Books for GRE Test

How to make Optimal use of GRE Test Books

Ever wondered if you can top the GRE test without any prep courses? Well, you can score well in the test even without prep courses if you are

  1. Very rigorous in self study
  2. Preparing from software, online resources
  3. Continuously taking up practice tests and most of all,

using a GRE book for preparation. Some experts say that there is nothing like a prep course which can assist the students specifically in their weak area. They say that prep courses provide the opportunity to learn from the tutors face to face and that you can be better prepared for the test.

If you schedule your preparation with a clear methodology, you do not always need a prep course to help you continue with your preparation. Test books are a great way to begin your preparation. Books serve as your bible to educate yourself without the help of a tutor. When you begin preparation, it is imperative that you take up a practice test to evaluate your weaknesses and strengths, which sections need more attention and which section needs only brushing up the question pattern.

There are many good test books available in the market. Some books cover all the sections with practice questions, test cracking strategies and CDS that have test with the real experience for you to test yourself on. Some books even provide you actual test questions that have appeared in the past. Practising from these questions will give you the added confidence of scoring well in the test.

Review of a few GRE Guides

When we begin our preparation for GRE, we should not just settle with one test book; but you must pick the right book that will really add value to your preparation. Although there are hundreds of books available in the market, only a few books really are worth buying, only a few are worth trying. We will discuss a few of the books that you must pick while you start preparing for the test. If you are ready to spend some bucks on really good books, you should try out all the four books. Each of them has tactics and techniques that you can learn from. Each of them will be your master when you practise the questions.

The Official Guide to the GRE revised General Test – ETS

With the revision of GRE, ETS has come up with a new test book. This is a must have book as it is prepared by the test conductors. This book helps you gain a real experience of writing the actual test with its practice questions and sample questions. The test maker has ensured that test taking strategies are included in the book. The test book also comes with ETS’s special software – Powerprep, which helps you try out two complete test sets. This book acts as a comprehensive guide for verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning sections. Analytical writing essay tasks are explained with detailed information. This book also covers a number of sample responses for writing tasks along with the actual test rater’s comments on the responses.

Cracking the New GRE with DVD 2012 – Princeton Review

One of the best tutors for GRE also has a series of test books which will practically help you ease through the test. This book has a total of four practice tests (2 in the book and 2 online). The masters also teach you various tips and strategies that you will require to score in the actual test. All the newly included question types have exhaustive practice questions. This book also provides a DVD which contains tutorials and detailed information from the course master’s top instructor.

New GRE 2011-2012: Strategies, Practice, and Review – Kaplan

Kaplan is also ready with their book for the revised version of GRE test. This book contains 6 practice tests (1 in the book and 5 online) which is at least 2 tests more than what the previous two books give you. It also gives a complete overview of the changes with many practice questions in all the sections. This book, like the other two gives you insights of how to crack the test. Additionally, it includes a diagnostic tool at the end of chapter practice sets for a targeted practice. The good news for you is that Kaplan assures that you will score higher with the guide; else they guarantee your money back!

Barron’s New GRE 19th Edition

It is a universal truth that Barron’s GRE test books are good for the word list they provide. They are not only good with their word list; their book covers extensively on the area of verbal and quantitative reasoning sections. This book also covers test taking tactics and strategies like the other books. The book along with a CD covers a total of four model tests and also includes a diagnostic test to evaluate where you stand. The tests in the CD are computer adaptive tests with detailed answers and explanations.

Can Books be our only Masters?

Books are effective masters; there is no doubt about it. Nevertheless, preparing for GRE only with the books need not always be as effective as you expect it to be. When you begin preparation, evaluate yourself with a practice test and use ETS’s general test preparation materials that are sent to you when you register for the test. When you use ETS’s Powerprep software, you can understand and get accustomed to the actual test pattern. This will help you not to panic at the time of the actual test, although there will be always other reasons to panic, if you do not prepare well or if you delay your travel to the test centre, etc.

As you get used to ETS’s preparation materials and the practice questions in the books, you can look out for other options available. There are many online resources available, you can subscribe to an online study group or use other free / paid resources for preparation. Always plan in such a way that one method of study does not hinder your study pattern in the other method of study. For example, if you are subscribed to an online study group, it should not in any way hamper self study. Although this kind of planning may appear like a hectic task to achieve, you will reap the benefit (your dream course in the school of your choice) if you sincerely put in your best efforts.