for the verbal section building up your vocabulary is of utmost importance. Plan to study at least 20 new words each day. You can study them using the roots or use flash cards or software like GRE Bible make vocabulary learning interesting through their various online games. For the reading comprehension section you have to read actively asking questions, formulating and evaluating hypothesis. Try to understand the gist of the text as a whole. You should try to actively read as many books as possible to improve your reading speed as well as your vocabulary.

GRE tips for preparing for the quantitative section: When preparing for the quantitative section it is best to brush up your basic math. You can also review through many books online, to select a book according to your requirement for e.g. if you have left math long time back then books from Kaplan series make for a good start. You should have at least two books to review when you are doing last minute preparations.

GRE tips for preparing for the analytical writing section: Take time to think and compose your essay

GRE tips for preparing for the issue task: It is about how you respond to the 'for' or 'against' statement of the issue. Read carefully to understand what precisely the central theme of the issue is. Ask questions like 'Why I agree or disagree with the statement? What examples or reasons should I give to support my views? How should I support my views?'

GRE tips for preparing for argument writing task: This task is intended to check your line of reasoning. Before you sit to write, ask questions like, 'What do I conclude from the argument, what explanations can I give to strengthen or weaken the claims? How can I make this argument sound sensible and logical?'

Understanding the Scoring Pattern:The computer based test depends not only on the number of questions answered correctly but also on the difficulty level of the questions. So don't be in too much of a hurry to answer the questions. Your higher or lower scores will depend on how you answer the first section. Think clearly, if you don't know the answer try to eliminate by intelligent guessing.

Managing Time: During the preparation stage itself you should learn to pace yourself to finish the test within a time limit. Our GRE tip to manage time is, don't spend more than a minute on each question in case you are running out of time, don't panic. In the revised GRE test you are free to skip questions and come back to it later. Pace yourself and make an effort to complete the test. Since there is no negative marking you should try to answer all the questions to maximize your scores. Research indicates that test takers who complete their test will get higher scores than, if they had not completed the test.

Practice Hard: There is no substitute to hard work. Our GRE tip to practice is, to use as many resources as possible to prepare yourself, use of computer tutorials in the GRE power prep software will let you try out the functions of the tutorial such as use of mouse, scroll bar, use of calculator. This will help you to be comfortable with the interface when you actually answer the test. In fact when you arrive early at the test, you will have the opportunity to complete an untimed computer tutorial before the actual test begins. This can actually make you familiar and comfortable with the computer before starting the timed sections of the test. Take as many mock tests as possible. This not only improves your speed but also develops in you the much needed confidence to attempt the test.

Diagnostic Test: While you practice umpteen numbers of times, if you are not aware of your strengths and weaknesses the whole exercise of GRE preparation will be a waste. Our GRE tip is that it is a good idea if you form a study group, then conducting a diagnostic test not only helps you with your shortcomings but it also prevents you from faltering on your commitment.

Relax and Read Carefully: If you are relaxed and have read this article carefully then half your challenge is won. However well prepared you are if you do not know how to relax and read carefully you can goof up real bad. Most of the test takers underperform precisely for this reason. In their nervousness to perform well they read so fast that they miss the subtle points. It is unlikely that you will know the answer to all the questions, hence our GRE tip is that don't panic if you don't know the answer. Be relaxed, you will be able to reason better and eliminate the wrong answers intelligently.

Assigning Scores Recipients: Do not forget to assign four score recipients when you register or on the day of the test. Otherwise you will need to submit an Additional Score Report request for a fee of US$23 per score recipient. Our GRE tip is doing your groundwork on prospective schools at least a year ahead.

Test day Procedures: Our GRE tip to be cool and relaxed on the D- day is to have a good night's sleep before the test day. Try to arrive early at the test venue. Wear comfortable clothes and don't forget to bring your authorization voucher or ID documents for the test.