GRE Study Guide



Are you studying for the GRE?

Preparing for taking the GRE is a serious task. It undoubtedly requires a great deal of hard work and well planned studies, but what most test-takers tend to ignore is that success in the GRE is also dependent upon the study guides they utilize for studying for the GRE. A good study guide can make a lot of difference to your performance in the GRE.

Why should you study from a GRE Study Guide?

Do not take the risk of avoiding spending time on choosing the correct GRE study guide if you have any doubts regarding your skill levels and knowledge in respect of the content being tested by the GRE. Even if you are confident of scoring high in the GRE, you should invest in a good GRE study guide as the advantages of utilizing GRE study guides for your GRE preparation are manifold.

  • GRE study guides contain a detailed review of the GRE test content, sample questions and full-length practice tests along with the answer explanations.
  • Certain GRE study guides include tips and strategies for scoring high in the GRE.
  • There are GRE study guides that come with GRE software or computerized GRE practice tests and these are very useful especially if you are taking the computer-based GRE.
  • Certain study guides concentrate on a specific GRE test section. Such guides are useful if you are looking to improve your skills in a particular subject area.

You will need to ascertain that a majority of the advantages listed above are being offered by the GRE study guide that you wish to study from and then only should you invest your time and money in studying from that GRE study guide. In all likelihood, you may not be able to find one single study guide that has all the advantages associated with GRE study guides, in which case you may have to go in for more than one GRE study guide so that a combination of GRE study guides will be able to meet all your requirements.

Where can one find a good GRE Study Guide?

The major deciding factor in choosing an appropriate GRE study guide is that the content of the GRE study guide should be useful for you keeping in mind your weak areas in respect of the GRE test content. This means that you should not blindly pick up the study guide that your friends are studying from. You should analyze your requirements, survey the sources of study guides and then pick up the ones that will be the best for you. Listed below are some useful sources where you will be able to find good study guides.


The best source for good GRE study guides is the internet. In today's technical savvy world, the internet is now a huge marketplace for almost everything. There are a large number of websites that contain lists of study guides. There are some websites where you will also be able to go through the reviews of the study guides. These reviews are basically feedbacks about the study guides that have been given by the students who used these guides for their GRE study. These reviews will help you in identifying the quality of the content of the GRE study guide., and are some websites from where you can select GRE study guides and buy them online. The books will be delivered to your doorstep. If the study guides are beyond your financial reach, you can also pick up used study guides which will be offered at a reduced price.


Most GRE study guides that are popular with students will be easily available at the bookstores near your school. However, it will be easier for you to find generic GRE study guides as compared to a subject specific GRE study guide at a local bookstore since most bookstores would stock study guides depending upon their popularity.

Other test-takers

Students who have already taken the GRE and have scored well in the GRE may have no use for the guides that they studied from. If there are some such test-takers in your neighbourhood, then you can get in touch with them and take their valuable advice on which would be the best GRE study guide for you and you can also use their study guides if required.

Which are the best GRE Study Guides?

Irrespective of the fact that your requirements may be different from those of others when it comes to choosing the best GRE study guide, there are some popular GRE study guides having one of which among your GRE study materials would be beneficial for you. Given below is a brief introduction to some such study guides.

The Official Guide to the GRE Revised General Test

This GRE study guide is prepared by the ETS which is the organization that develops and administers the GRE. Therefore, this GRE study guide is a must for your stock of GRE study materials. The sample questions in this GRE study guide would be of the same difficulty level as would be asked in the actual GRE. This study guide comes with useful test-taking tips, full-length practice tests in a computerised format, sample questions and answers to the questions.

Barron's New GRE, 19th Edition

This GRE study guide is very popular with GRE test-takers. It contains useful information about the GRE test format along with practice questions based on all the types of questions that will be asked. Two full-length GRE practice tests along with answer explanations are also included in this study guide. This guide includes various test taking tips and strategies for scoring high in the GRE.

New GRE 2011-2012 Premier by Kaplan

Kaplan is a very well known name in the test prep industry. This study guide is authored by Kaplan and hence, it is very popular with GRE test-takers. This guide comes with a CD too. The guide includes various strategies for scoring high in the GRE along with valuable test information and practice questions based on the GRE test format. It also contains 6 full-length practice tests, one of which is available online.

A point to remember!

A very important point to remember is that the format of the GRE General Test is changing from August 1, 2011 onwards. This implies that although you can use old study guides for practice and review of the GRE test content, make sure that you have at least one GRE study guide that is based on the revised GRE test format so that you are well aware of what to expect when you take the GRE. So when you are buying a GRE study guide, make sure that the content of the study guide as well as the practice tests and sample questions included in it are based on the new GRE test format.


And lastly...always remember that simply buying good GRE study guides will not work wonders for your future career prospects. You will have to put in sustained efforts and lots of time for serious studies before you can excel in the GRE and all this is dependent on how well you are able to utilize the GRE study guides that you have got with you!