GRE Test Score


How to Optimize your GRE Test Score

Graduate Record Exam

The GRE test is administered by the (ETS) Educational Testing Service. Innumerable students take up the (GRE) Graduate Record Exam every year in order to gain admission to universities for graduate studies. It is a well-known standardized test that is recognized globally. This test is a computer-based section-adaptive test. It is important to score well in the exam  as a high test score helps you to gain admission into a university of your choice.

Scoring Process for GRE

The GRE scores are valid for a period of 5 years. A percentile score is also included along with the test's score. The score and the percentile are used for comparison along with the other test takers who have attempted the exam within the past three years. This also includes the students already enrolled in the particular universities. The exam has primarily three sections, the Analytical Writing, Verbal, and Quantitative sections. The Analytical Writing section is the first part of the test and the test content contains 2 essays, and they are scored on a score scale of 0-6 with half-point increments. Each essay is scored by 2 examiners on a 6-point scale and if the scores are within one point, then an average score is given. If they differ by more than a point, then another examiner grades the essays. The Verbal section consists of 20 questions and the Quantitative section consists of 20 questions with a score scale of 130-170 with one-point increments in both sections. The test also contains an unidentified and a research section, both of which are not scored.

Tips and Strategies Needed for a High GRE Test Score

You need to follow some tips to get a good score in GRE; these tips are listed below.

  1. As the GRE is a computer-based section-adaptive test, you need to remember that the first section is the most important part of the test and that you need to score well in this part. The first section in fact determines your ability and performance level and defines the successive questions. Your score depends heavily on the first section of the test.
  2. While writing the test, you will be very conscious of the time factor and will try to hurry through the test. You may feel that probably there will not be sufficient time for you to complete the entire test. You must try to be calm while writing the test.
  3. The high school math and algebra that you learnt in school will be tested again in the Quantitative part of the test. So, you must review and refresh your knowledge level again for the test. Online preparation courses or coaching courses do not really teach in depth the basic math or algebra that you need to know. Hence, it is important that you brush up your basic math.
  4. The Verbal section of the test really checks your vocabulary and your grasp of the English language. You have to be well read about diverse topics and this part of the test is considered very difficult by most test takers. You should keep on learning new words to expand your vocabulary.
  5. Enrolling in a preparation course definitely helps to gain a high score. You can avail guidance and support of a tutor who will be able to help you at each step, and clear your doubts if you have any. A course is something that you can invest in when studying for the exam. It is advantageous when compared to studying on your own.
  6. Being aware of the test format definitely helps you to score well. Taking up practice tests before attempting the actual test makes you aware of the test content, format, and structure. The test being a computer-based test differs in test-taking procedures compared to paper-based tests. So, practicing for the test really helps.
  7. Most schools and universities give prime importance only to candidates with the highest test score. The admission management compares candidates on the basis of their test score, but final consideration is given only to those with the highest score.
  8. Developing your writing skills is an integral part of scoring well in the test. The Analytical Writing section being the first part of the test, you have to write logically in this section. Enrolling in a writing course might also help the candidates in scoring well in the test. The ScoreItNow Online Writing practice software available on www.ets/org.gre is an efficient tool that helps you immensely in this regard. It provides sample essays with mock tests, strategies and tips to improvise your writing skills.
  9. It is important that you practice for the test 2-3 months prior in order to get a high score. You have to take up mock tests, review your performance so that you can assess your performance and score extremely well. Last-minute cramming is of no use. It just makes you more anxious and nervous.
  10. Books by reputed publishing houses like Kaplan and Barron’s guide help you in preparing well and are an assured way of getting a high score in the test.
  11. The official website, www.ets/ helps you in preparing well for the exam. You can make use of the study materials provided on the website. The POWERPREP II Software contains the concepts in the Analytical Writing, Verbal and Quantitative sections in great detail. You can attempt the practice tests provided in this section. Also, tips and suggestions are provided for you to improve your test-taking skills. The POWERPREP CD is a replica of the test-taking procedure that helps you to practice well for the test.

End Result of a High GRE Score

You must spend more time practicing for the test. If you do not do so, you end up with only an average score which is not what you want. Your test score depends on the target GRE score that you want to achieve. It is best to be aware of the test schedule, the administrative procedures, the test format, time allotted for each section of the test, etc. Most universities require a high score, and that should be your main aim and objective. In order to be admitted to one of the top universities, you should perform well in the exam.