Test Book for GRE


The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) opens your way to study in universities across the world with global exposure and many new opportunities. This exam tests your skills right from your basics to your social thought process. It tests your ability to depict your reasoning skills and problem solving tactics on concepts from your high school mathematics, your language skills in English and your social awareness through some essay writing assessments. The test is conducted throughout the year in an online format. There are three sections which totally assess you. This test is administered worldwide. You will have to pass through an immense competition and to succeed; you will have to put in a good deal of hard work.

The preparation makes you ready for taking the exam but taking practise tests gives you confidence. You may have good in depth knowledge of a particular concept but you might not solve a question which is given twisted from that concept. This might be due to the lack of problem solving tactics. You may solve that problem if you are given an hour but you will not be given so much time. The GRE is all about attempting the paper within the allotted time. You will not be given enough time to solve the paper but you will have to solve the paper making the time enough for you. The preparation will help you get sound knowledge upon the syllabus but practise and test makes you prepared for the real examination. Strategic test taking tips must be followed in order to give an edge to your whole knowledge. There are many a GRE book available in the market which can promise to guide you through the test taking methods to help you in improving your speed, accuracy, precision and eventually your score. In the market there are scores of test books available which differ from each other in many of their attributes.

The most important characteristics that a GRE book must possess are its test papers’ content quantity and quality. Trivial tips must be provided as snippets or short notes. It must have some previous test papers solved and explained thoroughly so as to provide the aspirant with a better understanding of the model questions usually asked and also the pattern. A good test book must facilitate the user to learn fast test giving tips, time management throughout the paper and error reduction. There must be given a lot of test handling techniques additionally like some short cuts for problem solving in the quantitative section which surely helps you save time. This way, a good test book will be of utmost help in shaping your focus on the examination. Practising as many tests as possible will let you get used to the exam environment and helps you beat nervousness. You will also come across many different models of questions. You will come to know about your imperfections so that you can stress more upon the areas you might find tougher. You will get to know your test taking capabilities; only when you take tests from a good test book. You can improve yourself only by taking more tests and by reviewing them. Hence, of all your preparation process, the quality and quantity of tests you take will definitely have a direct influence on your score. So, you must choose a good and reliable test book to help assist you during your preparation to achieve a high score.

How much ever might you have studied, it all depends on how you tackle the exam, that particular moment in which you have applied the correct tactic to solve a problem in less than the given time makes you the deserved one. The following are presented reviews of famous test books available in the market.


Nova’s GRE test books have good deal of preference by the GRE aspirants. The books from this publication house are mostly preferred for preparation in the quantitative section. These books not only provide good test taking tips and tactics but also provide a huge bank of solved and unsolved questions for you to understand the concepts thoroughly and also get used to practice. Their exclusive book for quantitative section “GRE Math Bible” provides you with countless problems and models for you to grasp the concepts. This book provides a huge collection of test papers for you to improve your test taking strategies.


The Barron’s GRE books undoubtedly stand out as the most preferred books from the pool of test books. Every Barron’s GRE book will provide you with good strategic tips for solving different kinds of questions. The Barron’s is the most reliable in the verbal section. There is an immense collection of material and strong test papers which can help you experience the real test. For taking tests and improving your score the Barron’s would be an ideal book. The Barron’s can help you reach scores as high as 1400-1500. A thorough and good study of the Barron’s Verbal GRE test book will help you score 600+ in the verbal section in the old pattern. It equals 150+ in the revised test pattern.


The Educational Testing Service (ETS) also releases GRE General Test Practise book which provides even the slightest of the details regarding the original test right from attempting a question to the scoring criteria. This book helps you know the ways of the test administers. A new book called Practise Book for the GRE Revised General Test is also being released. You can obtain it online. It clearly illustrates all the changes the old pattern underwent and gives a clear idea of how to tackle the new test paper pattern. Practising these books might not give you much knowledge upon the various sections present but will help you know the genuine model paper with instructions mentioned too. This book will give you a momentum to clearly get used to the original test pattern.


The GRE Bible is a collection of prep course software, online prep course kits and of course e-books published by Pellucid Learning Systems. One can study just one or two books to acquire knowledge pertaining to the three sections of the test but must not just stick to only one test book. You must practise as many question banks as possible taking many tests. This helps you to achieve a good score. Though there are no books available in the market by these publishers, you can avail their service of e-books. They provide countless test papers with sound depth in the concepts that ought to be learnt.

There cannot possibly be a single test book which could make you reach your goal. You must practise as many books as you can. There can be a single study book but there must be lots of test books to make your preparation edgy. There are other famous test prep books from Kaplan, The Princeton Review etc which can also help you with improving your test taking capabilities. All the publication houses have adapted to the change by releasing new books which go in tune with the Revised GRE General test. A famous quote by Martha Graham goes like this, “Practice means to perform, over and over again in the face of all obstacles, some act of vision, of faith, of desire. Practice is a means of inviting the perfection desired”. You might not reach perfection but it would be enough if you are perfect enough to the take the test confidently. Then it all comes your way, success and joy.