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GRE Study Materials

Technology Innovations and GRE Study Materials

The advancements in technology are changing our lives with every passing day. If we compare our present day life with the way we used to live a decade earlier, we can spot many big and small changes. From the post office, we have moved on to emails, gas stoves have been replaced by microwaves, the desktop PC has squeezed to come into our mobile phones etc. In a similar manner, the field of education and learning has also witnessed revolutionary changes. Studying today, no longer refers to an hours long ordeal of searching for materials from the libraries and making lengthy notes from them. Technology has enabled man to such an extent that one can carry thousands of books in ones mobile phone itself!

GRE - Good Gre Scores, Read GRE test experiences

The GRE preparation methods and its entire teaching process have undergone technological transitions alike. Other than books and such printed sources, GRE study materials can be found in hi-tech forms like software, CDs, online material etc which are far easier to access than the traditional printed materials. A detailed analysis of these technologically advanced GRE study materials can help us know better about them.

  • E-BOOKS-

    Books may have been the traditional method of gaining knowledge but it canít be denied that they are also the most trusted and preferred method. The advancing technology has changed the form in which we have been accustomed to see books. Today, we can not only find them in the bookstores, but also over the internet as e-books. There is a lot of GRE study material available in the shape of books which provide lessons and notes on all the sections of the test. Some of the popular GRE preparation books are by Kaplanís, Princeton Review and the most famous is the Big GRE Book, the official guide for the test. But it is not at all necessary to buy these big and bulky books in this age when they can be easily found on the internet and that too without spending even a penny. While buying the printed versions could pinch oneís pocket badly, the online versions of these books are available for free. Some of the sites which provide these and many other e-books for GRE preparation are

    GRE - Good Gre Scores, Read GRE test experiences
  • The GRE study materials can be found in the form of software and CDs as well. There are software available that contain the entire GRE study courses and help one get the benefit of a GRE tutorial class. The software contains lessons based on the GRE syllabus and has practice tests and other kind of practice material giving enough training for facing the final test. These software can be bought from the market or ordered online. A famous GRE preparation software is PowerprepII which is the official GRE preparation software, created by ETS. The software can be ordered from the official GRE website-

  • Flashcards have been a very popular method for GRE practice, especially for the verbal test section, due to their compact size and quality of being easy to handle. Normally available as pullouts with printed GRE study materials, now they can be obtained as software or CDs. The GRE flashcard software have hundreds of flashcards which give ample amount of practice to the candidate. There are printable versions of flashcards available on the internet as well. They can be downloaded from the internet free of cost and printed out for practice purposes. Some of the links that give access to flashcards on the internet are

  • The GRE preparation courses are among the best methods for preparing for the test. But numerous candidates are unable to enrol into a GRE course due to differing reasons. The online GRE courses come to the rescue of such students. They just require access to the internet and one can register for an online course. These courses are designed on the lines of the classroom based courses and give complete training for the test. The courses include lessons on the syllabus, in-depth GRE study materials along with practice tests and sample papers. Some of the best known online GRE courses are offered by Princeton Review

  • GRE preparation is grounded more on practice than on the test syllabus. Knowing this, all those who aspire to take the GRE test want to practice for it as much as they can. Practice not only acquaints one with the test pattern, but also helps to learn time management during the test. There are a limited number of practice or sample tests given with GRE study materials like books, CDs, software etc due to which one may not get satisfactory amount of practice. Solving this problem, there are n number of practice and mock tests available on the internet which can either be downloaded or solved online. There are many sites which offer free sample tests while some others have them priced. Some of the sites which can be checked for practice or sample tests are

  • There are many instances when a GRE aspirant is not able to attend tutorial and coaching classes. Much to the relief of such aspirants, the technological innovations have enabled the GRE classes and tutorials to come to the candidatesí houses through internet. There can be found many online GRE tutorials and classes that can be attended through the net. Small groups of aspirants connect to a tutor or guide, who delivers lectures, clears doubts, conducts group discussions- all online. Most of the sites that offer online courses for GRE, give the facility for e-classes as well.

    With the test becoming computer-based, all the GRE study materials have undergone revolutionary changes, because of which they have become far easy to access by the candidates and lots cheaper at the same time. Many of the GRE study materials which can be hard to afford, if they have to be bought from the market, become very easy to get through internet. But one should not get allured by the charm of free study materials and should verify all the sources and links before they are downloaded. It is far better at times to pay a little than repent later after getting some corrupt software or online material.

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